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Automation Touring Car Championship REBORN - Season 1 | Race 8 (Imola) Results!


I’m impressed you got FWD to perform so well. From my testing it seemed getting good FWD performance would destroy soft stats, but you counteracted that with a larger (thus relatively more rear-heavy) car than I thought was viable on the prescribed tyres. For cars without good weight balance, there seems to be a necessary trade off between track performance and soft stats.


What else did you expect from a god like Howler?


Right now the podium consists of all FWD cars so…


Next season all cars will be all FWD in my opinion!


Nonsense. If that were to be mandated then I’d boycott the challenge.


Not only top3 are fwd, mine is also the same body as howlers


We’ll be adjusting the rules next season to balance it out. May have capped RWD cars a little too much. But, all in good time :wink:


So mine is the odd one out, then :slight_smile:


maybe. but i believe my cars and yours are RWD iirc?

we’re in 4th and 5th place.


#Race Report

Howler’s Grammin “Stonefoot” Wondersley took first place once more having been pestered by the Chullu RS of Buddy Fetus for most of the race, though he had to fend off the Scarab Flare of Eric Olsen right to finish line, with one particularly dramatic scrap on lap 16 through the Jacky Ichxbocht.

There was plenty of action regarding positions 4 to 9, with the ErinSport car only just coming out on top. It played tag with the Zavir Luna on laps 4 and 5, while the Komodo watched from behind. Yudi Tan had a tough old time in his Taipan, suffering quite a few knocks, contrasting starkly to the very clean race of the Infinity and the Baltazar who gave us plenty of gentlemanly competition throughout the race.

Mr Light Speed of Cornaldie and Blaithin Riordan of JHW dueled it out once more and placed their young teams well. The two have become the de-facto underdogs of the season, especially with how they got in the way of some other, more established teams during this race. IDSport, Bamtech and Sachiuri came in close behind, with Bamtech’s Bayley MacKenzie getting his team some points for the first time this season in a very competent show here.

Gamma and MSR round off the point positions, both teams running somewhat rough races and both being challenged by this difficult track. KHT’s Miles Phillips and Andrea Colciago of STF came very close to crashing a few times, to the benefit of the crowds who lapped up the drama. It was a similar story with the Merciel and the Bogliq, the former of whom very nearly understeered into a wall round the infamous Kleine chicane whilst battling Loan Fierar in his bright blue Bogliq.

Kimura and Nimessa seemed rather isolated compared to the rest of the field, but they still provided plenty of action. Further behind them came Aaron “Viper” Montanya in the Solo, who was practically on his own all race. Sabre and Ecamobile once again clashed at the back of the pack, with the latter loosing his front splitter after being forced over the kerbs on Terlamenbocht by the former car. Contendiente’s Heckler Kraut challenged them a few times, but couldn’t match their pace.

The standings after Race 3 are as follows.

Howler, JET and Smooth top the board in a league of their own, while behind them the points dissipate quickly. Positions 10 to 14 are shaping up to be the most interesting over the next few races.


I’ve just realised - I have the fastest RWD car :smiley:


also, i am amazed that i am doing as well as i am with my drivability score


Oh… Ffffff… fiddlesticks.


What!? 10 errors? Damn chances are not on my side. Glad I scored that 2nd


Bleh. Still not satisfied. There must be some tuning trick I’m missing out on because this thing isn’t competitive even with low driver error. Dammit.


@ramthecowy Roll angles, my friend. They are the key to everything.


First race my car was in 20th position, in the second race it was in 18th position, now is in 17th position. It’s slowly improving! lol!


History tends to repeat itself… The top three are going to lock out the podium together every single round at this rate, and Howler is now my favorite to win the championship overall!


Hey. Don’t get cocky now. I’m only 1 points behind and i’m rwd too

But 6th with 12 mistakes… Hahahaha i’ll take that


This ATCC season is Riley Stephenson’s first term with team IDSport, as he replaces retiring driver Jerry Mills. The Carthage wasn’t designed with any actual racing in mind, but seemed to be slightly better in tests than the company’s production sedan, the Knave. The fact that we’re getting points at all is making team management happy, almost guaranteeing future attempts.
In addition to which…