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Automation Touring Car Championship REBORN - Season 1 | Race 8 (Imola) Results!


Come on Dummies, we gotta hold that 10th position!


#Race Report

Barcelona really widened our field, but certainly didn’t disappoint with action. Yet again, it was the same 3 teams on the podium, with the order this time being Howler, Smooth and Komodo. Eric Olsen of JET-Racing struggled and lost out on 3rd place despite being faster than the Komodo during the first half of the race. Juha Makinen of Infinity found himself clashing with Andre Vaillancourt of Zavir throughout the race, but just about managed to best him in a very close finish.

ErinSport’s Harry Vincent couldn’t keep up with those two on this track and ran into trouble a number of times, but did manage to place ahead of Blaithin Riordan’s JHW or the other Erin of KHT, the former of whom was far less composed than Miles Phillips. Sadly, that wasn’t enough to gain him 8th place.

A real battle went down between Baltazar, Bamtech and Cornaldie, who at one point on lap 6 all went side by side - 3 cars across - down the pit straight, which encouraged some big cheers from the crowd. François Jabouille defended his position well, but did give in to the pressure of Light Speed and Bayley MacKenzie a few times. Not that that was a bad thing; it produced a spectacular photo finish.

Riley Stephenson of IDSport and Chekal Sung-ho of Sachiuri kept tans on one another, but were fairly isolated during the race, allowing them to keep things smooth throughout. Gamma pipped Maesima to the points positions, both keeping things tidy during this race. Merciel’s Andrew Robson did come close to challenging the Maesima, but was falling behind by the half way point and instead settled in to hold his own against the Bogliq. ZMD and STF’s Shinjiro Ikeda and Andrea Colciago attacked one another multiple times during the race, including an excellent move by the Japanese driver at La Caxia on lap 4, while the Kimura could only look on and hope to join in.

The back of the pack was very spaced out, with the Solo beating the Ecamobile by almost 7 seconds. Contendiente and Sabre once again fought one another, with the former starting off well but losing out to the Gladiator of Heckler Kraut on lap 8.

Here are the standings after race 4:

2nd place is very much up for grabs, as is 4th place next race, while there are also close battles for 8th, 11th and 16th. It’s all hotting up at the mid point of the season!


8 errors again! What is this! Even with relatively high drivability the car is losing time because of driver error! How is it that this happens every single race!!!


It could be worse, even with 6 errors my car is still in the back half of the leader board


4 wins in a row for Howler? Is there really anything wrong with the parity calculations this season? If so, next season could see the front-drivers nerfed. At least Komodo has joined the ranks of podium finishers now.


I’d rather say that there’s sth wrong with Howler’s skill. Like, some demon pact :wink:


I’m actually quite pleased running head 2 head with @Leonardo9613. Never thought the car would be that competitive! Awesome!


Well Ffff… fie


but your not. i am. both me and Leo are on 28, you are on 20.


PODIUM FINALLY!!! after all that prod and tease of the taste of podium



Quite literally a mile behind the Effigy. 2-3 seconds off the lead pace, lucky I don’t do the “win on Sunday, sell on Monday” philosophy. 10th, 11th, 13th and 14th place finishes… anybody want to help me complete the set and give me 12th?


Apologies for the delay folks, been moving out of my uni accommodation and haven’t had time to sit down and write this up.

#Race Report

Would you believe it, Howler won once more, followed by the Chullu of SmoothRacing and the battered Komodo Taipan of Yudi Tan. He’d been fighting with the Scarab, who ended the race equally bashed up, with both cars clipping one another throughout the race. Not to be outdone in terms of action, the Zavir pestered the two constantly, even managing to over take them a few times too. The ErinSport Merna could only look on as it failed to keep up on this technical circuit.

Sachiuri had their best finish of the season after a great run, with Chekal Sung-ho showing class and skill having struggled quite a lot during the previous races. Juha Makinen’s Infinity was bested by the Anikatian luxury saloon, but only just, with both cars repeatedly coming in to close contact. The Baltazar and KHT Merna joined in on a number of occasions too, as well as the IDSport Carthage, including a moment on lap 8 when all five cars traded places at least once.

The Cranked Up Dummies sadly couldn’t quite match their early season success on this close course, though they did managed to stay ahead of the Teuton of Bamtech Sport, who was more occupied with fending off the MSR Prova of Sobong Yeong-ho, which he did successfully. Still, Maesima did managed to push Gamma out of the points, along with the STF Blade which was amazingly fast for the first half of the race, but became bogged down by the sweeping bends of the track and large of amount of traffic, caused by how short the circuit is.

Andrew Robson’s Merciel and Bogliq’s Loan Fierar were at each other’s throats all race in one of the fiercer duels of the season so far, with the distinctive Moldovan compact coming off slightly worse overall. Shinjiro Ikeda of ZMD Eurosport had a hard time this race and remained pretty much alone, save for the occasional contact with traffic. It was a similar story for the Kimura, which sadly just couldn’t cut this deceptively simple track.

The Vinson-Ares Solo Beaver led the rear of the pack, pulling out a healthy lead over those behind it by the half way point. The Ecamobile was comparatively quick compared to Rayyan Rawat’s Sabre Ardent, yet the Sabre CEO drove almost flawlessly all race. One suspects that he might have actually had some previous experience at this far flung race circuit. Contendiente brought up the rear, but only just, only being bested by Rawat’s sheer skill.

The standings after Race 5 are as follows.


Luna’s performance is still very consistent and good, I like it :slight_smile:


Ouch, i better straighten Eric out after this. 2nd best time and on 4th… and 12 mistakes… Paycut and no more vacation for him.


Oh damn! Yes! That’s how I like it, now… what do I need to sacrifice to the RNG gods to keep my driver performing well…?


welp, Howler has practically go this sewn up. GG.


If I’m not mistaken, it’s the best run you’ve had so far as well, John, innit?


no, i’ve had 2 8th’s


Good going, that Xcel is strong.


7 errors… Will need to kick light speed’s ass for this race.