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Automation Touring Car Championship REBORN - Season 1 | Race 8 (Imola) Results!


Five wins on the trot for Howler… They will have the whole season sewn up at this rate! As such, if they enter next season’s competition, their entry should be nerfed in some way.


If Howler move into the 4 digit output scene, I think I’ll have to keep an eye out for them and a spot on the dartboard.


Race 5 already!

I would have liked to be a bit more involved with the season with posting, and maybe a special issue of the Dalnit Herald or something, but (as I’ve told Deus) I’ve barely had time to draw breath the past three weeks and it’s not likely to get better in the near future. So I’m left to just say it’s been a wonderful ride and I’m loving the way the challenge and races have been set up. Also some great fights for position in the field.

The Howler team is indeed looking strong for the season, though it’s never over until it’s over. By the looks of it I think that particular body might be the best choice for a FF machine, with its beautiful balance and good aero coefficient. I probably also got the power to weight ratio pretty close to golden. The suspension wasn’t finetuned as it could have been, but it’s clearly ended up great anyway.

For next season, I do think FR could use a little buff. If we’re looking at flying laps anyway, the quick takeoff doesn’t do them much good.

…maximum rolleyes…

While we have a lot of respect for all our esteemed competitors in the races, especially the ones who have been very very close at our heels the whole season…

…it’s hard to take a team seriously when they fail out of scrutineering, because they wanted to be given special rules.


Fortunately Armada and GG are completely separate companies not at all connected by any lore whatsoever, so unfortunately for you that jibe falls through :wink:


lol tight 3rd and 4th race. tight times, with too much battle on the track causing both of us precious time that could’ve been spent chasing the 2nd place. but i understand my driver’s frustration, of just barely touching the podium each and every time. and this now we as the team felt like we actually let him down by not giving him a better car that could use all of his skill on the smaller tighter tracks.


Riley seems to have managed the change from dirt track to production car series racing quite well. He has shown a determination to not only push himself, but the car as well. Unfortunately, while his finishing positions have been both in the points and consistent, it seems either he is not what we hoped for… or the car is crap. One thing he has complained about is the lack of low end urge, and he claims this is due to the nature of the engine, being a 1.7L.
Team management has, of course, taken this into consideration, then we told him to shut his pie-hole and drive faster.

This worked last time, so I’ll try it again…
I’d like to finish in 1st next race, please. (I used my manners)


#Race Report

Grammin “Stonefoot” Wondersley of Howler brought it home again, taking 1st once more after a tidy but occasionally eventful race. Smooth’s Buddy Fetus and Eric Olsen in the Scarab just couldn’t catch him on this fast circuit. Yudi Tan in his Taipan KSR regularly challenged them but was ousted from a podium finish on lap 11 after over doing it on the Turn 15 Hairpin, despite the very close finish. ErinSport had a fairly simple race, just lacking the competitveness needed to keep up with the top 4.

Zavir and Infinity regularly clashed throughout the race, with a spectacular overtake from Juha Makinen in the latter car through the Turn 8/9 chicane on lap 4, but he fell behind after a while. Baltazar’s François Jabouille was always on his six, but was more occupied with the JHW which Blaithin Riordan struggled with this race, sadly being too cocky and blocking an 8th place finish. The IDSport Carthage soon had him in his sites, and the pair had a dog fight for the last 3 laps of the race.

The crux of the action sat in the mid-field, where Sachirui, Maesima, KHT and Cornaldie fought for positions. An Anikatian civil war took place from laps 5 to 8 as Sobong Yeong-ho and Chekal Sung-ho displayed excellent skill and gave us some of the best moments of the race. The KHT Merna of Miles Phillips intervened however, only to spend lap 9 going all over the place in some very dramatic moments where we though he’d be off the track. He fell behind the other two, only to find Light Speed’s Cornaldie baring down on him. It was a true spectacle to behold.

Gamma and Merciel scrambled for points, with Andrew Robson’s Verona sadly being pipped once more. The frustration on the teams faces was very evident. Shinjiro Ikeda of ZMD and Bayley MacKenzie of Bamtech made the most of a lack of competitiveness and fought one another for much of the race, twice going side by side down the pit lane. The bright blue Bogliq, Andrea Colciago’s STF and Thomas Giordano in his Kimura joined in on a number of occasions, managing to catch up to the former two via some very smooth driving, despite having slower cars. The group pulled out a healthy lead over the slower cars.

The back group were practically running an entire other race at Hungaroring. The Solo quickly packed up and left the bottom 3 to run a fairly smooth race. Behind it, all hell broke loose, with the Gladiator of Heckler Kraut only just going unscathed as Sabre and Ecamobile’s Rayyan Rawat and Basim Nakeed decided to play the automotive form of slapsies. Both cars lost so much body work that the race coordinators almost called out the safety car, with the Maus coming off worse overall - but only just.

The standings after Race 6 are as follows.

It looks like Howler may well have secured this what with 2 races left. But, battles are continuing for 5th place, 8th place 15th, while a storm is coming for 9th place.


Damn that midfield is tight.


Hey, Andre Vaillancourt is my driver! At least was when I last checked :wink:

But 9 errors, power preffering track and 6th place? Nice :slight_smile:


@szafirowy01 Bugger! Corrected that :grin:

@doncornaldie Ain’t it just. So tight that I’m not even going to do the calculations for the next race until on the day just to keep the anticipation up!


Merciel are definitely going to have to step up their game next season. A rather disappointing season for us so far. More testing will have to be done to see whether the tuning is causing the poor performance, or whether the Verona chassis is unable to perform at the level required.




We should have known from the first race that the Effigy was utterly unbeatable!


Here at IDSport, we have a few number crunchers hard at work. Their efforts have given us some fairly interesting data. Among the information provided to us is an estimate of the average winning speed on the next track. The projection is somewhere around 155Km/h. They also think Riley’s finish may well be either his worst this season, or his best yet. Now, I’d be happy if someone could tell me WHY I’ve got these people working for me…


Wow, what a race!

I didn’t expect the Prova would actually get to challenge an Erin for a position. A KHT one but still. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a great result for the Anikatian teams and it looks like the battle between Maesima Speedline Racing and GTL Racing for 15th place will wage on.

Plenty of action in the midfield and there still so much to play for in these final two races down the field.


#Race Report

Silverstone did not disappoint. The race was close and filled with drama, plus some unexpected results. Howler found it harder than usual this race and only managed to beat the very determined Eric Olsen of JET-Racing by a mere 2 seconds. And finally, the leading 3 who have dominated this season were broken; ErinSport managed to gain a podium finish after a clash of titans between the Smooth and the Komodo. Buddy Fetus was visibly angry at the constant attacks from Yudi Tan, but it only ended up pushing them down the field. Body parts were traded, with both cars crossing the finishing line looking like they’d just been in a stock car race. Andre Vaillancourt of Z Motorsport followed close behind, making the most of their squabbles to finish 5 seconds behind.

The mid-field, however, was a warzone as end of season emotions ran high and competitors scrambled for points. Infinity and KHT never left one another alone, with the Infinity almost going off at Becketts after a front wheel lock-up on lap 8 that allowed Miles Phillips to attack. Behind them, the faster Sachiuri of Chekal Sung-ho fought with the better handling Quasar of François Jabouille and the JHW of Blaithin Riordan, who ultimately came out on top after struggling to get away from the others. The trio were determined to best each other throughout the race and were seemingly willing to sacrifice anything to finish a few places up after the Quasar shunted the JHW on the final lap.

Right behind them, the fighting continued; Cornaldie’s Light Speed regularly got involved with the former three, but was more occupied with the Maesima, who finished well this race after a weaker mid-season. They were in close contact with the ZMD tuned Nimessa throughout the race, trading places twice in one lap early on in the race. ZMD’s Shinjiro Ikeda finally got his team some points with a 14th place finish, his Nimessa doing well on this complicated circuit. The Merciel scrambled into a points position at the last minute, making the most of a spin from the IDSport car who was way faster than much of the mid-field for most of the race, but fumbled it at Club on lap 10, at the expense of a good finish.

Yasmin Rodrigues in the Havoc was in close contention with Andrea Colciago in the STF, with the two having an astoundingly close run on laps 3 to 6 where they were practically neck and neck throughout. The Teuton couldn’t keep up and struggled on this track, having to deal with traffic and a damaged front splitter after a crash on lap 6. Bogliq and Kimura were right behind it, with both cars nudging one another on a number of occasions but ultimately not being able to capitalize on the Teuton’s troubles.

Ecamobile and Solo were comparatively very sportsmanly this race, both driving tidily and without one single collision, yet still managing to finish very closely indeed. The Ardent really lacked paced during this race and sadly couldn’t keep up with the other two, though he wasn’t as slow as the Contendiente, which found itself alone for much of the race after the 5th lap.

The standings after Race 7 are as follows:

10th place still hasn’t been cracked entirely, while the gaps elsewhere have started widen - but only just. But with such an eventful 7th race, the finale at Imola could easily throw up some surprises.

Final results out tomorrow!


You’ve mixed the table pictures :stuck_out_tongue:


@szafirowy01 Ooooheck. Ok, no one saw anything…:wink:


gah. dammit. instead of catching up to the leader, i’m being caught up


A few less errors and Maesima would have been toast!