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Automation Touring Car Championship REBORN - Season 1 | Race 8 (Imola) Results!


@ramthecowy I wouldn’t get too comfortable, mate :wink: This 10th place is between you and me, and I WANT IT :smiley:


7 wins in a row for Howler (if only just), and a first podium finish for either Erin… This was the most intriguing round yet! Howler will most likely stay unbeaten all season, though.


Nooooooooooooooooo I won’t give up the fight yet :innocent:


And I was having such a wonderful time not being in the bottom half of the ladder. I mean…
Riley has had a reasonable season, and IDSport wishes all teams in the bottom half of the ladder good luck in the final event. To those in top half…not so much luck.


Only Imola left to go, I hope 2 points lead over JET-Racing will be enough to defend 2nd :slight_smile:


#Race Report

Imola was a challenge for sure, but the skill and talent on display at this final race was incredible. After the conflict of Silverstone, this round was a masterclass in motorsport. Howler took victory once more with the Scarab always on its tail, but never quite managing to close the gap. Eric Olsen came close quite a few times, but focused his attention on defending against the Smooth, which struggled to deal with the blocking moves from the Flare and overcooked it on the last lap at Variante Alta. Still, he pushed the Komodo out of the way multiple times, even when the KSR tuned car managed to over take him on 3 consecutive laps on the pit straight.

There was a big surprise though on lap 5, when the KHT Merna suddenly appeared behind Harry Vincent’s ErinSport Merna. Miles Phillips’s KHT was slower on the straights, but easily matched Vincent in the corners, and there was evident fear on the ErinSport team’s faces for a good 4 laps that the German tuned version of their car could beat them. It wasn’t too be though; a sneak overtake from the Zavir of Andre Vaillancourt broke up the fight and allowed the ErinSport car to get away - only for Valliancourt to come into contact with the KHT at Tosa and fell behind. The Infinity and JHW Juha Makinen and Blaithin Riordan quickly pounced and passed him on the climb up to Piratella. Both cars came within millimetres of one another, but never came into contact, and instead gave us some superb action for the last quarter of the race.

Behind them, Cornaldier, Baltazar and Sachiuri and Maesima battled for 10th, with each other three looking likely to take it at one point or another. The battle of the Anikatian marques resumed where it had left off, but ended in a convincing win for Sachiuri once more. The group were never out of each others sites, and were tailed by the back end of the mid-field, which this race were fighting fierecely for the bottom end of the points positions. Bamtech got sideways twice whilst fighting with the Maesima, while Loan Fierar’s Bogliq danced with it for a whole lap on lap 3. He was soon fighting off jabs from the Yasmin Rodrigues-piloted Gamma and Riley Stephenson in his IDSport Carthage. Gamma, however, came off worse after some bodywork flew off while blasting through Tamburello, with the IDSport having to dodge the loose bumper and costing it the lap. The Nimessa got involved, matching the Carthage almost perfectly performance wise on this track.

It fell behind slightly, though not far, only to find itself up against the Verona of Andrew Robson. It made for a classic touring car scene; two of the worlds leading family cars, one slightly larger and one slightly smaller, fighting one another for position. The STF Andrea Colciago got bored of just watching and dived in on lap 7, scrapping with the French mid-size sedan through Rivazza and Variante Bassa. It was exactly what the crowd had come here for. Thomas Giordano’s Kimura had been fighting with these two previously, but fell behind after a dodgy lap, allowing it to take it easy for the rest of the race.

The back 4 were fairly close for much of the race despite the clear differences in performance. Once again, Aaron “Viper” Montanya in his Solo Beaver got ahead early, but was soon reeled in by the lumbering Contendiente Gladiator, who was surprisingly competent on even the most technical parts of the track. The Ecamobile of Basim Nakeed and Rayyan Rawat in the Sabre both caught up to get inolved, with the four forming a train through Acque Minerali on lap 10, only for it all to go wrong after the Maus and the Ardent crashed into each other and went off the track, ultimately shoving the Sabre into last.

The final season standings are as follows:

At last, no one is drawing! It only took the whole season to break that midfield. The awards ceremony will follow in a few hours time!


#Awards Ceremony

The first season of the Automation Touring Car Championship: Reborn is done. Well done to all the competitors who entered for making this (what I hope at least was) a great first season. Without further a do, let us crown the winners…

#3rd: JET-Racing (Eric Olsen) - @gridghost
Who’d have thought Scarab would make it to third overall? Not the team boss apparently, who said “I’m guessing i’m going to make mid-pack as usual”!

#2nd: Smooth Racing - (Buddy Fetus) - @AirJordan
Beating the predecessor by a mere 1 point, SmoothRacing brought their extensive experience to the ATCC and reaped the rewards.

#1st: Howler Automotive (Grammin “Stonefoot” Wondersley) - @HowlerAutomotive
Well, their dominance was never really in question right from the start, and they stormed every single race.

Congratulations to our top three!

With that, it leaves me to thank everyone who participated and advised in this first season, I hope you’ve had as much fun as I have with this! A second season will follow this sometime soon so look out for it. We’ll see how quickly UE4 progresses, though I think we’ll still be in Kee.

This was the first big competition I’ve ever run, hence why I am really looking for any and all feedback on how this was run, especially regarding the rules. I will be reducing the level of restriction next season, though I will probably keep the power-to-weight ratios similar, including the difference between RWD and FWD.

Also, suggestions regarding what bodies should be allowed, what era to host the next season in, where to host the next season (I was thinking UK only) are especially requested.


Well, i have to eat my words :slight_smile:

Gratz to @HowlerAutomotive for an awesome season and to @AirJordan for a hell of a fight

Eric is bathing in bubbles right now and cannot comment on the race, tho the smile he had leaving the premises said it all.

And great writeup and an awesome challenge @DeusExMackia. I’m looking forward to next season :slight_smile:


Two words to sum up Howler’s championship campaign this season: Flawless victory!


YASSSSSS!!! 10th spot! Just like in BRC 65!

Loved the competition, will try harder next time.


@ramthecowy… hell of a season bro.


Hmm. Seeing Luna’s performance I’m almost sure that there will be no Zavir in the next season.

…which doesn’t mean that I won’t compete :wink: The competition turned out to be interesting, although I feel that even bit more randomness would be good. But the writing was on point :slight_smile:


Congratulations to @HowlerAutomotive for completely dominating this season. That was one amazing car. And thanks to @DeusExMackia for hosting. Hopefully season 2 will be just as good!


On behalf of Huadai Sachiuri Motorsports we wish @HowlerAutomotive congratulations on a well deserved, hard-fought victory. We thank everyone for their sportsmanship and the would like to express our admiration we have for the skills for the teams who placed strongly. Our utmost gratitude to @DeusExMackia for organising this amazing event.

You don't choose to win. It chooses you. We hope we will be picked on our return. We'll be back.

and thanks @Rk38 for guiding me through RPing as an Anikatian team, I’m glad to have gotten an opportunity to become more familiar with you, with the lores of different companies and countries. It’s been a fantastic exercise in creativity and skill and so of course I must acknowledge @titleguy1 who has helped me very much in my journey with Photoshop work, as well as anyone else who helped me with becoming better at making and tuning cars. Despite not finishing very high up I’m proud of having got where I did. Until next time, everyone!


Good season. Congratulations to @HowlerAutomotive on a clear win! Thanks to @DeusExMackia for the effort of making this possible. I have a question, why am i the latter in the campionship standings? It’s not good for STF and i was never in the last position!! lol!


@dspgt Blame that on me not implementing a finishing position feature in the league table! Just means you didn’t get any points in the season. Something I’ll change next season :stuck_out_tongue:


Congratulations to @HowlerAutomotive, @AirJordan & @gridghost. Thanks to @DeusExMackia for hosting. Brilliant coverage, very entertaining, just spitting chips over my last two finishes.
If and/or when there is another season, team IDSport will be there to run mid-field… where all the action takes place. To those who didn’t finish where they’d hoped, there’s (hopefully) always next time.


Maesima Speedline Racing would like to congratulate @HowlerAutomotive for unstoppable performance across the season! Big thanks to @DeusExMackia for outstanding effort in presentation and execution!

We could not have asked for a better field of competitors and on behalf of the whole team, we would like to thank Maesima Motor Corporation for their support this season along with all our sponsors.

Sobong Yeong-ho drove well consistently for the team bringing home the points amongst the action of a hectic mid-field. The Maesima Prova MS-R01 has proven a great first step for Maesima in this great championship.

Maesima will continue to provide strong and stable support for the team when we return next year.



Lessons learned for next time :
Alu Block wasnt the best idea.
Forgetting to change the engine size wasnt a great idea too.

But yeah. Very good Challenge. Excited for Season 2