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Automation Touring Car Championship REBORN - Season 1 | Race 8 (Imola) Results!


Team - Bamtech Sport

2015 Teuton Turbotorc
Released to the public in 2015, the Indian Turbotorc was designed as a budget Sedan/Station Wagon with Sport trims to be exported around the world as a “Budget Luxury” car. The cars came out with a 3.5L V6 with the sport models being turbocharged.

A race version of the Wagon Sport was created by Bamtech Supercars to race in Time Attack events and after a year of competition and lackluster results, Bamtech stopped developing the 3.5L V6 for race use and instead went back to building Supercars.

2017 Teuton Turbotorc ATCC
Bamtech and Teuton had already made the decision to enter the Time Attack car into a form of circuit racing and the ATCC announcement came at the right time with Teuton rebuilding the Time Attack car with standard Turbotorc parts to meet the ATCC regulations.

Bamtech then worked on a new engine to meet the regulations and using their commercial licenses, made a 1961cc engine based heavily upon the 1958 Coventry Climax FPF.

The engine was milled from Cast Iron with the aim of balancing power and weight and so far, all tests have been promising, with the engine delivering around 270hp at 9500rpm.

The car is sponsored by Bamtech, Teuton, KMAC Suspension, Bridgestone Tyres and Castrol Oils as each company has contributed to the car.

Bamtech Sport
Formed as “Bamford Racing Cars” in 1968 as a backdoor way for Bardahl Lubricants to run an F1 team, the team developed a range of uncompetitive F1, F2 and Formula Junior engines before going into sportscar racing soon after.

Having scored many notable finishes at LeMans and numerous touring car titles throughout the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s with backing from Ford and later Volkswagen, Bamford won LeMans in the 1990’s and set a land speed record in 2005 before the road car company closed it’s doors in 2006 due to issues with the Volkswagen Group.

Bamtech was formed in the 1970’s as the engine building division for Bamford until the closure of Bamford in 2006. Then the Bamford directors gave control of the company to Bamtech, which was run by the directors of Bamford.
(Yeah, how’s that for dodgy!)

In 2007, Bamtech took over the Bamford factory and began building Bamford Supercars again and have been in control of Bamford ever since.

Teuton India
Teuton was founded in 1972 to sell Ford and Bamford cars in India before they began making their own cars in 1976. Since then they have worked alongside Bamford/Bamtech, with the companies developing engines and chassis for each other.

Driver: Bayley MacKenzie
The grandson of the man who drove the first Bamford F1 cars, Bayley made a name as a top level historic driver during his career, with occasional forays into open wheel racing and a memorable stint in NASCAR before settling into a full time role with Toyota as a touring car driver. Retiring from front line driving five years ago he settled back into civilian life as a bank teller before Bamtech began building race cars again and through fate found himself back on the front lines with the Turbotorc ATCC entry.


Die schnellste Maus in Mexico ( and other Countries)

2017 EcaMobile Maus

Coming soon to your nearest Dealer
(For more information please consult one of your partnered Dealerships or visit us online)

#Team EMRD

We are the official R&D Team of EcaMobile. We are hoping to gather new data and experience from racing.
We hope that we can use this new knowledge to develop our fleet and give your customers new experiences whit our vehicles. The EMRD is a fairly new branch in this (new-ish )Company. So we are not planning to win in the first place, but are more focused to be competitive and grow on the new insights.

#The Car

We will send the Race Version of the Maus into this Race. We don’t have any sponsors now. But maybe we can get some. So a lot of funds are running into this, please don’t tell our boss. Oh right the car. The car is a FWD 4 door Hatchback. In it we have a tuned 2L NA i4 DOHC producing around 280hp.

#The Driver
Our Driver will be Basim Nakeed. He is a 26 year old cart racer form Egypt. We meet him while on a company trip.
He is a rough stone at the moment, but every race is gonna smooth the edges.

This is our little introduction. So lets have a good race and everybody good luck




JHW Motor Racing Technologies

JHW Xcel 1

JHW Xcel 1S


JHW have entered this new touring car series, rather fittingly, with the brand new base model JHW Xcel. the 1 was born of a demand for a more affordable equivalent to our V6 powered Xcel 3. so, with this new car, we have a new engine, a 1.6L inline 4 in both normal and HP variants fro the 1 and 1S respectively.

The ATCC car, however, comes with a brand new, MRT developed 275bhp 2.0L 4 cylinder that provides this car with all the get up and go that is required fro the demands of this new series.


Our driver is Blaithin Riordan, a 23 year old driver from the Isle Of Man.

Born to Irish parents, Blaithin honed her skills from a young age driving karts round the Jurburgring, the IOM’s only race track. when in her teens, she graduated to the British National Championships, and eventually going into single seaters. that was where she first caught the eyes of JHW. since 2013, she has been part of the JHW Motor Racing Technologies family and has provided us with an incomparable talent, and this will be her touring car debut after 2 years driving GT cars.

We’ll See You On The Track

(render by @ramthecowy)


What have i done today ?


His company name is Rennen



Well it is just the Trim Name.
I’m gonna wait for that copyright infringement lawsuit then. :grinning:


‘Rennen’? I read rennet for a second there. Or maybe this guy.


And now, for the last entrant… and I mean the car at the back of the pack…

Might lore later… might not


Teasing the Sabre Ardent. The car that is expected to mark Sabre Automotives return into motorsports


The Sabre Ardent RSi. The juiced up version of the Sabre Ardent available to the everyday consumer.


Nice trim name! Can’t go wrong with RSi…


Having no skill with photoshop is making creating the certain oil brand livery hard to make


#ARES Race Team

The Car
We purchased 6 or so SSM Sedans, and worked hard getting them to meet regulations. 4 of the 6 ended up being stripped for test work. One became the prototype, and The last one became the Touring.
Fitted with the Standard Supply engine, with no tuning applied.

Base BM
SSM Sedan
SSM Sedan Vinson Touring

Our Driver is Viper. Vinson Dynamics test driver, and Go-To sports car driver. Picked up when he was 16, he has driven every Vinson Car since 1998. Currently doing work in the Super GT series, and is gearing up for a Le Mans drive this year. He sees this as a challenge, as there is some strong competition.

######Car Credits go to @thecarlover


Our own YoKai will be banging wheels with you I bet.

Can have Kai’s seat, he hates 24hr endurance races.


Scarab will collaborate with JET-Racing in this event.

Eric Olsen will be the designated driver, and having the help of his trusted team-mates John Olsen (Brother and mechanic) and Tom Fredricks (manager and setups) we hope they will be a challenge.

Eric have been racing in all manner of championships ranging from rally to GT-endurance and while never winning, he has a score of podiums. This experience coupled with the new R-spec version of the Flare will hopefully be a great combination.


Ok guys and gals, there’s just over 3 more days to send in your cars for the first season of the reborn ATCC. The field is already looking absolutely fantastic and with any luck, this should be a fun and competitive first season.

I currently have received and processed entries from the following people. If you’re name is not on here, PM me asap as I’ve probably messed up somewhere :stuck_out_tongue:


Otherwise, you have until 11:59 PM GMT Wednesday May 31st to get your car in.


Now that CSR41 is gone I hope I’ll find time to put something sweet on the list.


Looking for an eligible base car from any manufacturer to tune and participate in. Any generous manufacturers? PM


Introducing Pennzoil Sabre Motorsports entrance for the ATCC.