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Automation Touring Car Championship REBORN - Season 1 | Race 8 (Imola) Results!


Argh just so time poor, most of my Automation time is dedicated to completing the KGT story!

I would love to submit something here though, so will just try to get it done!


I also ran short of time, but was able to PM an eligible base car to @squidhead in the hopes that he could tune and enter it for this season.

Edit: if he chooses not to enter it, there is still a possibility that renowned tuning house KHT will work its magic on it…


I sent a base car to @squidhead too… so now he has two cars to enter if he so wishes.


Thanks for the help guys. Sadly I do not think I will be representing your company at my best level, since this is all I could do within 1.5 hrs, and that is all I sadly have. The ship I work on burned badly in a fire accident. Nobody got hurt and we extinguished the thing quickly, but all of the engine room is gone, so I’m summoned there to help rebuild it.

So without further ado, here is KHT effort in ATCC 1, using the Erin Merna.

The man behind the wheel, KHT test driver and AMWEC overall vice champion, as well as class champion - Miles Phillips, who hoped to run in AMWEC in 2017, but fate made him switch to the ATCC program.


I just saw this challenge, looks nice.

But is it possible to develop a complete car in about three days? Or is that to little time?

Can you edit your car during the season?

Is this challenge with the new beta update? Unreal engine?



you must be new here. here’s a few things for you

  1. check if you can already PM someone or not. you may need to post a bit to get that feature opened up
  2. the old version. the unreal is still too broken. i don’t think you can export the car anyway
  3. new users always forget this. if you forgot something. don’t double post. edit your recent post
  4. if you’re super new, 3 days may not be much to learn and build something competitive, but is doable. most of us only spend a few hours on it too.


@squidhead That looks stunning! And at last, KHT and Erin are working together :grin:


1.5hr and it still looks boss. 1.5hrs of me sitting at staring at my screen like a dumb shit and I still got designer block :joy:


@strop @Rk38 @ramthecowy @squidhead Just to say, I have received your PM’s with your entrant cars but haven’t had a chance to process them. Should be done by this evening :smiley:


Mine wasn’t an entrant car, it was kind of a request for special consideration :joy:


ErinSport have officially revealed their entrant car into this first season of the ATCC, with their main sponsor being Ribena. The car itself is very similar to one currently competing in the BTCC, with retuned suspension and a different engine. Many of the side sponsors are also the same.

The 2017 variant of the Merna Touring features a similar front vent design to that of the Merna X-AllDrive.

The infamous ErinSport twin-middle exhausts have been integrated into the rear aero pieces.

ErinSport would like to wish all competitors the best of luck in this first season.

On a side note, just 26 hours 35 mins to go until the deadline closes!


With life being life I’ve had no time at all to put something together. Shame, I was wanting to do a livery.

In any case, behold the Howler Effigy ATCC (AeroBar ™ and all). Also known as one of my quick test cars from when the thread was posted, with some lights and door handles added. I hope it’ll do the competition some justice at least.



Hmm. A bit late to ask, but are we meant be using a single engine with multiple variants for each trim? If so, is everything that isn’t forbidden permitted? E.g. debore and destroke, which reduces engine weight in Automation (which isn’t realistic?). Do the requirements of the racing engine variant carry back to the non-racing engine, e.g. can the non-racing engines use a turbo, or can the racing engine be reduced to 2000cc by destroke/debore of a larger engine?

(Aside: is it really realistic to ban rear double wishbone? The Honda Civic had rear double wishbones for a while in the 90s, AFAIK.)


Nope, you’re free to use whatever engines you like in the other trims. Race trim needs to adhere to engine guidelines in the rules. As for Double Wishbones, a couple of people have said that it is a little unrealistixc to ban it out right, but that’s something we’ll discuss for season 2.


So if I have a 2000cc engine and I debore/destroke (to, say, 1700cc) that is allowed for racing? If I have a 2200cc engine that is debored/destroked to 2000cc that is also permitted for racing?

Edit: I guess that would mostly be for roleplaying if you can use multiple engines.


Absolutely. Like I said, it doesn’t matter where the engine came from or how it fits into company lore etc, as long as it meets the regulations I’ve laid out, it’s clear :smiley:


#Presenting the Baltazar Quasar ATCC RS

Based on the sportiest trim in the range, the RS, the new Baltazar Quasar now has a racing version.
The engine is a brand-new 2.0 inline 4, since the standard unit was made unfit to race, due to VVL and the lack of Silicon on the engine block alloy.
I really wanted to do a livery, and a faster car, but life is a bitch and I really didn’t have the time to.

######Images are not representative of the final car. Basically the actual one has smaller wheels and different wings.


I red the thread today and i liked it. I will try to meet the specification and send my car today, if it’s not a problem. I have one question, what engine should i use for the entry level trim and the other trim? Could i use the same engine with the same power for all the trims?


Question @DeusExMackia: Is it ok to send in a revision of the already submitted car?


@dspgt Use whatever engines you like in the other trims, so yes, you could use all the same engines if you wanted. Just as long as the Race Engine meets the requirements, everything else is fine.

@gridghost Yes, I will allow that.