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Automation Touring Car Championship REBORN - Season 1 | Race 8 (Imola) Results!


#Komodo Speed Research Team


##Taipan KSR

Engine Specification:
1998cc 5 valve DOHC inline 4
260Hp @8500RPM
250Nm @6700RPM
9300RPM Redline

credit to : @ramthecowy for making the livery

or the limited edition street homologation version that you can order soon

##Taipan R

so you might think the Homologation version is the tamer street legal version right?

well you’re right about the street legal version. but certainly not about the tameness of this beast.

Engine Specification :
1998cc 5 valve DOHC Turbo inline 4
404Hp @8200RPM
387Nm @6800RPM
8800RPM Redline
131.8 Kgs

or maybe you just want the actual reasonable street legal version of it?

##Taipan S

this version that you can actually use for you daily needs and will last a long time.

Engine Specification :
1998cc 5 valve DOHC inline 4
151Hp @7100RPM
189Nm @3700RPM
7700RPM Redline
107.5 Kgs


Introducind the ATCC Team Racing Tails STF Motorsport

The team will run the new STF Blade ATCC, with the 2 liter PF Engine made by STF. The team started to test the car with the ATCC 2.0 Standard engine, but later they thought to make the engine themselves. The driver name is Andrea Colciago, famous in the Touring Cars Championships. And now the car with its racign livery:


Zorg has unveiled its ATCC contender for the 2017 season: the ZV2 ATCC. Powered by a bespoke 2-liter straight-four, and driven by newcomer Carl Shaw, this is a toe-in-the-water effort for the esteemed brand.

Its light weight means that it will not need as much power as some other contenders, and with the lean air/fuel ratio, ought to be more economical as well.

Edit: Concerns over its competitiveness in practice have forced its debut to be delayed until next season. Hopefully, by then, any problems it should have will be sorted out…


Last minute engineering at progress ! :wink: Greets SPE Racing Team NL


Thanks for your answers!


#Z Motorsport’s entry - Zavir Luna
(this is Zavir’s performance division)

###Luna Coupe Stilo 1.4
The most basic Coupe trim with the most basic engine in Sand Gold colour.

You can have this one from 22 900 € (although we’re not sure what’s the point when you can have a V6 for just a little more… well, ok, taxes and/or insurance).

###Luna Z Sportivo
The most extreme road going Luna. Some say that it laps the Nurburgring under 8 minutes. Arctic White colour here.

You can feel the glory of a 400hp turbo V6 coupled with RWD from 44 500 €.

###Luna Touring 2000
The racing variant for under 2000 cc classes based on the Z Sportivo in the obligatory Heritage Red colour. It will be driven by Z Motorsport’s new driver, Andre Vaillancourt.

You can have it… from the next season, if you are a privateer racer.

Don’t expect much lore from me here. I won’t really have time for it :frowning:

Zavir. Il vantaggio della tecnologia.

#Deadline reached, entries closed!

The deadline has now been reached to enter into this season of the ATTC: R. A grand total of 25 cars will be competing across some of Europes most famous and least famous race tracks over the coming few weeks. As a result of the unexpected number of entries, I’ll be increasing the minimum points position from 12 to 15.

Here is the official entry list:

Player(s) Team Car Driver
DeusExMackia ErinSport Ribena ErinSport Merna Touring '17 Harry Vincent
Doncornaldie Cranked Up Dummies Cornaldie Solai Race Light Speed
Mikonp7 EcaMobile Racing Department EcaMobile Maus Rennen Basim Nakeed
Vri404 Vinson-ARES Race Team Solo Beaver SSM Aaron "Viper" Montanya
Mr.Computah Contendiente División de Competición Contendiente Gladiador '17 Heckler Kraut
HighOctaneLove Team Viteza Bogliq Kitten ATCC Loan Fierar
Dorifto_Dorito Merciel Sport Touring Car Team Merciel Verona Evolution Andrew Robson
Grandea ZMD Eurosport ZMD Nimessa Touring Car (ATCC 2017) Shinjiro Ikeda
BailsMacKenzie Bamtech Sport Teuton Turbotorc ATTC Bayley MacKenzie
JohnWaldock JHW Motor Racing Technologies JHW Xcel 1 ATCC Blaithin Riordan
stm316 IDSport Inne-De Haas Carthage ATCC Riley Stephenson
Razman Pennzoil Sabre Motorsports Sabre Ardent ATCC Rayyan Rawat
Gridghost JET-Racing Scarab Flare R-spec Eric Olsen
Koolkei Komodo Speed Research Komodo Taipan KSR Yudi Tan
Rk38 Kyoungcho Maesima Speedline Racing Maesima Prova MS-R01 Sobong Yeong-ho
Ramthecowy Huadai Sachiuri Motorsports Sachiuri sL200 ATCC Chekal Sung-ho
Nomade0013 GTL Racing Gamma Havoc GTL Touring Yasmin Rodrigues
HowlerAutomotive Howler Automotive Howler Effigy ATCC Grammin "Stonefoot" Wondersley
Titleguy1 Kimura Ralliart Sport Kimura Auburn ATCC Thomas Giordano
Squidhead KHT ErinSport Merna Touring '17 (Modified) Miles Phillips
Harizvet1 Infinity N1 Racing Infinity XG10 N1 Juha Makinen
Dspgt Racing Tails STF Motorsport STF Blade ATCC Andrea Colciago
AirJordan Smooth Racing SmoothRacing Chullu SR Buddy Fetus
Szafirowy01 Z Motorsport Zavir Luna Touring 2000 Andre Vaillancourt
Leo9613 IKEA Baltazar Racing Baltazar Quasar ATCC RS François Jabouille

Giants of the Automation world, up and coming companies looking to make a name for themselves, marques from every corner of the globe; all will be doing battle in what will hopefully be an exciting, tense and fun opening season.

Time to queue the official theme tune and start your engines;

#Welcome to the Automation Touring Car Championship: Reborn!


There’s still another ~30 mins until GMT 11:59 PM…

Edit: Bah, I give up! Pretty much made a complete entry set, but left styling too late.


@Leedar Shite, I meant GMT in the UK, which has an hour on top of it. I should have said BST.


I missed the deadline, but I have no idea how to set up a race car, and had to reduce my car’s power to such an extent that I doubt that it would have been competitive anyway… But if the current rule set is retained for next season, can I still enter it?

At any rate, I couldn’t come up with a livery in time either - but then again, I have no idea how to create one. And I don’t think 240 hp would have been enough for me this season. But at least I have something ready for the next one… Sometimes, a “nothing by halves” philosophy can be a step too far!


Err, forgot about the team and the driver.

Make it IKEA Baltazar Racing, car number 13, driven by François Jabouille.

IKEA was to be the main sponsor the livery I had planned. Maybe I’ll get it out before the end of the season, maybe.


bruh. i just said it

also. if you want to reply to more than 1 person in a post just use mentions.

like @Lastgameking


Now who am I going to put my money on for this season? With so many contenders, picking a favorite will be tricky…


Uh, why did you have to tag everyone there?


@koolkei Okay, didn’t know it. But thanks :wink:


I managed to make something and it’s not a sectret as no picture with stats might suggest. Will post some stuff shortly if I manage.

270hp FWD sedan if what I created.


@AirJordan 270 hp FWD nice man. Doesn’t have issues with torque steering and understeering? what is your drivebility stats?

The race trim that I designed had 268 hp RWD. Drivebility around 42.
However, the downside was that I had to make the car heavier because of the hp/kg ratio of RWD. Later today I wil post here a few pics en specs.



I went totally bonkers with HP (it seems) and settled for a 280hp FWD hatch, and managed to cram 40 driveability in there at the same time. It’s a bit on the heavy side, but decently fast around the tracks.


298hp, FWD, ~40 drive. Am probably one of the heavier on the grid.


More power + FWD =/= directly more understeer