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Automation x BeamNG Car Repository


Bramhall Firenza Super S3
BL - Firenza III - Super S III.car (25.0 KB)


Might as well throw the Sofa 300 in here:
Sofa I - 300.car (14.5 KB)


I propose you my following cars:
From my car company:
The Opera GC, this is my favourite design I made until now

Opera GC - Elegance.car (39.1 KB)

And one from my random car collection: the Cobalt 427 Despacito

Cobalt - 427 Despacito.car (55.9 KB)

Hope you’ll enjoy it, if you want more of my cars, you can download them on their own threads.

EDIT: Opera’s headlight are not working anymore with the update, and the Despacito has…too much torque? lmao


2nd Generation Farox Meridia, a midsize SUV similar to the Jeep Grand Cherokee. On-road luxury, off-road performance.


Farox Meridia M2 - 3.7X.car (58.2 KB)


Farox Meridia M2 - 3.7.car (60.2 KB)


Farox Meridia M2 - 4.7 Limited.car (57.8 KB)


A remake of my very first car made on Automation UE4:



I’m going to slowly add photos later as I work them out.

2012 Gryphon Gear Nightfury (Chassis #007x)

Based, obviously, on Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon.

EDIT: I’m changing the file yet again, because the handling changed dramatically with the adjustment of the aero and suspension behaviour.

(10/10/18) YET ANOTHER EDIT: Turns out that Beam calculates aero VERY differently from Automation. With a hotfix the number of overlapping fixtures the game tolerated also reduced so the aero fell off. Broken handling ensued.

I also decided since Beam doesn’t really differentiate between SCT and DCT except for auto shifting purposes, since this is a race car I will make it SCT. And also removed all the driving aids. Except the power steering. A 1960hp AWD car with 365 fronts and no power steering will literally rip your arms off.

GG Nightfury - #007 X Beam.car (183.8 KB)

Finally it has a LOT of fixtures. It will take a while to load. But as it is, it’ll be actually good for a 6:08 around Nordschleife, if you dare (I have the video proof!)

Bonus Car: 2012 Gryphon Gear Nightfury (Chassis #001)

The first production car after the original NA race prototype!

With a paltry 880-ish hp and a far tamer aero kit, it’s no race car, but it’s fully road legal and still heckin’ fast! Think of it as a much lighter, much sharper, much faster GT-R Nismo.

EDIT: this car will be reuploaded when its awful understeer at high speed is fixed.

Best Automation Quotes

Well I found this enjoyable to drive. It’s a 109hp sporty trim of a cheap family car.

TM Olympia Mk 5 - Sport.car (35.5 KB)

The grille turns to chrome and the windows will be white in Beam.NG but I guess those will get fixed soon.

And this cute little boxer engined thing is really fun to drive. Only 82hp but it’s easy to hold a drift in it and feels like it likes dirt roads.

Kron Beagle - 1600.car (20.8 KB)


Here is Morton Motors’ first big-block muscle car, the 1967 Corsair GT 7.5:

Morton Corsair - GT 7.5.car (27.9 KB)


2019 Trova ECO
Holts Trova Mk6 - Econ.car (35.0 KB)


Here’s a Slice of Emperor Perfomance

This is a Van with Massive grip, All around Double wishbone suspension And a N/A 430HP 3.6L V8 Revving all the way to 8500Rpm. It also includes the “HITCS” (HTA intelligent Traction Control System) (Cause we dont like to drift)

0-100 in 5 seconds. and It weights just 1068kgs. enjoy!

I’ll be posting more cars in the Emperor Perfomance Thread.
Super DownForce - Van V8.car (30.6 KB)


How do you install these files into the game


Drop the .car files into CarSaveImport


Allright thx


SURO Dirtmaster
Holts SURO - DirtMaster.car (39.2 KB)


The Fenton ET230 Turbo4

One of my personal favorite cars that I made for Fenton Holdings, Ltd.

Its geared to be a gas sipper rather than a track performer but this little guy handles very well and has some pep in its step once it comes on boost.

Fenton ET - 230 Turbo4.car (56.4 KB)


Some more Sofas:

Sofa II - 1100 mk1.car (15.4 KB)

It’s the vanilla Sofa 1100 from 1966.

Sofa Small - Sofa 200.car (17.9 KB)

☭Glorious 200cc 7 hp car for the proletariat☭.


Three Aeros cars for you guys today (incidentally, they’re all from previous community events):

  1. Aeros Bulan (from CSR68) CSR68-Echowaffle8 (V1) - Aeros Bulan.car (36.4 KB)

  2. Aeros Modem (from CSR69) CSR69-Echowaffle8 - Aeros Modem F24-18T.car (29.1 KB)

  3. Aeros Router Mk III GTCC Jimmy Barnes #40 (from the GTCC) Aeros Router MkIII GTCC - Car #40.car (28.2 KB)


Picked up automation today after eyeing it for a while
Here’s my first car tentatively named the Spire AB/MBS/MS straight out of 1990:

(some of the fixtures didn’t show up properly but oh well)

It’s RR with a 2 liter V6T that produces about 220 horsepower or about 310 with the sport (MS) trim. Right now it’s pretty tail-happy because rear engine soo here ya go.
Spire - MBS.car (24.4 KB)
Spire - AB.car (24.4 KB)
Spire - MS.car (24.4 KB)


Makina Spectra 3000 GT-T AWD '96

Body and chassis
Class: Grand Tourer
Body style: 2-door Coupe (2+2 Seater)
Layout: Front Engine, All-wheel Drive (45/55 F/R Split)

Engine: Makina VS30DETT (3.0 V6 Twin Turbo)
Power: 320 hp / 7100 rpm
Torque: 403 Nm / 3700 rpm

Type: 6-Speed Manual
Gear ratios:
1 4.250:1
2 2.500:1
3 1.700:1
4 1.250:1
5 0.956:1
6 0.750:1
Reverse: N/A
Final drive: 3.230:1

Dimensions & Weight
Wheelbase: 2,450mm
Length: 4,450mm
Width: N/A
Height: N/A
Curb Weight: 1,648 kg

A lot of work went into the exterior of this car, it’s based of automation’s ‘90s Sports Coupe’ bodyshell mod, with a lot of inspiration from various 90s Japanese sports cars (Including the fictional Kamata Fiera from ridge racer. I hope the handling is decent, but if you have any ideas on how to improve the handling, let me know and I’ll look into updating it.

Spectra - 3000 GT-T AWD.car (53.0 KB)


1990 Hermes Rallex RS

ASC - XenoYparxi - Hermes Rallex RS.car (39.1 KB)