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Automation x BeamNG Car Repository







The fastest car of the 1952 Corso di Fruinia is now available to drive.


The Sankakkei Emperor Simulation X with the Sankakkei Racing Raid Emperor


Torg Limo

Well, here’s some lame (and not so lame) limos I made specifically to have fun with in Beam.
They don’t fit any of my companys’ lores, and are quite simply in design just because I didn’t really care too much about looking pretty, I cared about how they drove.

There’s the completely stock 1978 version with an underpowered V8. A whopping 160ish hp from a 2-bbl carb, and a slushy 3 speed automatic transmission with an open rear end differential.
findRED19 - Torg - Limo.car (20.3 KB)

There’s the “GT” version, where a hot rodder simply hopped-up the engine to make 200+hp and put in a 4 speed automatic in it some time in the late 1980s.
findRED19 - Torg - Limo GT.car (20.3 KB)

And finally a 1988 trim that’s an all out sliding machine with a big block V8, lots of power, and an lsd and 5 speed manual combo.
findRED19 - Torg - Limo Slider.car (20.6 KB)

I might detail them a bit better later, though.


Today I’d like to release one of my latest creation

A city car concept based on a Japanese famous robot cat (Doraemon), RWD Koneko is now ready for all of you to enjoy! Here’s a link for the thread:

RWD Koneko - Concept.car (27.1 KB)


Legacy Auto Works - A division of retro Age Motors
Legacy Auto Works - Janet.car (31.5 KB)
Legacy Auto Works - Janet V8.car (37.9 KB)
…a clumsy man is …clunky …awkward. But a clumsy woman …she is fluttery …erratic …like a butterfly. She is both beauty and grace, yet she hides her secrets so only the one closest to her heart can learn her true …self …dangerous and nurturing at the same time.

In July of 1980, as a young man of only 19 years, I finally worked up the courage to ask Janet …a lady I had worked with for almost two years by that point …a single, simple question. I did not want to date her, nor did I want to romance her …I desired but one thing from her …a single kiss.
If you had watched her walk as I had done many times, you would understand the inspiration. Her hips and buttocks moved in such splendid unison …like a four corner, low slung, Double Wishbone Suspension system. Her body, well proportioned and firm …like a Fiber Glass Body molded in the workshop of a true artisan over a Corrosion Resistant Steel Frame! Each step was precisely placed …like a Variable Hydraulic Steering System …

Legacy Auto Works - Passion Inspired Engineering
a Division of Retro Age Motors
Parking Memories in the Driveway


that’s… an interesting taillights arrangement


what in tarnation.


If you could call it that


Did Janet say yes?


Did Janet say yes?

Yes she did.


Holts Trova S '19


Holts H1500 Dirtmaster

*Transmissions have been edited in camso file.
I would like feedback as well


And finally the time has come for me to release one of my latest creation, 2016 Margaret Agatha S. This post also marks my first super car to be released on BeamNG, so I’d like some feedback on this car.

Here’s the link if you want more details on this car:

Here’s the link for the car file:
Margaret Agatha - S.car (43.8 KB)

Enjoy and have a nice day!


Holts C7S

Download C7S Here


love the design ^^


The Kazuko (family in Japanese), is an 80’s Family Premium car with 100ish horsepower.

Download it here!
Oh and it also has a Sport version, having 200hp (don’t have to show the sport one because it does not need a pic, they look the same lol)
Download it here!


Thanks a lot! I appreciate it


The Crossworks Tribus

Inspired by the Failrace Autocross Competition (Max 2000 CC)
Sadly i can’t enter anymore but there you go

I3 NA 1719 CC
271,5 HP
242 Nm
468 Kg

Download pure Fun here!


(picture quality won’t do justice because I’m on Intel HD)


The first car to enlist is the GMBK, a 2016 sports car that serves to demonstrate the power of Kasai’s own modular engine. Although it shares the same 700hp V8 engine with the Hill Climb Calibri, the GMBK is heavier and its lack of (Beam) aero renders its handling to feel more floaty on higher speeds. But to compensate for it, the GMBK has higher top speed. So, treat it with respect and caution, don’t twitch the steering on high speed, and the car won’t bite you back with snap oversteer.

  • AWD
    700hp V8
    1641 kg

Kasai Calibri Hillclimb (version 2)

Next up, fresh from the Research Center, is the latest iteration of the Hill Climb Kasai Calibri.
Made to dominate the Pikes Peak, the Calibri can take on many corners, tight and wide, with relative stability and will surely inspire confidence in the driver to push it more, and even harder. “I can do this,” you say to yourself as you enter a corner. “It’s still got some grip left in it, I can still go faster.”

  • AWD
    705hp V8
    1547 kg

Calibri (.car file) (61.8 KB)
Calibri (.zip file)
GMBK (.zip file)