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Automation x BeamNG Car Repository


I can’t decide if that Fenton is… hideously awesome or awesomely hideous…

Either way, it is spot on :stuck_out_tongue:


That tells me I nailed mid 1970s American then because mid 1970s American styling is very eclectic and divisive :smile: . It was a strange mix of 1950s flowing baroque / avant garde and 1980s computer-aided design edge and box styling.

This isn’t even mentioning the mechanical characteristics of mid 1970s American cars which generally regarded as very outmoded and misplaced. Pretty much everything sucked about them except the ride quality.


Ok so today i was going to check the poll & see how it goes and surprisingly, its a tie between american cars & rally cars. so this time im gonna start the poll between the two.

but for the others…
The Dakar Racing Pack will be the 3rd pack that i will be making, as for the European Supercars will be the 4th car pack. and after that the 5th pack will be updating some existing cars from my other car packs that needs to have more variants or fix some bugs.

  • Rally Cars
  • American Cars

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note: this will end on Monday November 5th


Retro Age Motors
1976 Saint Hawk series
Retro Age Motors-Saint - Hawk 122.car (40.8 KB)

Retro Age Motors-Saint - Hawk 190.car (42.7 KB)

Retro Age Motors-Saint - Hawk 251.car (40.8 KB)

Retro Age Motors
Parking Memories in the Driveway


Here’s a van.

1974 Birch Motti 5.4

Birch Motti - Van.car (43.9 KB)

What? you want more? Well here’s a family hell variant.

Birch Motti - A fuckin’ bus i guess.car (45.2 KB)

A description? It’s a van, goddamnit.

Kids these days.

Has a Jap plate because the model was nice. Has no reverse lights, what are those for anyways?
(fine i forgot to put them and the rear license plate ok, I don’t feel like opening the game anymore and taking new pictures, put them on by yourself if you really want to. This will be marketed as a DIY model from now on.)


The Modern Shromet Pack


Modern Shromets.zip (103.7 KB)

Edit: Now with beam direct files: https://www.beamng.com/resources/shromet-modern-pack.7043/

What's Included:

Dione Activ+



Mystic/Mystic Cross Turismo



Levine EXL

Dragon GTS

2018 LA Auto Show
TreadKillers Tuning House
The Shromet Corporation

I was bored so I played around with modifying JBeam files, mostly fixing turbo engines, which accidentally resulted in a 1000hp, 1500Nm RWD sedan on 285 rear tires (which is about as undriveable on keyboard as can be) and not so accidentally resulted in a recreation of a 1990s DTM car.

1995 Impakt C1R, period correct with an 11000rpm capable 2.5L V6, 450hp, 6-speed transmission, lots of grip and legal goodies such as traction control.

Impakt detected, stopping car…

How to Submit (share cars) to the Automation Forums?

1996 Dodge Viper GTS

As promised, here it is!

Funnily named as “Dodger” due to some innacuracies.

This car is also quite hard to control with a keyboard, But it gets easier when you get the hang of it. and you have to be very carefull with the throttle.

Dodger Viper - GTS.car (82.9 KB)


Coming Soon


Soo here is a random RX car that is not going to be raced this season, fast acceleration, low top speed, and considerably driveable, and unusually designed. Frankly you can do whatever you want with at this point,



May I eat I?


i did say " you can do whatever you want with it":wink:


you gonna eat that?
it’s a stapler…
wanna split it?


Blue Motors proudly introduces you to two crappy 2006 Range Rover imitations:

Base Model: 2006 Blue Motors Rover 4
Engine: A very rough, very long-stroked 3.8 liter inline 4, making 244hp@5700 rpm
Transmission: 7 speed advanced automatic
AHS Light Steel Monocoque/Corrosion resistant steel panels
Overweight with all the luxury goodies at 5143 lbs
0-60 in a slow, loud 9.4 seconds
Very high comfort (in the 70s)
Questionable reliability

Level-up model: 2006 Blue Motors Rover 6HT
Engine: Direct-injected turbocharged boxer-6 producing 389hp@6600rpm
Transmission: 7 speed advanced automatic
AHS Light Steel Monocoque/Corrosion resistant steel panels
Overweight with all the luxury goodies at 5558 lbs
0-60 in 6.91 seconds
Very high comfort (in the 70s)
Questionable reliability

Links to both models are posted here:


Feel free to use these vehicles however you would like to!


One of my favourite cars I’ve ever made, the Maibatsu Thunder MSR. Slow, but it handles pretty well and it’s super light. I’ve got a few other cars following GTA lore, and you can check them out too if you want.



Here’s a Christmas gift for you all. I’m uploading in part so I stop fiddling with the tune for more than a day.

2018 Gryphon Gear Jormungandr

Yes, you read right, this:



One could be forgiven for doubting that I could actually make this thing kind of work or that I wasn’t completely lying about making “a Bugatti Chiron like hypercar that could actually do 500km/h in Beam while returning reasonable mileage and being drivable beyond a drag strip”. But the proof is in the pudding, and, well, here it is.

You’ll need a rather steady hand to actually get it to 500km/h in Beam because of some front wheel shake issue, but I assure you, it’s very doable with a stock setup. I’ve now been informed that it’s actually quite stable with a controller.

I also customised the ESC modes myself. There’s no wet-weather in Beam but the “Wet” mode is a nod to Walter Rohrl’s comment saying the Carrera GT “…need(ed) one button for the wet and one button for the dry.” Except this has 4: Wet, Street, Sport and Race. Obviously in order of less intrusive. In Wet and Street modes it is virtually impossible to provoke a spin unless you attempt a massive Scandanavian flick at 450km/h. It’s got Koenigsegg levels of self-correction. Sport and Race are designed to let you drive it fast and feel the actual character of the chassis. I would recommend only using Race on properly surfaced tracks. On rougher road courses the car will become unsettled. You can also turn ESC off but I wouldn’t recommend that until you really know what you’re doing. With 2550hp it will light up the tyres at any speed under 300km/h if you use too much throttle.

Things that are missing: active aero. The exporter obviously can’t do that, so it’s presumably set to a default angle. Also, actually active dampers. And active E-diff with active power redistribution. I did what I could with the diff settings in the file but I’m not sure it’s very much. The transmission is a dual clutch but I removed the auto and sport modes because they’re virtually useless in a car like this.

Finally: this car is also very heavy. 1877kg in Automation to be precise. It only uses +2 semi-slicks and doesn’t have all that much downforce because it’s designed to hit 500km/h and be street livable. If you drive it fast, it needs a vastly adjusted braking point and a very gentle right foot. You will not be able to take most sections flat out, not even straight segments. Sometimes it feels like a ballistic missile. You’ll know when you’re getting used to the car when you can reliably turn in 1:55-56 from a standing start around the Automation Test Track. For reference I have cars with less than a third of the power that can do the track faster than that.

Okay ready?


also a timely reminder that the EOTY Awards are currently on ho ho ho

Merry Christmas!


normally I don’t like supercars/hypercars but this is cool


Happy Holiday From Me And Arpos Automative!



you sculpted this body so well!


Using the Pantera body to make something resembling a Miura, and then giving it a very similar livery to the famed Alitalia Stratos, is not something most people would approve of, but I will, simply because it’s one of the coolest mashups I can think of.