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Automation x BeamNG Car Repository


Blue Motors proudly introduces you to two crappy 2006 Range Rover imitations:

Base Model: 2006 Blue Motors Rover 4
Engine: A very rough, very long-stroked 3.8 liter inline 4, making 244hp@5700 rpm
Transmission: 7 speed advanced automatic
AHS Light Steel Monocoque/Corrosion resistant steel panels
Overweight with all the luxury goodies at 5143 lbs
0-60 in a slow, loud 9.4 seconds
Very high comfort (in the 70s)
Questionable reliability

Level-up model: 2006 Blue Motors Rover 6HT
Engine: Direct-injected turbocharged boxer-6 producing 389hp@6600rpm
Transmission: 7 speed advanced automatic
AHS Light Steel Monocoque/Corrosion resistant steel panels
Overweight with all the luxury goodies at 5558 lbs
0-60 in 6.91 seconds
Very high comfort (in the 70s)
Questionable reliability

Links to both models are posted here:


Feel free to use these vehicles however you would like to!


One of my favourite cars I’ve ever made, the Maibatsu Thunder MSR. Slow, but it handles pretty well and it’s super light. I’ve got a few other cars following GTA lore, and you can check them out too if you want.



Here’s a Christmas gift for you all. I’m uploading in part so I stop fiddling with the tune for more than a day.

2018 Gryphon Gear Jormungandr

Yes, you read right, this:



One could be forgiven for doubting that I could actually make this thing kind of work or that I wasn’t completely lying about making “a Bugatti Chiron like hypercar that could actually do 500km/h in Beam while returning reasonable mileage and being drivable beyond a drag strip”. But the proof is in the pudding, and, well, here it is.

You’ll need a rather steady hand to actually get it to 500km/h in Beam because of some front wheel shake issue, but I assure you, it’s very doable with a stock setup. I’ve now been informed that it’s actually quite stable with a controller.

I also customised the ESC modes myself. There’s no wet-weather in Beam but the “Wet” mode is a nod to Walter Rohrl’s comment saying the Carrera GT “…need(ed) one button for the wet and one button for the dry.” Except this has 4: Wet, Street, Sport and Race. Obviously in order of less intrusive. In Wet and Street modes it is virtually impossible to provoke a spin unless you attempt a massive Scandanavian flick at 450km/h. It’s got Koenigsegg levels of self-correction. Sport and Race are designed to let you drive it fast and feel the actual character of the chassis. I would recommend only using Race on properly surfaced tracks. On rougher road courses the car will become unsettled. You can also turn ESC off but I wouldn’t recommend that until you really know what you’re doing. With 2550hp it will light up the tyres at any speed under 300km/h if you use too much throttle.

Things that are missing: active aero. The exporter obviously can’t do that, so it’s presumably set to a default angle. Also, actually active dampers. And active E-diff with active power redistribution. I did what I could with the diff settings in the file but I’m not sure it’s very much. The transmission is a dual clutch but I removed the auto and sport modes because they’re virtually useless in a car like this.

Finally: this car is also very heavy. 1877kg in Automation to be precise. It only uses +2 semi-slicks and doesn’t have all that much downforce because it’s designed to hit 500km/h and be street livable. If you drive it fast, it needs a vastly adjusted braking point and a very gentle right foot. You will not be able to take most sections flat out, not even straight segments. Sometimes it feels like a ballistic missile. You’ll know when you’re getting used to the car when you can reliably turn in 1:55-56 from a standing start around the Automation Test Track. For reference I have cars with less than a third of the power that can do the track faster than that.

Okay ready?


also a timely reminder that the EOTY Awards are currently on ho ho ho

Merry Christmas!


normally I don’t like supercars/hypercars but this is cool


Happy Holiday From Me And Arpos Automative!



you sculpted this body so well!


Using the Pantera body to make something resembling a Miura, and then giving it a very similar livery to the famed Alitalia Stratos, is not something most people would approve of, but I will, simply because it’s one of the coolest mashups I can think of.


ehheehhehh, right, you read my mind while i do this car, Agata is already ispired by miura on pantera body. i tried already do Alitalia livery, on Fruinia rally, but white body is better than green for livery. :slight_smile:


The Shromet Sport Edition Pack


The Appalachian ARX Edition, with the same 2.5L Cavallera engine used in the ARX race car.

The Strasser Sport. The Sport scar SUV.

The Adirondack Sprinter, with 650 horsepower and ready to jump.

The Mystic Daytona 500, with a 500 horsepower V8 and 6 speed manual.

The Shromet Dragon Limited.

And for added Christmas Fun, the MEN Polski Urbvan!

Shromet Sport Pack.zip (57.5 KB)

Have fun and Merry Christmas!


also, i think we’d all prefer if you shared the beam mods and not the .car files.


It’s one file with several cars, If you don’t want to install them all you’re welcome to not. :slight_smile: I think the .car file is better because it gives you the option to tinker with the cars and adjust them to your preferences. It’s really simple to export them to beam from automation.




RJM Car Pack

Happy Holidays from Ridgewell-Jeong Motors.

Download now.

Pack includes: 2017 RJM 13R Sport (Sage Green), 2015 RJM 35R Sport (Queen Alexandrea’s Blue), 2016 RJM 35SC Grandeur (Scarlet Red)

Instructions: Simply place the whole .zip file into your BeamNG mods folder.


Some cars from Wolfe Motor Company (WMC).

First, the Peregrine SS10, a Swedish V10 supercar from 1987. Think of it as a late 80s Dodge Viper and also treat it like a first generation Dodge Viper. You will spin out and crash into something if you don’t treat this car with respect.

The Frigate SV8 (facelifted) is a FWD sports coupe with a 5.6L V8. Very predictable handling as it only understeers. It does understeer a lot though so be careful with that. Four gears and 260hp of power.

Lastly, it’s the 1980 Mk2 Marlin that will be released in my company thread later today. It’s the second generation of a tiny little sports car. The one you’ll drive is the 1985 (facelift) H140, featuring a 189hp turbo I4 and pulling mean Gs in corners. Handles exceptionally well in the new Italy map and 0-100km/h in just 5.7 seconds. It’s, in my opinion, incredibly fun to drive, and very very easy to drive like a maniac without crashing.


Here are my cars:

Luxus 4700

Early 90’s luxury car.


Cobech Enkel

Simple, cheap, small soviet car.


Didn’t expect this thread would be a bit abandoned, here’s my first upload in 2019 btw. The Cellia Novia GRS!

And here’s the .car file for all of you to enjoy! Any feedback is welcomed!
cellia_novia__nr1____grs__bx_.car (43.0 KB)

Enjoy and have a nice day!


2019 AVR GT3

This is probably the closest thing to a grand touring race car that you can download (Click on the link above or below)

Arrowhead Motors (2019 Arrowhead AVR GT3 available to download post 42))


Shromet Appalachain E.

A simulation of what an Automation electric car would perform like in beamNG! With a 1 speed transmission, 320 horsepower and all-wheel drive, this is the closest I’ve been able to get thus far in trying to make an Automation car behave like an electric car! Give it a go and let me know your thoughts!



TheAgathaNakai, can I be honest here?
I feel like …I need to be honest …
(deep breathe) I love the paint job and the style of the car. I was surprised by the Automation classification of “Fun”. This is the first car in my inventory listed as such.
I didn’t have “Fun” …please don’t look at me like that …you’re smiling …(that could be …)
So …the problem was too many gears for me. I was constantly over revving and when I did, I would look at the RPM gauge and run off the road.
After my insurance rates hit an all time high …I paid a visit to my local transmission shop. They replaced the 6-spd with a 5-spd and did nothing else. Now, I know what “Fun” means.
Now instead of veering off because I looked at the tach, I did so because I was on a dirt road or a grass field and applying too much throttle! Again, you surprised me with your ability to tune your steering to a keyboard user …Bravo TheAgathaNakai …Bravo!

P.S. You’ve simply must hold a class on mixing paint in Automation Dah-ling …Oh, i insist!


I appreciate harsh honesty and truth more than comforting lies, despite the fact that sometimes I might have been kind of “triggered” a little bit at the first impression when it comes to the harsh honesty or truth. Thanks a lot for your short review! I really appreciate it!