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Automation x BeamNG Car Repository


TheAgathaNakai, can I be honest here?
I feel like …I need to be honest …
(deep breathe) I love the paint job and the style of the car. I was surprised by the Automation classification of “Fun”. This is the first car in my inventory listed as such.
I didn’t have “Fun” …please don’t look at me like that …you’re smiling …(that could be …)
So …the problem was too many gears for me. I was constantly over revving and when I did, I would look at the RPM gauge and run off the road.
After my insurance rates hit an all time high …I paid a visit to my local transmission shop. They replaced the 6-spd with a 5-spd and did nothing else. Now, I know what “Fun” means.
Now instead of veering off because I looked at the tach, I did so because I was on a dirt road or a grass field and applying too much throttle! Again, you surprised me with your ability to tune your steering to a keyboard user …Bravo TheAgathaNakai …Bravo!

P.S. You’ve simply must hold a class on mixing paint in Automation Dah-ling …Oh, i insist!


I appreciate harsh honesty and truth more than comforting lies, despite the fact that sometimes I might have been kind of “triggered” a little bit at the first impression when it comes to the harsh honesty or truth. Thanks a lot for your short review! I really appreciate it!


It’s past 24 hours already, time to post my latest creation that is available to download, 1981 Serena S6 GTS!

Here’s the thread for more details on the car:

And here’s the .car file for all of you to enjoy:
serena_s6___gts.car (39.3 KB)

Feedback is always appreciated, and have a nice day!


This Litteral Box of metal on wheels drives like crazy ONLY FOR THE MENTALLY SANE:BOX 1 - Trim 1.car (15.3 KB)


Alright, sorry for the 2-week delay. But here it is!

(2) 2013 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Replicas

Blue w/ white strips: Normal Shelby GT500
Silver w/ Blue strips: NFS Movie “Carroll Shelby” GT500



Download: https://beamng.com/resources/13-fort-mustang-shelbi-gt500-2-pack.7675/

Happy driving! :grinning:

PM me for the .Car files.


Greetings, Automationeers! It’s been a while…

2015 Margaret Abigail REV is now available for you guys to download!

If you want more details on the model, please visit my thread right here:

And here’s the .car file for all of you guys to enjoy. Have a good day!
margaret_abigail___rev.car (46.8 KB)


Well… Hi, this is the first time i post something here, so… I’m a bit nervious.

First of all, my first car in this amazing game, the Wyvern, was an attempt to recreate my personal favorite car, the Audi R8, but ended in something even better (At least in my eyes)
But for this showroom, his powerful brother, the Wyvern Evo, will be taking the stake. An Hypercar, a V10, 800HP beast, but let the pictures talk from itself


Well, but, here, is the car, for anyone who wants to try it (And crash it) in the BeamNG!


The time has come for adventure, with 2019 Enricord Bromo 4x4

Details on the model are on my thread:

If you feel interested and ready to go explore the world, here’s the .car file. Enjoy and have fun!
enricord_bromo___4x4.car (47.3 KB)


Thought I’d post the car I’m the most proud of now. The DVPI (De Vass Police Interceptor). It turned out to be a very very competent police cruiser and has been extensively tested in BeamNG. It has…

  • A 291 HP 5.7L V8.
  • High ground clearance (takes quite substantial curbs at high speed with no bottoming out or suspension damage).
  • 1500KG cargo capacity to carry all the additional weight from police equipment.
  • Bullbar!

In BeamNG, it can stay on the tail of most BeamNG vehicles. Stays on the tail of even the SBR4 and other cars. It is also more then possible to take out and catch criminals in most BeamNG vehicles. This thing is incredibly fun to drive and it’s even more fun to try and chase down either other Automation cars or the BeamNG cars.

**Drop this file in your “mods” folder in BeamNG. It’s all ready to go :slight_smile:


Cardinal Tuning GmbH ft. Burnin’ Rubber

Details on the model are on this thread

More importantly to leave a review and of course, burn rubber!

Shit, almost forget to give you the keys
Nissan Skyline BNR34 - Lightning GT-R.car (34.2 KB)


Some Group C-ish car

Details of the car in the next thread:

It has about 100hp less of what you would expect from a Group C car, but still is pretty fun to drive. In the link below you can find the .car file and the beamng mod.


I also added exhaust fire and pops to the mod in beamng. You can briefly see and hear them in the video below


A cute early 90s sports car I recently made.

1992 Voltan Switchback Turbo-RS.

246hp. 1068kg. Mid-transverse RWD. It’s a hoot.

I’m not that good of a driver on a wheel, but these are the times I was capable of getting on the ATT in Beam.

For those who want to try it out on the ATT (and eek some more time out of it), as well as other race tracks on Beam, I present to you…



Parking Memories in the Driveway

1959 RAM Elite 2-door / 6-seat sedan with luxury interior and trunk mounted phonograph player.
Engine: RAM 383 Hi-Rev v8. 382 h.p., top speed: 146 mph with a 2-speed automatic.
Class: GT P / Luxury P
I was craving lime sherbet and chrome sprinkles …with just a dash of gold convection sugar.

Retro Age Motors - 59 ELITE.car (63.2 KB)


Retro Age Motors always knows how to make a good car.


1 hp per c.i. in 1959? That’s pretty damn good, especially considering it’s net hp and not gross!

It took American muscle until the late 60’s to hit that figure in gross hp


Correction, Chrysler hit it in 1956 with the 355hp 354ci hemi for the 300B, and Chevy came out with the 283hp 283ci engine one year later… (given both are gross and not net hp figures.)


Happy Reiko Walker’s day everyone (in other words, Happy Birthday to myself)! To celebrate my 22nd birthday, here’s a 2016 Enricord Saguaro GT 5.9 for all of you to enjoy!

Here’s the details on the model:

and here’s the .car file for all of you to enjoy. Have fun!
enricord_saguaro___gt_5.9.car (41.3 KB)


Parking Memories in the Driveway

1968 s-60 GT-COBRA and 1968 Sidewinder - PURSUIT
I wanted a sausage dog with chili and a hot dog with mustard and a streak of ketchup

Retro Age Motors - 68 s60 GT COBRA.car (63.1 KB)
Retro Age Motors - 68 Sidewinder PURSUIT.car (50.1 KB)


1970 Retro Age Motors Saint Hawk 80
A 4x4 car for running through the snow or the sand!
With a 80 cubic inch inline four cylinder and a three speed manual gearbox, gas mileage is great!

Retro Age Motors - 70 Saint Hawk 80.car (37.7 KB)

Saint - Hawk
Leave the pavement jungle …


So here it is, the 2018 Serena S6 3.8S is finally available for all of you to enjoy!

Here’s the details for the model:

And here’s the .car file for all of you to enjoy, and I hope you have a nice day!
Serena S6 - 3.8S.car (45.5 KB)