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Automation x BeamNG Car Repository


A cute early 90s sports car I recently made.

1992 Voltan Switchback Turbo-RS.

246hp. 1068kg. Mid-transverse RWD. It’s a hoot.

I’m not that good of a driver on a wheel, but these are the times I was capable of getting on the ATT in Beam.

For those who want to try it out on the ATT (and eek some more time out of it), as well as other race tracks on Beam, I present to you…



Parking Memories in the Driveway

1959 RAM Elite 2-door / 6-seat sedan with luxury interior and trunk mounted phonograph player.
Engine: RAM 383 Hi-Rev v8. 382 h.p., top speed: 146 mph with a 2-speed automatic.
Class: GT P / Luxury P
I was craving lime sherbet and chrome sprinkles …with just a dash of gold convection sugar.

Retro Age Motors - 59 ELITE.car (63.2 KB)


Retro Age Motors always knows how to make a good car.


1 hp per c.i. in 1959? That’s pretty damn good, especially considering it’s net hp and not gross!

It took American muscle until the late 60’s to hit that figure in gross hp


Correction, Chrysler hit it in 1956 with the 355hp 354ci hemi for the 300B, and Chevy came out with the 283hp 283ci engine one year later… (given both are gross and not net hp figures.)


Happy Reiko Walker’s day everyone (in other words, Happy Birthday to myself)! To celebrate my 22nd birthday, here’s a 2016 Enricord Saguaro GT 5.9 for all of you to enjoy!

Here’s the details on the model:

and here’s the .car file for all of you to enjoy. Have fun!
enricord_saguaro___gt_5.9.car (41.3 KB)


Parking Memories in the Driveway

1968 s-60 GT-COBRA and 1968 Sidewinder - PURSUIT
I wanted a sausage dog with chili and a hot dog with mustard and a streak of ketchup

Retro Age Motors - 68 s60 GT COBRA.car (63.1 KB)
Retro Age Motors - 68 Sidewinder PURSUIT.car (50.1 KB)


1970 Retro Age Motors Saint Hawk 80
A 4x4 car for running through the snow or the sand!
With a 80 cubic inch inline four cylinder and a three speed manual gearbox, gas mileage is great!

Retro Age Motors - 70 Saint Hawk 80.car (37.7 KB)

Saint - Hawk
Leave the pavement jungle …


So here it is, the 2018 Serena S6 3.8S is finally available for all of you to enjoy!

Here’s the details for the model:

And here’s the .car file for all of you to enjoy, and I hope you have a nice day!
Serena S6 - 3.8S.car (45.5 KB)


2018 Saint Vasia D3
2-door, 2-seater with sport interior and luxury HUD
Engine: Cassia v12 366 producing 622 horsepower
Transmission: 5-gear dual clutch AWD unit. Max speed: 190 mph
Real Life Inspiration: Lil’ John’s …Turn Down For What (it got stuck in my head for months …Damn you co-workers!)

Retro Age Motors - 18 Saint Vasia D3.car (49.3 KB)

Saint - A division of Retro Age Motors
Enjoy the Experience

We can skip first base …cause a playa like me tryin’ to slide into home plate …LOL!


Looks like the car in Wreckless 2: The Yakuza Missions


2019 Cellia Fidelia GRS

The details on the model:

And the key for those who wants it. Made in Open Beta Build in case anyone’s wondering. Have a wonderful day!

Cellia Fidelia (IX) - GRS.car (52.0 KB)



1980 Saint Hawk 173
2-door hatchback, 5-seats with standard interior and 8-track player
Engine: RAM Odo - Easton Phillis 271-248. 173 cubic inch v-6 producing 270 horsepower
Transmission: 4-gear manual / 4x4. Top Speed: 135 mph
Class: Muscle / Utility Sport Premium

1980 Saint Hawk 173 - July
2-door, 4-seats with sport interior and premium 8-track
Engine: RAM Odo - Easton Phillis 271-248. 173 cubic inch v-6 producing 270 horsepower
Transmission: 4-gear manual / 4x4. Top Speed: 139 mph
Class: Convertible Premium / Utility Sport Luxury

Retro Age Motors - 80 Saint Hawk 173.car (39.2 KB)
Retro Age Motors - 80 Saint Hawk 173 July.car (43.2 KB)

Saint - A Division of Retro Age Motors
Enjoy the Experience



Real Life Inspiration: The pondering of the following really …really …deep …I mean, really DeeEEP, questions:

  1. Does setting wing angles have an effect in BeamNG?
  2. What does the wing angle graph really mean?
  3. If a blueberry bagel jumped in my toaster, would it be ruled a suicide or service to humanity?
  4. Why can’t I find the backdoor to this house?
  5. Why is there an imaginary mouse break dancing on my kitchen floor?
  6. Who drank this whole fifth of vodka …I don’t drink …do I?

1985 Retro Age Motors - ARROW
2-door, hatchback, 2+3 seats with hand made upholstery and luxury sound system w/cassette
Engine: RAM 293 SOHC-16. Easton 295-289, 293 cubic inch v8, producing 294 horsepower
Transmission: 4-gear manual / RWD. Top Speed: 151 mph
Class: Super / Hyper

Retro Age Motors - 85 ARROW.car (40.0 KB)
Retro Age Motors
Parking Memories in the Driveway


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1992 GEC GC1 2.0 RS

This is a more expensive and powerful trim of a car originally intended for submission into CSR111 before its original host pulled out, forcing the round to be restarted from scratch with a new rule set.

It’s a lightweight AWD turbocharged sports coupe, one that would not look out of place at Radwood or any other gathering of modern classics.

GEC GC1 Mk2 - 2.0 RS.car (29.2 KB)


Lancia Delta S4 Stradale V10.car (40.8 KB)

Lancia Delta S4 Stradale replica, with a N/A v10 90° 1.745cc engine!



Sprite_-_Hydra.car (28.7 KB)