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Automation x BeamNG Car Repository


Holts C7S

Download C7S Here


love the design ^^


The Kazuko (family in Japanese), is an 80’s Family Premium car with 100ish horsepower.

Download it here!
Oh and it also has a Sport version, having 200hp (don’t have to show the sport one because it does not need a pic, they look the same lol)
Download it here!


Thanks a lot! I appreciate it


The Crossworks Tribus

Inspired by the Failrace Autocross Competition (Max 2000 CC)
Sadly i can’t enter anymore but there you go

I3 NA 1719 CC
271,5 HP
242 Nm
468 Kg

Download pure Fun here!


(picture quality won’t do justice because I’m on Intel HD)


The first car to enlist is the GMBK, a 2016 sports car that serves to demonstrate the power of Kasai’s own modular engine. Although it shares the same 700hp V8 engine with the Hill Climb Calibri, the GMBK is heavier and its lack of (Beam) aero renders its handling to feel more floaty on higher speeds. But to compensate for it, the GMBK has higher top speed. So, treat it with respect and caution, don’t twitch the steering on high speed, and the car won’t bite you back with snap oversteer.

  • AWD
    700hp V8
    1641 kg

Kasai Calibri Hillclimb (version 2)

Next up, fresh from the Research Center, is the latest iteration of the Hill Climb Kasai Calibri.
Made to dominate the Pikes Peak, the Calibri can take on many corners, tight and wide, with relative stability and will surely inspire confidence in the driver to push it more, and even harder. “I can do this,” you say to yourself as you enter a corner. “It’s still got some grip left in it, I can still go faster.”

  • AWD
    705hp V8
    1547 kg

Calibri (.car file) (61.8 KB)
Calibri (.zip file)
GMBK (.zip file)


Wait, Do you have an Intel graphics card too? (OOF) I’m so glad i am not the only one.


Melik’s Lore Car Pack Part 2: The JDM Lore Car Pack
Are you feeling the need of JDM? Well here its is! Drive one of your favorite Japanese lore cars here in BeamNG Drive!


Akagi - RS-7
A 2 door sports coupe that is on not 1, but 2 of its variant that is based on the 1995 Mazda RX-7 Efini & the 2002 Mazda RX-7 Spirit R Type A. The name of this car is based on Touge Team in Initial D, Akagi Red Suns.

Kitano - HR86
It may not got the speed, but its light & fun! As for these 2 variants of HR86, The HR86 Fujiwara is based on the 1983 Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86, & the HR86 Akiyama is based on the Toyota Corolla Levin AE86. Also reference to Initial D of the 2 of the characters in the anime, Takumi Fujiwara & Wataru Akiyama, which they both drive AE86.

Nakamura - Kujo SR15
As for this beautiful 2 door sports coupe, this car is a well balance, and fun to drift around! As this car is based on the 2001 Nissan Silvia S15 Spec R Aero. Its a good beginners car for drifters but once you start driving it into the tracks, it is really a good car!

Nakamura - Ikusa GT
One of the Akagi RS-7 Rival, The Nakamura Ikusa GT. This car was built to compete with other JDM Cars for Racing. Thanks for its Inline 6 Twin Turbo & 4WD, this car is a maniac. This car is based on the Nissan Skyline GT-R V Spec-II R34.

Hokosai Motors - Nichi
A fun, enjoyable little roadster that is amazing with its performance. it may seems to be one of those cars you might see occasionally, but with its hi rev, it is loud! Speaking of loud, this is based on the 2005 Honda S2000 AP2. Aswell as its model name since Nichi means 2,000.

Hokosai Motors - Bayuga
Back at the early 90s, whenever someone usually has the money to by an italian supercar, yes they are fast, but its doesn’t mean that those car was better than this. The Bayuga. Design by a F1 driver, this car was all about performance. that’s why it was so good at racing! Being the first japanese supercar to be better than your average supercars back in its day. This Mid-engine beast is based on the 1990 Honda/Acura NSX NA1

Here is some Specs for some of the cars in he pack like…

Drift Spec

Touge Spec

Here is the mod link ^^

Enjoy ! :smile:


Famous original FAAL Coupe pack

1984 FAAL Tetra F1, running in the 1984-1985 season in Group B rallying
FAAL Coupe - Tetra Group B F1 Road.car (37.7 KB)

1988 Tetra Evo 4, as driven by Dave Rennen in “the Agile and the Angry”
FAAL Coupe - Tetra Derrickson A&A.car (111.4 KB)

1986 Coupe 16S “Boulangerie Dupont”, replica of the famous franco-belgian comic series “L’Initiale B” telling the story of Titouan Fernandez, who helps his baker dad by delivering bread to a hotel on top of the Vosges every morning at 4AM
FAAL Coupe - 16S Dupont.car (46.3 KB)




Medusa Pironi, about 740hp, see my thread for more…

Drives relatively well for me, a small problem is you cannot steer a lot because the wheels touch the body…

Medusa Pironi - Base.car (38.1 KB)


I’ve driven some of the cars, and here are my few thoughts (maybe they’ll be helpful for somebody).

@Knightophonix - Kerasion - pretty fun and predictable overpowered car, easy to spin but also easy to control in that spin… all that until the turbos kick in, then it becomes a monster that you have to fight with. Understeers, then snaps into oversteer. And when it starts to sound like a jet plane you’re doomed. Just doomed, whatever you do. The horns of the apocalypse have been sounded.

@Grandea - Altaris - the engine’s nice, the handling is good (considering that it’s a minivan) though quite understeery, but the gearbox is pure nonsense. For fast driving the ratios are a bit too close, but for minivan driving they are terribly close - 1st has no use except for getting started (and you can already switch to 2nd at 10 km/h), and on the other end 6th is way too short - at 120 km/h it gets over 3500 rpm, so that would be pretty annoying and inefficient on highway travels.
Kuma - understeery and slow, but fun anyway.
Nimessa - great handling, for some time I wasn’t sure if it’s FWD or RWD. Also great engine, could pull whenever asked to. Awesome car.

@loflyh - Saint - “STEEER, MOTHERF…” and when it does “You spin me right round…”. So, in short, much fun of a special kind :stuck_out_tongue:

@Obfuscious - Baja - AWESOME :smiley:

@Holts - H150 Dirtmaster - climbs better than horses in Skyrim :ok_hand:


Now THAT I seriously doubt


I see what you mean for the gearbox (I might’ve overdone the shortness ahah), but this Altaris is a sport tuned model to go feeest.


We don’t have near enough Malaise garbage in here. I am going to help fix that.

The 1975 Fenton ZL

Malaise embodied in the year that for some truly marks the beginning of the Malaise Era – 1975, when vehicles were first choked by catalytic converters which took cars already weighed down by new 1972 and 1973 safety equipment and made them slow to boot. The mid 70s ZL is everything you could possibly want – and by “want” I of course mean “hate” – in a Malaise Era car.

It has a 451 cubic inch (7.4L) V8 making not much horsepower. It has fuel economy ratings more akin to those you might find in construction equipment. It has too small of tires for its insane 1900 kg mass and extra soft springs, meaning it handles like a shopping cart with a mattress on top. And it has brakes that leave not just a lot, but everything, to be desired.

Yes, its everything awful about a 1975 model year car, not the least of which is front and rear overhangs that if you are not careful with might knock over the trash bins on the other side of town. And yet in an unironic way, I kind of want one.

Fenton Z Platform - ZL451.car (89.9 KB)

This thing is a sloooooo boi. At 10.5 seconds, the 0-60 mph time is barely if at all better than my 2006 Scion and the Scion only has 91 cubic inches and yes its lighter but still weighs around 1225 kg in real usage.


Vote on what you guys want me to make next!

  • American Car Lore Pack
  • European Supercars Car Lore Pack
  • New Variants to the Existing Cars
  • Dakar Racing Lore Pack
  • Rally Legends Car Lore Pack

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In 1973, Retro Age Motors entered the compact/sub-compact/pony car market …their offering:
Retro Age Motors - 1973 Marova X.car (32.9 KB)

Retro Age Motors even entered this vehicle into a international rally competition.

Yet something was still missing. Retro Age Motors was striving for a kind of …Automotive Immortality. This would continue to elude us until …1984! In 1984, a car magazine featured a pictorial article on a customized 1973 Marova X they dubbed …The Vic SWAP!
Retro Age Motors - Marova X Vic Swap.car (45.8 KB)

The Vic SWAP removed the original Marova Ion-6 engine and replaced it with a 333c.i. v8.
Lowered the rails, added aerodynamic effects and various external trim changes.

Retro Age Motors
Parking Memories in the Driveway

Disclaimer: The 333c.i. engine of the Vic SWAP is used with permission from VicVictory. Thank you VicVictor


I can’t decide if that Fenton is… hideously awesome or awesomely hideous…

Either way, it is spot on :stuck_out_tongue:


That tells me I nailed mid 1970s American then because mid 1970s American styling is very eclectic and divisive :smile: . It was a strange mix of 1950s flowing baroque / avant garde and 1980s computer-aided design edge and box styling.

This isn’t even mentioning the mechanical characteristics of mid 1970s American cars which generally regarded as very outmoded and misplaced. Pretty much everything sucked about them except the ride quality.


Ok so today i was going to check the poll & see how it goes and surprisingly, its a tie between american cars & rally cars. so this time im gonna start the poll between the two.

but for the others…
The Dakar Racing Pack will be the 3rd pack that i will be making, as for the European Supercars will be the 4th car pack. and after that the 5th pack will be updating some existing cars from my other car packs that needs to have more variants or fix some bugs.

  • Rally Cars
  • American Cars

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note: this will end on Monday November 5th