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Parking Memories in the Driveway

1959 RAM Elite 2-door / 6-seat sedan with luxury interior and trunk mounted phonograph player.
Engine: RAM 383 Hi-Rev v8. 382 h.p., top speed: 146 mph with a 2-speed automatic.
Class: GT P / Luxury P
I was craving lime sherbet and chrome sprinkles …with just a dash of gold convection sugar.

Retro Age Motors - 59 ELITE.car (63.2 KB)


Retro Age Motors always knows how to make a good car.


1 hp per c.i. in 1959? That’s pretty damn good, especially considering it’s net hp and not gross!

It took American muscle until the late 60’s to hit that figure in gross hp


Correction, Chrysler hit it in 1956 with the 355hp 354ci hemi for the 300B, and Chevy came out with the 283hp 283ci engine one year later… (given both are gross and not net hp figures.)


Happy Reiko Walker’s day everyone (in other words, Happy Birthday to myself)! To celebrate my 22nd birthday, here’s a 2016 Enricord Saguaro GT 5.9 for all of you to enjoy!

Here’s the details on the model:

and here’s the .car file for all of you to enjoy. Have fun!
enricord_saguaro___gt_5.9.car (41.3 KB)


Parking Memories in the Driveway

1968 s-60 GT-COBRA and 1968 Sidewinder - PURSUIT
I wanted a sausage dog with chili and a hot dog with mustard and a streak of ketchup

Retro Age Motors - 68 s60 GT COBRA.car (63.1 KB)
Retro Age Motors - 68 Sidewinder PURSUIT.car (50.1 KB)