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Automation x BeamNG Car Repository


Some more Sofas:

Sofa II - 1100 mk1.car (15.4 KB)

It’s the vanilla Sofa 1100 from 1966.

Sofa Small - Sofa 200.car (17.9 KB)

☭Glorious 200cc 7 hp car for the proletariat☭.


Three Aeros cars for you guys today (incidentally, they’re all from previous community events):

  1. Aeros Bulan (from CSR68) CSR68-Echowaffle8 (V1) - Aeros Bulan.car (36.4 KB)

  2. Aeros Modem (from CSR69) CSR69-Echowaffle8 - Aeros Modem F24-18T.car (29.1 KB)

  3. Aeros Router Mk III GTCC Jimmy Barnes #40 (from the GTCC) Aeros Router MkIII GTCC - Car #40.car (28.2 KB)


Picked up automation today after eyeing it for a while
Here’s my first car tentatively named the Spire AB/MBS/MS straight out of 1990:

(some of the fixtures didn’t show up properly but oh well)

It’s RR with a 2 liter V6T that produces about 220 horsepower or about 310 with the sport (MS) trim. Right now it’s pretty tail-happy because rear engine soo here ya go.
Spire - MBS.car (24.4 KB)
Spire - AB.car (24.4 KB)
Spire - MS.car (24.4 KB)


Makina Spectra 3000 GT-T AWD '96

Body and chassis
Class: Grand Tourer
Body style: 2-door Coupe (2+2 Seater)
Layout: Front Engine, All-wheel Drive (45/55 F/R Split)

Engine: Makina VS30DETT (3.0 V6 Twin Turbo)
Power: 320 hp / 7100 rpm
Torque: 403 Nm / 3700 rpm

Type: 6-Speed Manual
Gear ratios:
1 4.250:1
2 2.500:1
3 1.700:1
4 1.250:1
5 0.956:1
6 0.750:1
Reverse: N/A
Final drive: 3.230:1

Dimensions & Weight
Wheelbase: 2,450mm
Length: 4,450mm
Width: N/A
Height: N/A
Curb Weight: 1,648 kg

A lot of work went into the exterior of this car, it’s based of automation’s ‘90s Sports Coupe’ bodyshell mod, with a lot of inspiration from various 90s Japanese sports cars (Including the fictional Kamata Fiera from ridge racer. I hope the handling is decent, but if you have any ideas on how to improve the handling, let me know and I’ll look into updating it.

Spectra - 3000 GT-T AWD.car (53.0 KB)


1990 Hermes Rallex RS

ASC - XenoYparxi - Hermes Rallex RS.car (39.1 KB)



The first three cars I want to share are all a joy to drive around the Automation Test Track map.

  1. On the far left is my Group :b: meme car, which turned out to be pretty good. Some specifics; 2141cc i3 Turbo making 409 HP. Torque comes on around 3500 RPM and the gear spacing ensures it’s always on :b:oost AWD, 5spd manual. Solid Rear Axle. Tuned for Power-On oversteer, but balanced and in control. I recommend thrashing this one up the dirt road that leads up to the dam. Or any dirt road for that matter. And it’s not quality spammed to death either. Pro-Tip. Redline the engine and neutral-drop it…then hold the hell on :stuck_out_tongue:

  2. The latest CSR van, but with the boxer and RR layout I wanted to use. Perfect 50/50 weight distribution, it handles so much better than you think.

  3. The last car on the Right is the HRM Integrity, which is a bit of an Integra rip-off, but this one has an i6 with RWD, and it’s a hoot to drive around the test track. Nice and balanced, forgiving understeer, and some throttle-on oversteer if you really toss it, but this one is much more safely tuned than the other two. 157 horsepower from the 2.0 NA i6 is all this car needs.

1.HRM-1 - Group B Madness.car (37.4 KB)

2.CSR76 HardRooster - HRM Amador.car (38.3 KB)

3.CSR69 - HRM Integrity.car (23.0 KB)


O 117 - Limited.car (17.9 KB)

My O117 from @strop’s fight me contest, remade as close as possible.

It will go just about anywhere, even to the edge of the map.


where do i find .car files so i can upload my cars


(More Cars, Yay?)

(1985-1986 Emperor/HTA XGRC)
1197kgs, 2.5L Turbo I5 Fury. (Totally Not an Audi Quattro!)
XGRC - Street.car (28.8 KB)

(1985 Emperor XGRC Group B Concept)
The best Combination of Aerodinamics, Power, And Shitty Brakes. (But, dat I5 Sound tho)
XGRC - Group B Concept.car (25.2 KB)

('19 HTA XMT Vision)
Carefully Cooked Piece of german machinery, with a 432HP Turbo Boxer 6 Engine.

C’mon, what are you waiting for? Just drive it!
'19 XMT - GT Super.car (25.9 KB)
( If someone likes it, I’ll make a Track Version of it! )


BV1 - Detsikeulii - Birch Nightfall.car (30.3 KB)

'85 Birch Nightfall. Made for Blurred Vision, I was super proud of this even though it didn’t win.

Don’t die. The turbo hits like a sledgehammer.


Retro-Age Motors - Sidewinder LS Coupe.car (33.8 KB)
This is the 1968 Sidewinder LS Coupe, I have tried this car in BeamNG.drive and I really like the way it handles and feels …it feels real. It is modeled after cars I grew up seeing on the streets of my home town not far from the Motor City (a.k.a., Detroit, Michigan) during the late sixties and mid to late seventies. Import this file to your Automation game and from there, to BeamNG.drive. I hope you enjoy this vehicle and provide feed back.
PS: I tried to upload a picture but nothing happened? Any ideas?


the files probably too big, try uploading it to something like imgut first


FAO international
Fujiwara tofu 1.6 MPI DOHC

includes 4AGE 110 hp 1.6l engine (almost exact replica)
1:1 AE86 TOYOTA replicated gearbox ratio other things are my config
Fujiwara Gen. 1 - 1.6 MPI Tofu.car (72.4 KB)


Zenshi Carpack: Part 1

Altrea GTS-34M Touring '19

The updated AZ50 Altrea makes it’s way into dealerships with a brand new naturally aspirated 3.4L Inline-6 replacing the old turbocharged 3.0L.

Altrea - GTS-34M Touring.car (55.4 KB)

GT 4.8S '19

Zenshi celebrates 50 years of the GT with the brand new XRZ48, boasting a formidable 4.8L V8.

GT - 4.8S.car (57.3 KB)

Taiko Pike Defender 3.0TD 4x4 Plus '18

The Taiko Pike Defender has been Taiko’s longest running vehicle since the 60s, and it’s newest version comes with the option of a 3.0L Turbodiesel I5.

(Automation doesn’t have a diesel fuel option, so I tried to make a faux one)
Taiko Pike Defender - 3.0TD 4x4 Plus.car (59.5 KB)

TreadKillers Tuning House
2018 SEMA Show

The 1950 Modell 2 is Norström’s second car and the first to be actually produced and not a prototype. Featuring an independent suspension setup and a front wheel drive drivetrain, it’s surprisingly easy to drive, considering how old it is.

The car was sold as both a coupe and cabriolet, and came with two engines, both variants of Norström’s boxer 4 A series engine, one of them with 1.4 liter capacity, the other one with 1.5 l.

The Modell 2 proved to be popular both as a budget city car, and as a fun vehicle. However, the limited production and exporting capabilities of Norström meant its popularity was limited to Scandinavia.

norstrom_modell_2___1400.car (30.7 KB)
norstrom_modell_2___1500.car (31.4 KB)
norstrom_modell_2___1500_cabriolet.car (31.8 KB)


i like this style of cars


Kotaiken kt40, 3.6L inline 4 turbo 420hp, 6 speed manual, VLSD RWD, electric power steering, sport suspension

kotaiken - kt40.car (23.5 KB)

kotaiken kt15. 111hp 6000rpm, 1.6L 16 valve dohc vvti (replica 1ZR-FE with vvl), FWD

kotaiken - kt15.car (14.3 KB)


FAAL early sport trims pack

From the 1955 Mesaia 154S that started it all to the whole lineup gone schport in 1965, they’re all here.
Except the Foreia cuz I didn’t see only three cars per day and I’ll post it tomorrow

They’ve all been tweaked for BeamNG rather than Automation demographic scores, and the yellow headlights have been replaced by white ones. The Foreia’s front fascia has been revised a bit due to the body losing its bumpers with the release of the new build.

( cc @thequin )


Here’s a fun mid engined thing.

Naturally aspirated 5 cylinder version
Kron Terminator - 524.car (26.0 KB)

Turbo V6 version
Kron Terminator - 625.car (25.5 KB)

Engines are straight piped to make them sound better in BeamNG


More Cars

Trova TourS '19

Holts Trova - TourS.car (41.1 KB)

Anaygo DX '19

Holts Anaygo - DX 1.4L.car (28.9 KB)

Holts Suro '18

Holts SURO - Base.car (36.9 KB)