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Automation x BeamNG Car Repository


I’d just like to warn everyone that turbo engines make A LOT less power in beam, AND the torque curve is butchered.


@Watermelon3878 Welp, it’s the first release of the exporter. So i think they’ll fix that in another update. (Sorry for bad english)


I mentioned it because it makes N/A a lot more viable (right now) and I like to be helpful.

By the way your English is probably better than half of 'Muricans :slight_smile:


@Watermelon3878 I was wondering why the psi in beam was lower than said in automation…


Once you hit about 6K RPM, the boost starts falling off a cliff instead of continuing to climb like it should, but it starts to climb again around 7.5K RPM, making a kind of fluctuation.


thanks for the info

also put the same comment in the bug report thread


Vikstrom C7000 Super Touring

Vikstrom is a Swedish car company best known for creating safe and durable cars. But they also have a host of motor racing heritage in Rallying and Touring Car racing.

In 1994 they entered a car into the British Touring Car Championship, only it wasn’t just a normal car. It was the Vikstrom C7000 Super Touring.

Not a very successful in term of finishing position, but a very well remembered machine by it’s screaming Inline 5 noise and it’s unique Estate body style.

Vikstrom C7000 - Super Touring.car (35.7 KB)


Hey I have one of those in real life! Kinda.


The TM Olympia Mk5 was a great little drive, thanks for posting that one.


Bramhall Virage Super Touring (1995 and 2000 spec)
BL - Virage V - VS-Touring 1995.car (19.6 KB)
BL - Virage V - VS-Touring 2000.car (22.0 KB)

One of Bramhalls most successful touring cars, it dominated the 2000 season after all other major competition fell fowl of the huge costs associated with the Super Touring regulation. Stated as being an easy car to drive and was a consistent podium scorer across the latter half of the 90’s leading to the teams big break. Here are the first and last iterations of the Super Touring virage.


Intended more as a joke than anything else, I present you bastardized version of the FMU hacienda with the softest suspension the game allowsFmu Hacienda - JELLY.car (24.2 KB)

You will need to convert it yourself as the page does not allow to submit the plug and play car


3 cars from me - 3 CSR entries and one new build, a V16 superlimo (forgot that no more than 3 cars are allowed per post, for the V16 limo see the next post by me). No, I don’t have better shots and won’t bother to make them :stuck_out_tongue: Click on the name to get the car.

Famal Avance GTi

A pretty standard 2009 hot hatch - 2 litre turbo I4, FWD, manual 6. Pretty easy to drive and handles nicely - and it’s even slightly oversteery despite being FWD.

Zavir 99 Turbo Six

An alternate universe executive Zavir. Pretty big RWD limo with a turbocharged 3.75 I6 and a classic, 6 speed hydraulic auto. A bit boaty but stable.

Griffa Rogue V8

What do you get when you combine a lightweight FWD coupe with an American V8 MODOR? A car that doesn’t handle and runs in fear when it sees a turn. 5.8 litre, FWD, 4 speed manual.




More, soon :tm:


Retro Age Motors - Diamond LV.car (37.9 KB)

Diamond LV with AWD and Diamond LE RWD. The minivan …Polished!


1987 Bramhall Virage Thundersaloon
BL - Virage IV - VSi Thunder.car (25.6 KB)

Built by Sam Matthews, it ran a long career in Thundersaloons until the series fell fowl of poor attendance in 1995, winning outright in 1992.


2013 Gryphon Gear Mephisto

requires V16

GG Mephisto - #000 Kai.car (80.8 KB)

File changed because of the suspension and aero update.

Designed in the throes of deranged passion, this was the company’s statement piece. Trumpeting, “this is us,” through its signature quad exhaust that belched flames, Mephisto was a no-holds barred ode to excessive performance throughout every era. A 2000hp V16 powered all 4 wheels, 345mm wide, propelling it to a top speed of 439km/h. The aero kit was active and despite its hefty frame the car was capable of nimble cornering at all speeds. It’s surprisingly drivable… but don’t let that fool you: Its sheer speed is an often fatal temptation.

When originally made back in 2014 the game had nowhere near as sophisticated design tools and pieces as is available now. This is the closest realisation of the original design yet.


Shelton Ulysses, an American flat-4 RWD coupe that was on the market from 1976-1981.

Ulysses - Coupe.car (27.6 KB)


The DM Crusade DM Crusade - V8.car (25.0 KB)

A very odd looking muscle car with pop up headlights not something you would see
Engine:Massive 8 litre V8
Top speed:havent measured
MPG:About 6 8 if your gentile with the throttle
Msrp at time of selling:12000$
years of production:1968-72
quick Bio of what DM Said vs the public reviews
DM: Do you need a quick different looking muscle car then DM has your covered with our DM Crusade
Public Review from 1970: A decent muscle car from DM tho its odd look may not be appealing to the public also a decent cruiser with its monster 8 litre V8 Tho its fuel economy suffers. this car will put a hole in your wallet with the MPG you could get about 8 if your gentle with it and about 4 if your a Hoonagan with it


1973 Masons California 430RA

MA - California - 430RA.car (21.1 KB)
A classic muscle car from classic american company Masons. The last hurrah of the California before the fuel crisis hit, it symbolizes all the best points of the California family. Strong, versatile, fun, and with the “Dragmode” difflock for passes down the strip, this thing was legendary.


Sorry for 4 cars before (:innocent:) , moved this one here, and added a new one.

Ultraluxurymobile V16 TDI

It’s big, heavy, powerful and just does what you want it to. Very stable despite soft suspension, incredibly silent, irresistibly potent. Eco tuned 8 litre V16 powers all the wheels through a 9 speed auto. Perfect for cruising at 200 km/h.

For those who don’t have the Supporter Pack (V16s), since I have no idea what happens when you try to import and Beam-export a car with one, a pre-exported car:

Orion XMS-1

A budget supercar with AWD, manual 6 and a 7.8 litre turbo V8. Didn’t try it yet, so I can’t tell you what it’s like. If you want you can read more about it here, in its company thread post.

Griffin General Automotive (BGA, BMG, Griffin Automotive) - Orion XMS-1