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Automation x BeamNG Car Repository


I’ve built a variation of one of my earlier UE4 cars, the Hermes Supercontinental. Since my PC isn’t powerful enough to run Beam at full steam I can’t give you an accurate impression of how it drives due to framerate issues and lack of steering devices other than the good old keyboard, but that is what this thread is for, so others can enjoy others cars.


Hermes Supercontinental America - 6.4 3AT Prototype.car (35.2 KB)

Also the .zip file for the unexportable:



The H4 LMGT1
Random Lore: The LMGT1 competed in the FIA GT1 class in the 90s under H4 Factory Motorsports. They managed to argue that the cargo hold is split up between the wings on the car and the extra space in the engine bay. Decades later, a few privateers bought the car, revised the aero package, and stuck a tiny 2.0L V10 in it.
(This car uses a few mods, download Vri404’s mod pack on the steam workshop to make sure everything shows up)
Meant to compete in FailRace’s autocross series, this car comes with a 2L V10 in NA and Turbocharged versions. The NA version tends to pull quicker times in beam’s autocross (not sure if it’s down to setup, lack of turbo lag, lighter weight, or some combination)

H4 LMGT1 Evo - Autocross.car (32.0 KB)

H4 LMGT1 Evo - Autocross Turbo.car (28.0 KB)

the following download is a special LM version on the car meant to be tracked instead of autocrossed. It is turbocharged but with a less aggressive turbo. Though there is less aero, there’s some weirdness that happens at high speeds with this version so drive at your own risk.

H4 LMGT1 Evo - LM.car (28.0 KB)


This was my 2020 Dodge Viper for Conedodger’s competition. The .car file is attached underneath.

Dodge Viper Concept - Concept.car (33.8 KB)


I just want to say that this thing’s sway bars are WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY overkill for even a passenger car much less a truck. Made rock crawling very difficult. Once I ditched the sway bars though it handles itself well. Plenty of torque and reasonable ground clearance.

You could make this a true beast if you gave it something more like a 30x10 in or 35x12 in (76x25 or 89x30 cm) bogger in the tire department.The tires are period correct factory tires; don’t get me wrong there. But what offroader wouldn’t have some aftermarket stuff?


Thanks a lot for the feedback! I’m still working on my suspension tuning (I tend to make everything… stiffer than it needs to be), I’ll re-upload a revised version. Since I don’t know that much on off-roaders, I just googled Ford Bronco standard tire size and use it.


Here’s my failrace autocross comp entry, to my knowledge the only mod used in it is the wheels:

To make things easy, I’ll just link the zip file that has both the beam and automation versions:


2009 Armada Fore Gen IV Eagle GTi

Armada Fore - Eagle GTi.car (50.5 KB)

This body style is unlikely to be the final canon form for this particular generation. I’m including it here because it won a CSR. It’s a nimble, pliant FWD hot hatch with 250hp, from a line of one of the most dynamic and critically acclaimed in Automation forum competition terms anyway hatches in the Automationverse.


Nice, it will be interesting to compare the Fore and my Avance not only in CSR reviews, but now also in Beam :slight_smile:


MV Design Babylon - Haulpartner.car (34.5 KB)
MV Design Babylon - Workpartner.car (35.0 KB)

The 1948 MV Design Babylon, a american service car, on 2 versions: The Workpartner is the pickup, and the Haulpartner is the van.


1978 Starling Patron - Sport trim

With a 5.3L V8 and a smooth Euro GT design, this is the best muscle car to never have come to America. Enjoy.

Starling Patron - Sport.car (35.1 KB)


Retro Age Motors - G - 40.car (39.0 KB)

A potential customer, after having test drove the 1961 G-40 Cruise was asked his opinion, this is what he had to say …

Wise men say …only fools rush in …but I …cant’ help …falling in love with you …


FAAL Kerasion Concept Car.

I don’t even need to say anything else.



Some challenge entries I entered recently:
For the Failrace one, my FWD Ars Eligos XX:

ARS Eligos - XX.car (32.2 KB)

And my Viper concept:

Xepy’s - Viper Concept.car (36.5 KB)




(2018 HTA/Emperor WG400 “SuperWagon”)

A little memorial i made to the CNC SuperWagon. :joy:

It’s Heavy, It reaches 405km/h, and it haves a 1290HP 6.0L TwinTurbo V8 engine Made of ALSI.

Also it haves 8 Seats. For the family (LOL)

And… Yeah, This “Race” van Sucks. But atleast you’ll get some good laughs while driving it!

CNC Calvinator - SuperWagon.car (33.6 KB)


A concept I made in Automation way before the 13th of July update, a Porsche 911 and Mission E/Taycan inspired car. 2019 Serena S6 Concept.

Serena S6 - Concept.car (37.8 KB)

(Note: It’s not that easy to drive this thing if you ask me. but I could be wrong. The image you see above is edited for aesthetic purpose. Anyway, If you want to give this car a try go ahead.)


So, I decided to enter Conedodger’s Viper Concept Competion, and I made a Shooting Brake.

Asami Viper Concept - Shooting Brake.car (33.3 KB)


For lack of a better name, the Mobilo 1101 Legère. A vaguely european late 1960s family car.

Looks british, sounds french, is deliciously slow thanks to the eponymous 1100cc four cylinder engine.
Very light though, just over 800kg, and surprisingly sophisticated even in poor-people spec. All aluminium engine with overhead cams and three valves per cylinder, a five speed gearbox, front wheel drive, four-wheel independent suspension and even four wheel disc brakes. Thanks to this it can be quite entertaining in a way that only small, light and underpowered cars can be.

Mobilo 01 - 1101 Legere.car (23.6 KB)


In 1993 MV Design was hired to produce a car for a upcoming video game. The result is the MV Design TG2, a unique machine, powered by a Twin Turbo, transverse mounted V8, powering the rear wheels. It was the hipercar of it’s era.

MV Design TG2 - Turbo.car (25.9 KB)


Retro Age Motors - SL100.car (30.0 KB)
Retro Age Motors - SL100m.car (33.0 KB)

it’s 1955 …you’re out cruising with your girl at your side and the whole world ahead.

You’re driving this 1955 Retro Age Motors SL100 or SL100m. Only You (And You Alone) by the Platters is playing on the radio. You are humming along with the song and your girl is wondering …are you thinking of her or your new ride?

Enjoy the drive …