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Automation x BeamNG Car Repository


1982 Gavril Barstow/Bridgell Omnibus. This car was sold in Gasmea and Fruinia with this respective names. A small coupe with a 2.2 Turbo engine trying to revive an old muscle car image.

'82 Gavril Barstow - Turbo.car


I dont think that garvil brtstow would not be a muscle car in the 80’s …


Seems to be inspired by the 1980s Dodge Charger.




Aww, where’s the 4.something/5.something liter V8 that makes 150 hp?


You mean 10.0L 50 HP V8?

No, that’s not a typo


These were replaced by this cars built with help from Mitsubishi. Still hundredsomething hp, but waaaay lighter.
My Missile 69 have one of such engines.


1959 MV Missile 69. A standart american sedan, with Inline 6 and V8 versions, and a rat rod version with a MV IAM (Industrial/Aeronautic/Marine) V12 making 1000 hp and 2000 nm of torque.

MV Design Missile 69 - Hot Rod.car (35.6 KB)
MV Design Missile 69 - Inline 6.car (31.9 KB)
MV Design Missile 69 - V8.car (32.2 KB)

Brakes in Automation versus Brakes IRL

Retro Age Motors - '57 Sidewinder .car (53.8 KB)
Retro Age Motors - '57 Sidewinder Coupe.car (58.6 KB)
Retro Age Motors - '57 Sidewinder Elite.car (58.6 KB)
Darling …you send me, I know you …send me …honest you do, honest you do …

…at first I thought it was infatuation, but would it have lasted so very long?

Now I find myself wanting to …

…to buy you and drive you home! That’s what customers sing when seeing the new 1957 Sidewinder series automobile here at Retro Age Motors. Come on down and drop a nickel in the juke box, take a test drive and you’ll be singing …darling you - you - you send me, honest you do, honest you do!

Retro Age Motors
Parking Memories in the Driveway.


Having problem with filthy streets? Here, take this.

It’s a vintage Dustbuster, pretty cool right? It handles as you expected a Dustbuster would.

Vintage Dustbuster - Whoosh.car (29.0 KB)

You can return it to me anytime you want! Just clean the bag out after use, alright?


In 1994, Shimutshibu (The same manufacturer that we worked for on the Enula Mocca project) desired to have a revival at the light, FR, 2 seater sports car market. After a year of hard work, the Apex was released. A kei car, respecting all the regulations, and still delivering old school driving emotion through a turbo 660cc engine, coupled with a manual gearbox, a rare sight on the kei marked, and RWD. Great suspension dynamics, and a open top as standart, with a long hoof coupe optional. There was also a Klassik version, that had the same powertrain, but with looks straight from the 60’s. This version was loved by woman and older people, who would like to have a classic car, without the trouble of maintaining a classic car. It’s still a very sought after used car, and frequently seen on track days.


MV Design Apex - Klassik.car (26.9 KB)
MV Design Apex - K.car (28.4 KB)


Ahem, Thread rules


MV Design Synthwaver - Twin Turbo.car (32.0 KB)


Some more cars

Holts H1500 Base '19

Holts H150 '19 - Premium.car (28.3 KB)

Holts Alaris Base '19

Holts Alaris Gen 2 - Sport.car (25.8 KB)

Updated Holts HX-1 HS-R '18 (Was STR)

Holts HX-1 - HS-R.car (40.8 KB)

*May be changes in price to what i posted
*H1500 Badging Says H150 (Didnt change Yet)
*HS-R Has less oversteer at high speeds, dont floor it while turning!
*Car trim in game may say clone


Retro Age Motors - '80 Sidewinder ZS.car (30.0 KB)

1980 Sidewinder ZS

Retro Age Motors
Parking Memories in the Driveway


Here’s the DiMarino DX10 Coupe, a true analog supercar powered by a 5-litre V10 capable of revving to 8000 RPM. Since nobody was brave enough to bid on it at the most recent auction, I’ll just post it here:

Be warned: this car has no traction or stability control, although it does have ABS.

DiMarino DX10 - Coupe.car (25.2 KB)


Did you knew Deer and Hunt has Supercars?

DeerAndHunt - Run-N-Gun - Concept.car (32.6 KB)

1996 Deer And Hunt Concept. The first time DaH tried going the Supercar route. Full with a lot of fancy electronics.

DeerAndHunt Run-N-Gun 2006 - Concept.car (29.7 KB)

2006 Run-N-Go Concept. Now with less Pushrod and more boscht

DeerAndHunt - Run-N-Gun 2017 - Base.car (43.9 KB)
2017 Deer and Hunt. Not a Concept anymore.


MV Design Furrano - This car was made to be a previous version from the Furrano that appears in SLRR. Rear Longitudinal V10

MV Furrano - V8T.car (31.9 KB)


This one is first car i have ever downloaded to take closer look…