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Automationball comic


Only the most common Australia history joke out there :laughing:

Even funnier is that at current rates, Australia is quite likely to be more Asian than Caucasian withing a couple of decades…


HAHA So full of WIN in here! I hope to see more. And, I think mine is spot on!!! Right down to the Risky Business Shades! hahahaha Thanks, Norman!



Rennen joins the fray!


Shouldnt it be “Of havings enough power?”

I love those however, great stuff already in here, especially the Australia GG thing :laughing:


Americans speak perfect english, although redneck english is acceptable depending on context.

Titleguy is American.


Hello folks, here is one I made!


Made this quickly.


lol! (noting that Gryphon Gear’s lineup is, of course, tiny)

I do quite like the use of the logo. It’s more difficult to pull off but it’s very effective.

Suitable Australianisms* for GG ball to use may also include:

“Whaddyawant, mate” (direct translation)
“Carn, ava gander” (Come on in, have a look)
“Strewth, you’ll get more blow from a cocky’s fart” (It doesn’t have very much power…)
“See ya at Summenats” (look it up. 2000bhp sub 8 second cars and tyre melting burnouts are all the rage.)

  • and possibly shit I made up on the spot


Znopresk can’t into joke, part 1
Featuring NormanVauxhall, JasonPoland, Cheesman.



I don’t get it.
Plus Mudkip is actually one of the best starters cause it’s dual typing [Water/Ground] has only one weakness [Grass] and it’s immune to Electric Pokemon.



Well, the strip was “Znopresk can’t into joke” so, the Znopresk joke wasn’t even started. It was into the book… the next comic will unveil the joke inside the book.

I’ve played around the internet meme “I hear you like mudkip” to block Znopreskball to make joke.


The v accent over Znopresk automation ball eyes make for a great brow, especially when he is vexed xD


I’ve been using the internet for many years, and I’ve seen plenty of memes and jokes.

But none of those jokes confused me as much as the ones in this thread :laughing:


introducing another ball into the cast!


Are there going to be any more of these? I’d make some but I’m nowhere near witty enough :stuck_out_tongue:


I hope so… I’m a bit out of inspiration…


I tried to make something [size=50](shameless self promotion)[/size] [size=50](suomi perkele)[/size]

So idk, read and stuff


New one featuring Rennen, Baltazar, Znopresk, and Seishido.


by the way who is the fellow with red/orange body and a crown?