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Automationball comic


How to make an American car company…


Can I join? Or this thread is dead IDK…

Sorry, I can’t do Japanese. Shout at me if I spell konichiwa wrong…


Nah, it’s alive once in a while and it’s only good if that can continue… :smiley:





And for those of you that aren’t on the Discord server, just wait until I update my lore page


Featuring Companies by @Aaron.W @BoostandEthanol And @Elizipeazie

if anyone wants one, if you can provide me details either through PM here or on Discord(Same Username) and I’d be happy to oblige


Holy cow, how did I miss this thread all these years? Lol…
The ancient Znopresk-Ardent rivalry ( before I gave up and just focused on beating up Little Bogliq Blue) was spot on,


Guess what. I did more on my own.

Featuring companies by @Mikonp7 @th3maldonado @Knightophonix @vmo And @Mr.Computah


Double post for a good reason. I have a comic done, two requests, and a forum favourite company.

Featuring companies from @Elizipeazie @BoostandEthanol @Mr.Computah @VicVictory


There is olny a good reason for double posting. And this isn’t. Please edit next time :wink:


Featuring companies by @Mr.Computah @Holts @Dorifto_Dorito @Mikonp7 and @Kubboz


I’ve decided to be the CHANGE to necropost this thread yet once more please don’t hate me I tried for at least 15 minutes on this ignore the lack of punctuation thank you.




imagine one for real cars, prolly i would buy one of a ball that was too damn funny just for the stereotype. 10/10 i understood all the comics



I feel so famous rn XD



The saga continues:


i still dont undestand that black part in the front