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Automation's EOTY Awards!


Results? :smiley:


Woh hang on, need to the Christmas dinner go down first! :wink:


The only thing I want to know is how my slightly retarded Pontiac ripoff LaVache got nominated for Best luxury.


######(I dont think anybody on the forum actually cared about the car voting)


I… kinda did. But even at that, it was more “Look at the picture of the car, does it appear to fit the category? If yes, choose it. If no, choose the other one.”

All right everyone, here are the results of the very first Automation EOTY Awards for Christmas!

Best Car Design
Edging out the competition by 3 votes, the best car design is…

@DeusExMackia and the Erin Lagana GT-S!

Best Car Design (Luxury/Performance)
Coming in at an impressive 15 vote lead, your choice for the best luxury/performance car is…

@asdren and the Revera GT Supersport Concept!

Best Car Design (Common)
Beating out the Maesima MRZ-3 by 9 votes, the Brazilian compact…

@Leonardo9613 and the Baltazar Quasar!

Best Car Designer
A 2-way tie and edging out a certain Brit by only 1 vote is…

@Rk38 and I!

Best Car Creator
A test of technical capability, the best car creator voted this year is…


Best Racing Car
A stranger car on this list and certainly odd for the time period, the best racing car is…

@Pyrlix and his FWD BRC 1966 car!

Best Car Company (Common)

The best car company voted was able to beat out two other impressive manufacturers. A round of applause to…

@Rk38 and the Maesima Motor Company!

Best Car Company (Luxury)
11 Votes ahead of Bogliq whom I don’t think is a luxury brand at all comes a Brit…

@DeusExMackia and the Erin Motor Company!

Best Car Company (Performance)
A close race between two intense performance companies, winning by one vote…

@strop and Gryphon Gear!

COTY (Common)
Mentioned before on the lost and beating out the Maesima Prova by a considerable 11 votes is…

@phale and the Adenine Cadance!

COTY (Luxury)
An American company edging out an Austrian by 2 votes, the winner is…

Rennen Automotive and the Rennen Sagacious!

COTY (Performance)
A case of sibling rivalry, still resulting in defeat is…

@squidhead and @strop and the KHT/Gryphon Gear Diabolica!

In the race against a big stone and a savage, the big rock manages to pull ahead…

@Awildgermanappears and the Monolith M-X!

Most “WTF” Car
The only single car had lost, with every car made by these two people edging out the Gryphon Gear Kelpie…

Any car made by @Microwave and @HighOctaneLove!

Best Car Company Thread
Polar opposite companies, the one who remains victorious is…

@squidhead and Kraft Haus Technik!

Engine OTY (Common)
Bitter rivals going up agaimst each other, but one must win by a whole vote…

@starfish94 and Saminda’s RE engine line!

Engine OTY (Luxury/Performance)
A choice between a crazy performance engine and a smooth V8, the winner is…

@Madrias and the Storm Alustar 6.0L V8!

Most Friendly/Helpful Person
A tie with 50% of votes going to both people, give a round of applause to…

@strop and @Killrob!

Best Quote
The best comes out of the worst, and in this case a Vivaro was sadly sacrificed for the greater good.

@Pyrlix and the Vivaro Breakdown!

Best Modder
A person who has absolutely pumped out mods this year, the winner is…


Best Picture
Winning by a whole 29 votes, the forum’s favorite picture is…

@squidhead and @strop and the KHT/Gryphon Gear Diabolica!

The “Golden Cock” Award
Sometimes we’ve just gotta learn the hard way. The winner here is…

@CNCharger and the 10 Laps of Nürburgring Challenge!

Most “Cancerous” Post
A repeated win for a sadly poor post, the winner is…

@CNCharger and the 10 Laps of Nürburgring Challenge!

Best Moderator
The popular choice for the best moderator is the killer himself…


Best Challenge
By far the most popular challenge, making up nearly 50% of the votes is…

@strop and the Car Shopping Round!

Congratulations to all who have won! Even if you’re not particularly fond of your award, you should still wear it as a symbol of pride. I apologize for the tardiness, and I made this list on my phone over the course of an hour and a half so I apologize for any typos and formatting errors.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New year to all!

Maesima Motor Corporation - All-New Maesima Avellca (1997)
Erin Motor Company
Erin and ErinSport - Historical Thread [Erin Tauga Mk1]
Erin and ErinSport - Historical Thread [Erin Tauga Mk1]

Congrats to everyone who were nominated for the AEOTY Awards! :smiley:


Hmm, now I have an idea (for moderators I think) to make badges of these awards, like these automatically awarded by Discourse. Is it possible?


I see what you did there :joy:

Thanks for hosting this grand idea, and thanks for all your votes, even though I wasn’t that active this year studiously ignoring post count. I hope this becomes a fixture to further immersion and good fun, and deepen the motivation to develop lore rich and creative threads.


Bare with me, it took 26 minutes to write this post and it has developed into a personal speech about pretty much everything…

Wow! A superb array of winners, and I’m very glad to see that the Revera GT won Best Luxury/Performance car design despite @asdren’s long time absence from the forum. Major congratulations to @Rk38 on his wins, all are fully deserved, and I really look forward to what Maesima and Sachiuri bring next year.

And while I’m not here to dispute anything, I really do want to emphasise how good a challenge the Dalnit-Bralka Rally 1965 was. @HowlerAutomotive was a fantastic host and it was without a doubt one of the most memorable moments for me this year.

In saying that, @strop deserves huge praise for initating and maintaing the Car Shopping Round, there’s no denying that it has helped to flesh out my car design skills and provide regular entertainment throughout the year, so well done on that award!

I am beyond humbled at the appreciation for my work in this game in my awards. Thank you so much for voting for me. I only hope that I can give back to this forum and its brilliant members something equal to this, so thank you very, very much!

Running these awards has highlighted a need to keep track of the many cars, engines and other content that is posted here, which is something I intend to do next year, so as to increase my awareness of everyone’s car companies and to ensure that next years awards are able to fully take on all that has been posted over the year.

It leaves me to say thank you for making 2016 an awesome year for this game, there’s a reason I returned to this place after a short break and have yet to leave, and it is the awesome community that I am incredibly proud to say I am a part of.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, here’s to 2017!


Very excited to see where this goes next year. We’ll have a whole new engine and, from the looks of it, a whole slew of new cars, companies, and stories :smile:


Hey phale, maybe start a king of the hill thread where you invite contenders to build cars against your stat monsters.

Would be good practice :wink:

not gonna lie, I have my eyes on that turbo crown…


I am so in for that kind of thing


Whoa, what a great way to end the year!

I wanted to thank @titleguy1 for hosting this and congratulate him on our tie for best car designer. Congrats to @DeusExMackia, @phale, @Leonardo9613, @Starfish94 on some hard fought but greatly deserved wins!

Thanks to @Razyx for all the new bodies this year! Enjoy your award!

Congrats to @squidhead it was great working with you on that MRZ-3 tuning and I’ve enjoyed your thread this year.

To @Awildgermanappears glad to see the M-X get the love it deserves. Certainly the one of the most iconic SUV of this year. But hopefully, we can give you more company in 2017!

Hope to see more great designs from @asdren in the new year!

Many Thanks for the awards! It really means a lot, I’m very happy to see Maesima managed to make a big enough impact upon entry to win best common car company against such impressive competition. So thank you for your votes! I know we will have to work extra hard to keep on top of things if we want to retain this award in 2017!

A special thanks to @strop for his win on the Car Shopping Round which is an excellent challenge and the first thread that actually made me want to start posting on here. Plus taught me a huge amount about the game in both designing and engineering my cars! But that’s not to take away from the many other great challenges we have on the forums. They really make things fun!

I know there is plenty of work still ahead for the new year and many great cars, engines, challenges that lay ahead for us all together here. Plus an awesome UE4 update, so we must push forward to finalise all the vehicles created in the current engine.

I wish you all Happy Holidays and New Year!


Congrats to everyone who won those awards , it’s okay if you doesn’t win anything (i even lost quite a numbers of category actually :slight_smile:) but end of the day , having fun is the most important.

and i would like to thank those people who voted for me , appreciate it so much!

merry christmas and a happy new year guys , spend time with your loves one together!


Yeah, I was surprised by that nomination as well… :confused:

But maybe the nomination makes some kind of sense in the light of winning this:

I hope to edge out my new nemesis, @Microwave, to take the crown in my own right next year! :persevere:

Plus, yes, I’ve decided to take winning “Most WTF” as a positive thing… :triumph: :grin:


I had a car in that category, too. Just kinda wasn’t crazy enough.

And yes, I’m pleased to see the Storm AluStar III V8 took a win in something. Especially because I was up against an engine I surely thought would have beaten it. I mean, the AluStar III is the typical floor-plan of an American V8: Moderate to Large displacement, capable of handling running Natural or Boosted, built to make a lot of power, but can also just quietly make modest power amounts when needed. So, yeah, I’m surprised it won.

But I’d like to thank everyone who voted for the AluStar III. When I saw my opponent, I thought I was done for.


Shoutout to @Sillyworld and @Squidhead for giving a few of my cars some rare exposure.


I’m pleased you won that too, because I’m honestly not sure why Kelpie’s engine was particularly up for awards. It’s merely an extrapolation of the real life hypercar trends of making cars go faster for less and as far as an engine in itself it could have been a much better package were it not crammed into such a restrictive space.

But then the car itself did make some waves, so I’ll take that nomination any day.


that’s good and all but honestly i feel like i’m reading the script for a wedding speech :stuck_out_tongue: