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AutomationTrader - A place to 'sell' your Automation creations


Get in line. You’re like the third Devil Z in the forum.


I haven’t seen any others since I’ve had Automation installed, so how was I to know? Yet alone, one that has been replicated as closely to the original TXR in-game version as I have.


#ORIGINAL 1959 HODAN 622 1.8C

Price: $100,000
Year: 1959
Make: Hodan
Model: 622
Trim: 1.8c INT
Kilometers/Mileage: 10,000km
Body Type: 2 door Shooting Brake
Transmission: 4-speed Manual
Colour: Maroon
Drivetrain: FR
No. of Seats: 2
Engine Type: I6 Carbs
Location: Harrow-on-the-Hill, London, England
Registration: [Redacted]
This 100% original Hodan 622 was bought by me in 1992 for only 20k after the orignial owner couldn’t keep hold of it anymore. I’ve driven it twice since i purchased, but have been replacing troublesome bits with factory options. Will only sell to someone who will preserve her true nature. Contact Ricky on [Redacted Mobile] or at [Redacted]@gmail.com.


JDM Ossan Galia H25

Price: $27,000
Year: 1989
Make: Ossan
Model: Galia 5
Trim: H25
Kilometers/Mileage: 110,000km
Body Type: Coupe
Transmission: 5 Speed Manual
Colour: Midnight Purple
Drivetrain: AWD
No. of Seats: 4
Engine Type: 2.5 I6 Turbo 276hp GL12
Location: Dallas TX
Description: selling a genuine '89 ossan galia 5 h25 here recent Right hand drive JDM import with famous gl12 motor, not later gl24. has 110kkm on it. yes it’s more than 25 years old so it’s legal in every states. very fast. car is all oriiginal except for JDM 3.5 inch exhaust, sports seat and a tune making in excess 300hp. this car is proper JDM TYTE import with clean title. just had an oil change and tires are brand new. car is in great condition all around, no works needed except for air conditioning just need recharge. this car came with factory stock GL12 with mitsushita turbo number matching. title is clean. this car is JDM TYTE man this is appreciating classic. will consider trade for other JDM classics or '15 dearborn mangusta GT. price 27000 no dealer no lowballin.



Good condition 1997 Petoskey Enforcer

Price: $500
Year: 1997
Make: Petoskey
Model: Enforcer
Trim: Interceptor
Mileage: 496,820 (accuracy unknown)
Body Type: 4 door full size sedan.
Transmission: 5 speed automatic
Color: Yellow
Drivetrain: FR
No. of Seats: 5
Engine: 5.0 Liter V8 SOHC
Fuel Economy: 18.7 mpg
Location: Grayling Cab Co. 288 N. Brigand St. Ocqueoc, MI.
Description: Vehicle is a 1997 Petoskey Enforcer which was previously owned by the Ocqueoc Police Department until 2003, then purchased by Grayling Cab Co.

There is minor peeling in the clear coat and some minor dents and scratches in the rear quarter panel.

Car had new transmission installed at 325,000 miles.

Engine rebuild at 380,000 miles.

Tires have roughly 75% tread left and brakes are about 50% wear.

Dash board has minor cracks and is faded from sunlight.

Front drivers seat upholstry is torn.

Rear bench seat has minor stains and rear carpeting is worn out.

Headliner does sag around the middle.

Vehicle starts with a boost.

Runs and drives normally.

It is strongly recommended that you inspect the vehicle before buying.


nonononono this is more appropriate




##Selling Nearly Mint Condition Classic Muscle!

Price: 10.000 $
Year: 1969
Make: RMW
Model: Vega
Trim: 662 Pack
Mileage: 86,255
Body Type: Fastback
Transmission: 5 - Speed Manual Shifter
Colour: Emerald Green (Factory colour)
Drivetrain: RWD
No. of Seats: 4
Engine Type: V8
Location: Seattle, WA


I’m selling my nearly mint condition RMW Vega that I bought back in 2007 when I first got my license.

I have kept it in very good condition and treated it well but this car has actually been driven a lot and been my daily driver until last year.
There’s some minor rust but none on the panels and the car has been driven in rain and snow.

You will be surprised how practical the fastback design is, the rear seats fold down.
The seats are very comfy with a beautiful white leather interior with a wood dashboard.

Unfortunately now the car is back where it started when I bought it, collecting dust.
I am looking for a serious buyer who will want to drive the Vega often and have fun with it.

Message me for more specifications.

Off-topic: This is the remastered Vega which has a completely different shape and is slightly longer than the previous one (4,75 meters vs 5 meters) and I have no clue if it looks properly sized in the picture.

Here are the pictures as it will never be released on my thread:

The Car Shopping Round (Round 64): Tears in Heaven

Versal Meteore MKII

Price: £4000
Make: Versal
Model: Meteore MKII
Trim: GSX
Owners: 1
Drivetrain: RWD
Mileage: 58000 miles
Colour: Bright Blue
Engine: 4.2 V6
Transmission: 5 Speed manual
Seats: 5 in black leather
Location: Kent UK call for address

I am selling my 1985 Versal Meteore MKII. This is the top of he range 4.2 GSX model , with the £100 optional extra electric sunroof. Drives like a beauty and will easily keep up with modern sports cars and keeps you in comfort. She has had 4 new Michelin tyres and has had annual services and check ups since its purchase in '85. There are zero scuffs on the wheels , only one scratch on the drivers side door mirror from a tree branch. The transmission has a tiny whirring sound on acceleration and the speedo needle rattles at higher speeds.


@TheRoadrunner How did you get that body to have such a badass forward rake? I can’t morph the front end to look anything like that.


.LUA editing
I change the Bones file, that’s how I get my big 6.5 meter sedans. :worried:
What’s edited on that body is:
Front area to allow a more muscle-y face.
A longer and slightly lower rear.
Windshield is further back and makes it look more aerodynamic and makes the hood look longer.
It’s based on the 1971 Mustang Fastback.

Edit: Before anyone asks for files I deleted the game tonight as I can’t even play the game and I have no intent to make cars until Unreal, might still make ads for others cars here though.



1975 Ventnor Monarch [SEIZED]

Current Bid: $1750
Reserve not met
Seller: Tatum Heights Police Department
Category: Luxury Sedan
Year: 1975
Make: Ventnor
Model: Monarch
Mileage: 139,841
Color: Burgundy
Engine: 6.6L V8 OHV FI
Transmission: 3 speed automatic
Drivetrain: FR
Seats: 5
Doors: 4
Fuel Economy: 12 MPG
Description: You are bidding on a 1975 Ventnor Monarch, the last year of the 402 V8. The vehicle was seized in an arrest.


Running condition unknown.

Tires show signs of dry rot

Interior is in good condition

Unknown if A/C works

Vehicle has aftermarket radio installed, working condition unknown.

Rear passenger side of vehicle sags lower and looks to have a small hydraulic leak.

Inspection is strongly recommended before bidding.

Winning bidder must pick up the vehicle within 48 hours of auction closing, you will NOT be permitted to work on the vehicle on the lot.

Frequently asked questions:

Question: What is the running condition of the engine?
Answer: We do not possess a key to the vehicle and we are unable to start it. The engine appears to be in decent shape judging by a look under the hood.

Question: Any chance we can get an under hood pic?
Answer: Of course, we well edit the post and add one in.

Question: The description mentioned a hydraulic leak, is that from the brakes?
Answer: We are not entirely certain, but we believe it is more likely from the suspension.

Question: What is the reserve price set at?
Answer: We are not at liberty to disclose reserve price.


1990 Gardner Charlevoix coupe

Price: $1200
Year: 1990
Make: Gardner
Model: Charlevoix
Color: Beige
Mileage: 105000 mi
Body Type: Coupe
Engine: 4.0 V8
Transmission: Auto
Drivetrain: FF
No. of Seats: 6
Location: Royal Oak, MI

Description: got a beautiful '90 Charlie for sale. early model with the more reliable older 4.0
clean interior. power steering. runs great. garage kept, never winter driven
$1200 obo

call now. Wilson [redacted]


Price: £495
Year: 1988
Make: Valiant
Model: Coupe
Trim: Manual
Kilometers/Mileage: 86,439
Body Type: Coupe
Transmission: Manual
Colour: White
Drivetrain: RWD
No. of Seats: 5
Engine Type: V6

been in the same family since new, was given to me but i have no use for it and cant afford to run it. 3.8 v6 runs great, im told it;s the same engine from a 70s race car. car comes with 1 month mot. arches and sills rusty, but im sure it will still pass mot. lots of age related wear and tear on the bodywork, interior is ok but drivers seat could do with replacing
Asking £495 obo, the prices for these things are only going to go up so could be a good investment
sorry for out of focus photo, only one i have


1997 Fahrzeug M1
2.2l I6
5 speed manual transmission
Standard interior package with cassette deck
Fully repaired

This is a picture of the car up on the lift. It has had a full transmission swap from a same model transmission out of an '02 C1s
It has also had a brake pad replacement and has a new set of sport compound tyres.
Full engine cleaning and timing belt replacement
Catalytic converter works and passes inspection
Realignment was done in 2011 by the previous owner after a light crash into a snow bank
121,301 miles as it was used as a daily until 2014

$4500 for this fully repaired soon to be classic sports coupe
Pick up and pay at Cole’s repair in Carlisle PA
Inspections are welcome before purchase
30 day mechanical return policy and 2 year limited warranty

For any questions regarding the car, warranty, or return please email us at cole@repaircarlisle.net

Disclaimer there are no signs of corrosion but the car is from a snowy environment, Cole’s is not responsible for any corrosion.


Real classic! 1956 TMT Pauhu Mk II (museum registered)

TMT Pauhu (Mk II)
Asking price: 12 000 €

Year: 1956
Engine displacement: 900cc
Power (when new): 25 bhp
Drivetrain: rear engine rear wheel drive
Transmission: 3-speed manual
Fuel economy: 6.8 liters / 100 km

125 459 kilometers driven

Luxuries: aftermarket radio/cassette
Tyres: ok quality summer tires, no winter tires since it’s only driven in summer.

Hello, I’m selling this Pauhu on behalf of my father. This little 3 cylinder wonder was my dad’s first car and has been in our family from 1965 when my dad bought it second hand. It is in excellent condition! This is a genuine TMT (Tampereen Moottoritehdas) built version, not the Mexican licensed one. All paperwork in order. Professionally done rustproofing, original paint job with only slight imperfections.

Interior wood trim and seat upholstery was replaced in 2001, the interior is in fine condition. Engine needed only taking apart, cleaning and putting back together. Starts and runs fine on all 3 cylinders, doesn’t consume oil excessively.

As you can see, it has been lovingly preserved. It is currently museum registered so it doesn’t get driven a lot. My dad doesn’t drive anymore and I don’t have need for it, but the car obviously has sentimental value to us. We’re not in a hurry to sell this, but it’d be nice if it got a new home with someone who will love it and take good care of it. 12 000 euros is criminally cheap for this cute little car.

We might be interested in trading it for a boat.

Out of character note: This car is from my current campaign playthrough, a company called Tampereen MoottoriTehdas. I’m currently at year 1961 and I will post more ads of TMT cars when I make any particularly interesting ones. All cars so far in this playthrough have had 3 cylinder engines because why not. In later years maybe not, although it might be a fun extra challenge.


Year: 2000
Make: Storm
Model: Swift
Trim: GT

Mileage: 127,483
Body Type: 2 Door SUV
Transmission: 6-speed Manual
Color: Sunburst Yellow

Drivetrain: AWD (SymTrak)
No. of Seats: 5

Engine Type: 3 Liter DOHC V6, Naturally Aspirated
Horsepower: 298

Location: Chicago, Illinois, Storm Automotive HQ

Description: This is a 2000 Storm Swift GT, and is a former company car for Storm Automotive. We used these durable, hardy little SUV’s for getting around the factory, and for running to the local businesses for lunch. This one was well cared for, has the original AluStar V6, and comes with the full GT package, including foldable soft-top, 304 horsepower engine, and 6 speed manual gearbox.

The engine was tested on February 12, 2017 and produces 298 horsepower. The interior is mostly fine, though the driver’s seat is a little worn. The clutch was replaced on November 1, 2016, and a full service history is provided for the car.

Still gets 25 MPG, and requires Premium Unleaded gasoline, and is one of the best small SUV’s for driving, according to our road-testing crew.

Price: $2,700, or best offer. May be interested in trading for a mid-80’s to mid-90’s car in need of some work.

If you’re interested, call Luke at (Insert Number Here)


Petoskey Stag RTX for sale.

Price: $15,000 OBO
Year: 1996
Make: Petoskey
Model: Stag
Trim: RTX
Mileage: 68,220
Body Type: 2 door full size pickup
Color: Black
Engine: 7.1L V8 OHV SHO
Transmission: 5 speed manual
Drivetrain: FR
Seats: 3
Doors: 2
Fuel Economy: 6.8 MPG
Description: What you are looking at is a truly rare specimen, the RTX Stags were only made from 1995 to 1998 at a ratio of one RTX per 100 Stags built. The RTX used the last high performance variant of the 432 engine, an experiment to see what kind of output they could get out of her using modern technology. The result was a tire shredding beast of a pickup capable of throwing it in with the sports cars of the day. Of course one of the most distinguishing features of the Stag RTX was the baritone roar of the 432 big block. MotorFreak Magazine listed the 1995 Stag RTX number 4 in the Top Ten Exhaust Notes of the '90s article. At $15,000 this truck is a steal, especially considering the rarity of the truck which increases with each year. Come on over and take a spin today, you won’t regret it.
Laskey’s Used Autos
4421 Whitefish Rd.
Grove Lake, MI