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AutoTrend 2046 "Best Raider's Car" Awards! [TESTING]


Welcome to this year’s AutoTrend Car of the Year award! Last year was, well, a bit of a let down. So, we went back to the drawing board. We’ve changed some things that will greatly enhance the competitor’s experience! Our biggest thing is that now, you can enter your own cars! You don’t have to take one of the provided vehicles. But don’t worry if you entered last time, your cars will be entered automatically!

List of existing competitors:

Below is a taste of what you can do.

Here’s our lineup of cars that you can use(if you want to):

And here we have some info on each car:

A 1970s Eco Car

It’s not the fastest, it’s definitely not the strongest, but with it’s high(er) suspension, this thing’ll take the bumps very well. The Eco is also probably the most maneuverable, being rivaled by only the Hatchback. A very good all-rounder.

A 2000s SUV

Maybe the worst vehicle, but it’s the strongest. And for some reason, this car seems to have the largest fuel tank. 'Nuff said. Mods Required: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1160411555&searchtext=bar

A 1980s Pickup

So, strangely, this might be the fastest vehicle here. Not the quickest, and not the strongest. Also has a tendency to spin. Mod Requirements: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1160411555&searchtext=bar

A 1960s Police Car

Sadly, (because this car is representing the muscle cars), it is the slowest, least maneuverable, and is just miserable. The years have not been good to this car. It does have 1 saving grace, though: It’s the toughest car here. Basically. Mods Required: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1160411555&searchtext=bar

A 1990s Sedan

The middle-ground. The all-rounder. The jack-of-all-trades. These are the words to describe this sedan. The only thing it wins at, is spinning-out. Which isn’t a challenge.

A 1990s Hatchback

Some pros: Car can be used as a ramp, the Hatch is very maneuverable, and it can survive front and back flips. Now, for the juicy cons: No strength, uh… that’s it. Maybe a better bet than we thought.

A 2000s Sportscar

Our final car. It’s very quick, easy to drive, AWD. But avoid fast head-on collisions. Please! The boxer engine is quite close to the front of the car.

Ok, here’s a more, statistical approach(stock):
Off-road: 1st Pickup, 2nd SUV.
Top Speed: 1st Pickup, 2nd Sportscar.
Acceleration: 1st Sportscar, 2nd Pickup.
Strength: 1st Police Car, 2nd SUV.
Maneuverability: 1st Hatchback, 2nd Sportscar.
Suspension(Bumps): 1st Eco Car, 2nd SUV.
Gas Mileage: 1st SUV.

Now, it wouldn’t be a competition if it didn’t have rules, so here they are:

Budget is $9,000 at a -30% margin.
Improving quality is allowed, but only if you swap out the original part out.
Be sure to take in effect what changes you make. For example: If you only have 1 seat, you can’t bring along all of your raiding buds! Or, if you strip out the radio, you won’t be able to call anyone for help. So watch for details!

Oh, we almost forgot, here’s the list of events we’ll be testing your cars at(IN BEAMNG.DRIVE):

  1. Suspension test.
  2. Survivability test. (Everyone will flee before each other and we’ll see who survives. Fuel economy, toughness, and speed will all come into play.)
  3. Oval race.
  4. 60/30 mph crash tests.
  5. Off road race.
  6. Off road drag race.
  7. Demolition derby.
    Ok, it’s the moment of truth. Here we have provided the keys. What will you take?
    Some Eco Car - Old.car (21.5 KB)
    Some Hatchback - Oldish.car (17.3 KB)
    Some Pickup - Old.car (21.3 KB)
    Some Police Car - Old.car (25.5 KB)
    Some Sedan - Old.car (25.1 KB)
    Some SUV - Old.car (20.3 KB)
    Some Sportscar - Old.car (22.4 KB)

How to send the .car file in:
Car name: ATA2045 - Username
Car trim: Name of car
Engine: ATA2045 - Username
Engine variant: Name of engine

DEADLINE November 10th!

AutoTrend, buy us.


Seems like an interesting challenge. Might give it a try, though I’m not entirely sure which car I’m going to work with just yet…


Im in and for sure i’ll be in the cop car. If I have to die in the wasteland, it will be driving a muscle car.


I’d expect all seven of the cars offered here to be capable of running on low quality unleaded petrol in the aftermath of a nuclear war, but is 80 RON mandatory no matter what changes are made to the car which is to be entered?


Might take the sports car. Like the fact it has a boxer.


Also, low tech encouraged. Try to troubleshoot a efi on the desert with no tools


No, but look at it this way, if you choose a low quality fuel, you (usually) won’t be able to go as fast, but there’ll be more low quality fuel in an apocalypse, because it’s easier to make. It’s up to you.


Question. 30,000 budget? I’ve made my car sadisfactory with 6900. Maybe lower it a little?


Yeah, it’s to high. I’ll change it to make it a bit more challenging.


Tests with the piece of scrap started. Not done on the visuals though.


Tweaking my Raider car. Went for the boxer sports car, however, changed out a few things.

Might also try the big saloon. See if that could be better.


Ok. By the way, I’ll be off on a 7 day vacation, so I won’t be active on here 'till then.


For some reason, whenever I try and move the body on the big sedan (ie: widen fenders to give it bolt-ons), it crashes my game.

Not sure if it’s something on my end, or something wrong with the car itself, or the body.

Will have to see if it’s the body.

@Crash77 If it’s not the body and if anyone is experiencing the same issues, the big 90s sedan may have to be removed from the challenge and possibly replaced with something else.


It’s probably the porting of the .car file from 1 computer to another. The sedan body itself shouldn’t have any issues.



Ah. Well, I had to download the file to my phone, then email the .car to myself. Forum won’t load on chrome on my laptop.

The boxer sports car works fine and I did the same process with that.


Well, I think I’m done with mine. Here’s the List’s Law Enforcer.

Here’s a log of changes:

European shitty plane crankshaft changed to quality American Cross Plane Crankshaft.
Weak cast pistons and rods changed to American Forged pistons and rods.
2 barrel poor foreign carbs changed to American Four Barrel carbs.
Camshaft changed, ignition advance retarded and compession lowered so it can run on plenty avaliable low quality fuel.
Secondary muffler removed. Was rusted through anyway. Exhaust diameter reduced with a hammer to compensate the loss of pressure.
Granny’s automatic gearbox changed for a more reliable manual gearbox. Final drive adjusted to match.
Light truck wheels and tires installed. Got lucky and found a set with only 15 years of use! Good as new!
Refurbrished brakes from some old truck were installed.
Newer hidraulic steering removed from some old wreck and installed.
Suspension adjusted, newer shocks, springs and front sway bar found at the scrapyard installed.
Stronger front bullbar taken from an scrap pickup and installed at the front, with some protection spikes.
Sheet metal covers installed in place of the missing auxiliary lights. Replacement working left light sourced.
Spot lighs installed at the roof.
Scrap steel plates screwed at front doors for protection.
Top of the trunk removed for added cargo space.
Rear doors welded shut.
New front grill made with scrap sheet metal. Works as a scarecrow too.
Plate welded between rear area and trunk. Along with the stock cop car cabin separator, rear is now a prisioner cage, acessible by a plate door on the place of the window.
Tail Lights removed. Nobody needs them 'round here.
Old truck bumpers mounted to the rear, for some more protection.
Big plastic box fitted to the roof to carry suplies.
Replacement less rusted hood fitted.
Side mirrors fitted.
Rust holes on the chassis fitted with sheet metal patches. Safety increased.
Skidtray from an old pickup fitted.


Alright, 10 days left. Good luck!


Well… I guess nobody else took this serioulsy. With is a pity since it’s one of my favorite themes. Was fun to mess with the cop car tho.


Yes. There are still a few days left, but the challenge will still finish.


Interesting, though, about 3 people downloaded the cars that didn’t enter anything.