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AutoTrend 2046 "Best Raider's Car" Awards! [TESTING]


i am doing a car right now, the 90s sedan


Ok, here’s a list of active competitors:
And here are the active builders:
Please let me know if anyone else is creating a car. Thanks.



I’m gonna step down from this. Not interested in this anymore.


Ok, that’s fine.


Six days left, everybody.


Ok. Submissions are now closed. Testing will start tomorrow.


Alright, since I didn’t get the amount of submissions I was looking forward to, I have rebooted the challenge. The 3 original competitors will be automatically entered.

Check Original Post For Updated Info And Rules


To let you know, since you asked for doing so, I will be designing a car for this event.


That’s about it. I made this quickly but I think it’s going to perform well in derbies. The name: Teskamikhon 4x4. A rusty, old and trusty commercial van that kept its original 5.4L V8. It’s straight-piped, off course.

You’re free to take the car.

ATA2045 - fromaj - Teskamikhon 4x4 Package.car (31.7 KB)