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Auxuras Motor Co - 2018 ITL Spec-V will have over 370 horsepower, the most extreme ITL ever


How did you make those headlights? I have probably all the mods and still no idea...


I like how your tailights look , there is a line in between due to the trunk opening , good job!


easier for you to see :grin:


Thanks :slight_smile:


YEAR 2015

Introducing the new NLX , Practicality and Luxury - 4 Trims

VR Trim

Auxuras NLX VR 3.5 V6 (FWD)

Engine : JA Series , JA35Y6

VR-X Trim

Auxuras NLX VR-X 3.5 V6 (FWD)

Engine : JA Series , JA35Y6

Auxuras NLX VR-X 3.5 V6 (SC-AWD)

Engine : JA Series , JA35Y6

SpectaL Trim

Auxuras NLX SpectaL 3.5 V6 (SC-AWD)

Engine : JA Series , JA35Y6

Sales figure 2015 : 55,653

Availability :

North America and China

Related : Saminda CR5

Assembly :

Greensburg, Indiana, United States
Wuhan , China

NLX VR 3.5 V6 (FWD) : $41,995
NLX VR-X 3.5 V6 (FWD) : $45,995
NLX VR-X 3.5 V6 (SC-AWD) : $51,550
NLX SpectaL 3.5 V6 (SC-AWD) : $58,500


Man, you da real mvp.
I like your work so much, It looks like a car you could see on the streets on 2018(or so)


great quality


but seriously, good to know


@FrenchRepublic Thanks buddy , appreciate your comments !! :blush:

@Oskiinus hehehehehe , you can't deny that!


I can. Auxuras can have great quality, but it has dropped with all those massive recalls.


The NLX is like a crossover between a Audi Q7 and a Lexus RX450h
I love it


Niice, but apart from the estethic, the front indicators would be strange on the road no?


Not really , they’re implemented on each side by a band of 30-60 LEDs depending on which model , when it light up , it's very obvious from far way even in fog weather.

We design it mainly for safety reason.

(We are coming with Sweeping Indicators soon like Audi vehicles)


Last 1,000 CZ6 Empire Edition teased

Saminda Luxury Division , Auxuras has teased the CZ6 Empire Edition as the series will come to an end with this model, Auxuras says it will bulit 10-15 of this per day and will bulit for around 1 year.

The model marks the final design for the iconic model that has been a fixture in track races and part of the street culture popularized by modern media in movies such as Fast and the Furious and video-games such as Gran Turismo , Forza and Need for Speed.

Brief History of the 1st Gen CZ6

The History of CZ6 was all the way back to 1982 , The first generation CZ6 is mainly to aim at the italian supercars which dominates the supercar markets , it was the last project by Kuro Saminda , Founder of Saminda , as he wants to prove the world that Japanese as well can bulit supercars like them , before developing the CZ6 , Saminda gathered 5 best engineers to develop the CZ6 the way he wanted , Great Handling , Lightweight, Fast and Reliable with under 280HP, it took them 9 years for all the R&D and on 1991 , the CZ6 was born.

Developed with lessons learned by the engineers who created Saminda's successful Le-Mans program, this melodious 24-valve, DOHC 2.7 V6 revs up to 8,000 RPM , it makes 275hp at 7,600 RPM and 265 NM of torque at 6,700 RPM and in 1998 , the facelifted CZ6 gets a bigger 3.0-liter DOHC V6 making 290BHP

The production of the 1st gen CZ6 last for 10 years and in 2002 it ended. and after 12 years in 2013 the second gen CZ6 is back to game again. After 2 years of production , due to Saminda to fully focus on Hybrid and Electric powertrain , the CZ6 was forced to end and don't expect any comeback anymore.


Kuro Saminda probably would be rolling in his grave right now


Auxuras to withdraw on UK market.

“Auxuras is no longer advantageous position in the U.K. market , so why not focus on what it is good at?” said Sato Makishi, Tokyo-based general manager at Saminda Motor Co. “It makes sense for Auxuras to focus on U.S and China markets.”

Auxuras's sales in the U.K. will stop after its current inventory runs out, said Makishi.

Last year , Auxuras only sold a total of 20,485 cars in U.K compared to Erin 300,000+ cars , which only represent 6% of total Auxuras sales

However , Saminda struggles in Europe is not ending any sooner , Saminda only sold 142,312 cars in Europe which represent 2% of total Saminda sales, while almost 70% of it sales is on U.K , the other 30% is on Germany , France etc.


Bye Bye Axuras, is this an "Axit" perhaps?


The brand didn't fire in Britain lately, simply because their quality was too inconsistent - a crippling disadvantage in the luxury market. Why not just use the name of the parent company if they still want their products there? Otherwise they wouldn't bother.

Also, if the sales decline throughout all of Europe is actually terminal, they should abandon the whole region unless something drastic can be done. Not having more than six cylinders or a rear-drive platform in the lineup won't help matters at all - the whole brand is not premium enough at a time when mass-market brands are increasingly marginalized.

The absence of diesels is actually the game's fault - though after Dieselgate, is that really such a bad thing? Nevertheless, before then, not having a diesel severely hindered the commercial viability of the entire lineup in some regions.


Excatly , Auxuras's cars are efficent in U.S but not U.K , Saminda doesn't offer any diesel engine on Auxuras instead they don't trust diesel engine on a luxury car and have it a hybrid , i can't find any reason U.K buyers would want an Auxuras or Saminda , Saminda may sell like hotcakes in North America and Japan. If not the C3 , C5 and CR3 , Saminda definetly would suffer in the U.S market.


It would have been an Auxit


YEAR 2015

Introducing the new SLX , The best luxury SUV you can ever buy - 1 Trims


Auxuras SLX Sport Hybrid (SC-AWD)

Engine : JA Series , JA35Y5Z (289HP) with Electric Motor (66HP)

Sales figure 2015 : 2,571 (1,448 in China , 1,123 in North America)

Availability :

North America and China

Assembly :

Greensburg, Indiana, United States
Wuhan , China

SLX SpectaL Sport Hybrid (SC-AWD) : $86,995