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Auxuras Motor Co - 2018 ITL Spec-V will have over 370 horsepower, the most extreme ITL ever


YEAR 2015

Introducing the CZ6 Empire Edition , The end of CZ6- 1 Trims


Auxuras CZ6 Empire Edition

Engine : CER Series , CER550F (Production will end in 2016)

Availability :

North America and UK

Assembly :

California Saminda Performance R&D Plant

CZ6 Empire Edition : $150,500


Cries... Why Saminda , why do you have to kill such a car that can stand out for this brand , the last CZ6 doesn't have any glory at all , just some cosmetic changes ... well you should put the CZ6R 600hp engine in it but whatever the reason it is that Saminda doesnt want , the CZ6 still dies so R.I.P.


This is a fitting way to go out, but I am worried that the brand will have difficulty attracting enthusiasts after the CZ6 goes out of production for good. I still have hope, though. In your thread about the parent company, I saw a post about a possible replacement, the CZ7. Let's hope it enters production and proves to be a more than worthy successor.:slight_smile:


Saminda's are business man , not car enthusiast


Well... there's a reason why car companies are run by business men, not car enthusiasts :stuck_out_tongue:

(Except the ones in Automation of course :wink:)


When did you hear about the CZ6 replacement called CZ7 :hushed: ??

We don't have any plan on any supercar or sport car at the moment....


I knew about the CZ7 in your Saminda thread (the parent company to Auxuras). Airborne had a hand in its design.


That was a concept by Oskiinus for Auxuras.

Jeez let this guy make his own decisions, y'all are acting like an automotive giant will go bankrupt just cause it doesn't make a supercar.


As a big manufacturer like Saminda without a halo car is a depressing thing , but as much as i want Saminda to make supercars , this is funny. :smile:

But will people spend 100k+ for an Auxuras is another thing..


Next-Gen Auxuras will be about lightweight and manual tranmission confirmed

You heard it right , Next Generation Auxuras is all about lightweight , efficient , faster and fun.

Auxuras has introduced their new "Lightweight Aluminium Body (LAB)" that will reduce weight by up to 20 percent while strenghten it by up to 30 percent which make it much safer in a crash.

Auxuras Motor Co. has already spent about $1.5 billion for this, and hope that it is the future for automobiles.

Auxuras also have confirmed that the new ITL will comes with a 6 speed manual tranmission in a Sport Package .

Auxuras hope that this modification will increase it Gen Y buyers by up to 30 percent


Very nice! Unfortunately, due to the way safety is currently calculated in-game (high emphasis on weight), aluminum is always less safe than steel.


You know what increases safety? A big engine in the front ;D


It is expected that rigidity will be more important than high weight for safety calculations in the next update. However, I almost got cut early in CSR15 because of safety favoring steel - my entry for that round was made entirely of aluminum, and since the minimum safety threshold was set at 60 for that round, I had to set the model and trim year to 2010 (the earliest time where advanced 10s safety is offered), increase the safety quality to +3, and add a premium interior with satnav, both of which also had quality sliders set to +3. And although my car was front-engined, rear drive, it made no difference since that configuration was mandated for all entrants. It was all for nought, though, since @KLinardo (the host of CSR15) preferred cars with four doors instead of two. To be fair, though, other entrants were also disqualified due to lack of safety, even though some of them had steel bodies.


Am i the one only excited for the manual tranmission news ? fackyeah , turbo + iVIC + manual = aeroplane.

can't wait , glad that Saminda still spare a love to manual tranmission


after all the clever naming of the cars. that's what you call your alumunium chassis base?
that's rather unexciting.
Light Global Base Technology? or something more interesting to hear?

also, did you really meant to strengthen, or to make it more rigid?

fuck. disregard my suggestion
Light Global Base Technology -> LGBT
i'm gonna leave it there just for the giggles.


Japanese car manufacturer always have the worst naming for their product imo


I prefer Featherweight Aluminium Greatness.


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


Saminda revealed the 2015 ITL for BTCC (British Touring Cars Championship) , to have 350bhp

Saminda has announced that a track-ready version of the ITL will compete under the Saminda Denso Racing banner this year, and the team is currently finishing final prep work alongside Saminda UK at the Saminda Racing Development (SRD) workshops in Glasgow, England.

The ITL BTCC will equiped with the Saminda Type-R 2.0-liter four-pot that has been boosted to 350 horsepower for the competition, and the car equips a wide body kit, aggressive rearwing, and racing suspension to match. The Glasgow team has also stripped out the interior and added a multi-point roll cage.

The ITL BTCC only weighs 1250kg ( including driver )


Model: Saminda KA20F1
Type: Inline four cylinder turbocharged twin-Overhead Camshaft
Fuel Delivery: Direct Injected
Induction: Induction Technology Group filter and housing
Ignition: Pectel SQ6M ECU
Power (bhp): 350
Top Speed (mph): 160
Lubrication: Wet Sump
Fluid: Castrol Edge 5w/30 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil