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Auxuras Motor Co - 2018 ITL Spec-V will have over 370 horsepower, the most extreme ITL ever


Auxuras CTL will be discontinued for good, ''It's a burden'' said Teiko Sakahashi CEO of American Saminda Motor Co.

The one and only high performance sedan from Auxuras will be discontinued for good said Sakahashi , the CTL was the first car to introduce the ''Sport Hybrid'' powertrain that feature a SOHC 3.5-liter engine that make over 350BHP , however the CTL sales never met Auxuras expectation.

Even with promising performance claimed by Auxuras , the CTL were too expensive and did not gain popularity and were highly underrated

The CTL will be discontinued after this November.


The CTL , well no one really care about this car .

Reason ? it only has a V6 engine and cost well over 40k , for that price i could get a Dimension with a V8 engine


or any of the hot hatches that make about 50hp more with better practicality and comfort at no extra cost :wink: #shamelessKunaiplug


Auxuras, despite the lack of V8s, FWD and being too closely related with standard Saminda models, is still positioned as a premium brand - and considering this I'd say that it's not that expensive for a performance more or less mid-class sedan, especially if there are compacts of nearly that price. For example if you were looking for a similar Zavir model, you'd have to spend at least 5k more. Yeah, that would have RWD and would not be rebadged cheaper model, but still would have a V6 (Zavir never offered V8s in this class). I'd like to add Erin into this comparison, but their current gen Berlose - which I think is in the same class - was released ages ago and doesn't have it's stats or price in the post (or at least I couldn't find them).


Saminda just trademark RXE and ZXE , a replacement name for Arrow and a "Baby Arrow" is coming on it way?

Arrow nameplate will be replaced by either RXE or ZXE , but what suprise the enthusiast is that Saminda trademarked two similiar nameplate , which means there could be a baby "Arrow" on it way.

Saminda and Maesima announced last year they will be collaborating to make a "halo car" and Saminda has confirmed it will be the upcoming Arrow , whether the baby "Arrow" will be a collaboration work is still unsure at the moment as Saminda have not release any details yet


Stop giving us hope , end of the day it just another hybrid car that make 200hp and cost 70 grand.

Earlier ago , when Saminda announce the C2000R the hype was as high as the China highest building , but it take so long to develop everyone wouldn't care about it anymore and i bet the design is outdated when it come out next year .

No suprise with the RXE and ZXE


YEAR 2016

CLX , 流畅优雅的车 !

Auxuras CLX Premium 1.5T (FWD)

Engine : RB Series , RB15F3

Auxuras CLX Premium 1.5T (AWD)

Engine : RB Series , RB15F3

Auxuras CLX Luxury 1.5T (AWD)

Engine : RB Series , RB15F3

Sales figure 2016 : -

Availability :

China Only

Assembly :

Wuhan , China (Wuhan Saminda)

CLX Premium 1.5T (FWD): $29,850
CLX Premium 1.5T (AWD) : $31,500
CLX Luxury 1.5T (AWD) : $34,950


"Auxuras , we just want you to pay more for a Saminda with a different badge so you doesn't complain."


Looks fucking awesome, great comfort, practicality, economy and safety for the price. :ok_hand:

Why is the drivability so low though?


Shame the rest of the world has to miss out on such a nice design.

@ramthecowy I imagine it probably has to do with his turbo setup and possibly cam profiles.


Oh I forgot that for a second. Taking that into consideration, nearly 60 drivability is cracking good for a turbocharged car in current Automation


Looks like Audi, is a bit expensive and is available in FWD and AWD variants. Now don't tell me that you didn't think about Audi while you created it :smiley:

BTW, do you plan making an image-list of all Auxuras models, like you did for Saminda? Because right now I have absolutely no idea what Auxuras exactly makes and which model is what, and I think I'm not alone in this.


hmmm sure ! Auxuras line-up are pretty small that's why i did not make a list of models it have

i will make a list asap when i am free !


Saminda and Auxuras are lacking of high performance trim for their models , which is kinda sad.

i mean look at Maesima


Auxuras new RXE might be a big hit for the brand

With its aggressive design and high price tag, Saminda said the new RXE could turbo-charge its brand image.

The new RXE, jointly developed by Saminda and Maesima engineers and produced in the United States, which critics called it as "2 Asian Gryphon"

Marketed under the Auxuras badge (Saminda in Japan), Saminda's stalled premium brand in the United States, China and other regions, the RXE marks the latest effort by the Japanese automaker to reclaim its reputation as a leader in innovation and engineering after a spell of sluggish sales.

"We don't see the RXE to make any profit, but by focussing on both functional cars and also advanced performance we will raise the Auxuras brand," Saminda CEO Yuko Nagoya said


With the return of C2KR , and the new RXE with both RWD , i hope in the future Saminda would adopt more RWD vehicles especially in Auxuras.

And more exciting vehicles


YEAR 2016

Introducing the CXS , When Performance Met Luxury.

Auxuras CXS 2.0T(FWD)

Engine : KA Series , KA20F2

Auxuras CXS 3.5 V6 (FWD)

Engine : JA Series , JA35Y5

Auxuras CXS 3.5 V6 (SC-AWD)

Engine : JA Series , JA35Y5

Sales figure 2016 : -

Availability :

North America

Assembly :

Greensburg , United States

Desginer / Chief Engineer

Walter Blue / Fukuyama Hiroji

CXS 2.0T (FWD): $37,400
CXS 3.5 V6 (FWD) : $39,000
CXS 3.5 V6 (SC-AWD) : $40,500


Suprisingly , this is the only Auxuras i would buy , top notch specs and pricing while having great looks.

Just can't get over FWD on them..


Nice Audi :wink:


Auxuras ZXE Concept shows that Auxuras cars can be sexy.

The new ZXE should look more like a compact RXE with it similiar name and architecture, but quite different in terms of design inside.

In terms of powertrains, details are scarce, but the Saminda engineer points to a hybrid system consisting of a 2.0-liter turbocharged gasoline four-cylinder (adapted from C2000R) and two electric blocks of about 50hp (at the back). Expected to produce around 370-400 horsepower and able to go from 0 to 100 km/h in less than five seconds.

A concept version has appeared at the Detroit Motor Show in January under the Auxuras brand, but the production version will only be ready in 2018 after the release of the RXE.