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Auxuras Motor Co - ETL Counsellor is a $65,000 new ultimate luxury ETL, only 300 units will be produced


Who’s gonna fill in for Yamahfazer?


What happened with him?

Anyway, I can criticise a bit :stuck_out_tongue: 370-400hp and “less than 5 seconds”? Hmm, a certain Italian-American compact has 365hp and does it in 4 second - unless you opt for an AWD system, then it is 3.8s :smiling_imp:


That’s not critique it’s self-promotion. I too could go on how the new IMP GS250 will reach 100 kph in 4.3 seconds with just 270hp, reach 270kph, that it is Made from carbon fibre and has total daily driveability due to a generous boot and very good fuel economy all while doing its part to keep the lightweight, analog sports car alive and best of all is available NOW and not in a few years…

But I don’t because I am above that kind of thing.


Whatever. This Auxuras should be faster than that, that’s my point.


Not necessarily. All that Hybrid shit adds weight, and weight is the worst thing for the initial launch.


Yeah, but I doubt that even with all this a compact sports car will weigh more than 1.5 a ton, which is only a bit more than that mentioned hatchback. And electric motors should help with acceleration.


Well my GS250 is already at 1160kg and that is a carbon bodied, Aluminium chassis, naturally aspirated (the ZXE has all that Turbo weight as well) spartan. I’d say Starfish is around the 1400 kg mark. In any case sub-5 is some what vague. He could be in the threes for all I know.


I can’t release too much info at the moment but it will use the same powertrain as the C2000R but with a little more power. (same electric motors too)

The ZXE is suppose to be the cheaper version of the up-coming RXE so as said performance wise if you want a much better one , choose the RXE

The reason we decide to make the ZXE is to “enhance” our brands.


You’ve just destroyed the “sexy” part of it.

#Auxuras ZXE spied around Nurburgring , Saminda CZ5 name likely to resurrect and sold outside of United States.

(Concept Version Shown)

Saminda’s plans to produce a sports car to sit below the upcoming Auxuras RXE (Saminda CZ-Z in Japan) and above the Saminda C2000R is likely to see the resurrection of the CZ5 badge outside of United States.

Takuma Ono, Project leader for the upcoming Auxuras ZXE admitted that Yuko Nagoya, the president and CEO of Saminda Motor Co. has strong feelings towards the CZ5 name.

“Mr Nagoya said to me that if you want to call it CZ5 it has to be superior, it has to be super great sports car. Unless it’s a great sports car it wouldn’t be called CZ5

(Saminda CZ5 is the first sport car produce by the automaker in 1970)

The CZ5 was built for only ten years and in just 711 units, but its impact was huge and is widely considered the most collectable Japanese car of all time.

Lead by the founder of Saminda , Kuro Saminda , his little dream was to bulit a car that stands out from everyone else , the CZ5 was a little dream from him that manages to became true. Today, the CZ5 have sold at auction for as much as US $1,000,000

ZXE Spied in Nurburgring , a test car imported from United States

The new ZXE will share its underpinnings with the upcoming Saminda C2000R. As expected it will be powered by a petrol engine along with electric motors resulting in an rear-wheel drive setup.


#DETROIT MOTOR SHOW : Saminda surprise Americans with the C5000R, for the first time CThousandR to be sold in US, under Saminda’s luxury division, Auxuras.

At the 2017 Detroit Motor Show, Saminda unveiled its 2019 C5000R which has stopped production since 10 years ago, will finally be available in the US for the first time.

“Teiko Sakahashi, CEO of American Saminda said that ''We’re happy to inform our US enthusiasts that the long wait for the forbidden fruit of Saminda CThousandR performance is nearly over.”

The CThousandR lineup, long regarded as one of the kingpins of the performance market, it’s unique to Saminda lineup due to it RWD platform which Saminda cars rarely have, is expected to live up to its lofty reputation.

Under the hood of the C5000R is an Swindon UK-built, 2.0-liter i-VIC ProAIR turbocharged engine mated to 2 electric motor pushing out 370 horsepower. The powerful engine is mated to a six-speed manual transmission driving the rear wheels.

Unfortunately, the C2000R is only for the European market and will be releasing in Q1 of 2018, we can expect to see the C5000R on U.S roads around 2019-2020.

Saminda version for the European market will reveal in Frankfurt Motor Show this coming year.


Hm… a few questions arise.

  1. What are the physical dimensions?
  2. What do you estimate the pricing to be?
  3. What real-life competitors does the C5kR have/who are you trying to sell it to?

  1. dimensions is around the size of an audi a5 sportback

  2. the C2000R cost around £34,990 and £39,990, the C5000R is expected to cost more than £40k

  3. the car doesn’t really have a competitor yet, but we are trying to sell to people who are looking at cars like 340i, S5 or C400 with a much sportier driving experience and much advanced technology (with electric motors)


Now that’s interesting, because if this is an A5 sized car and it’s gonna cost “over £40k”, it could well end up being cheaper than a lot of the other midsize performance vehicles.

And we all love a bargain…

#Auxuras plans to enter Indian Market

DETROIT, US - Saminda Motor Co. said that it is planning to bring the Auxuras brand into Indian market.

“Indian is 4th largest market for Saminda just behind United States, China and Japan, bringing Auxuras into Indian market will helps Auxuras increase it brand value” said Genji Hiroshima, Managing Director for Saminda India

At the moment, Auxuras operate only in 6 countries which includes North America, Hong Kong, China, Russia, Saudi Arabia and the latest entries in South Korea on 2016.

In 2014, Auxuras was forced to leave the UK market due to slow sales, in 2013, Auxuras sold less than 12,000 unit, just less than 0.1% market share.


CONFIRMED : Auxuras will go all AWD by 2020

Auxuras, the luxury division of Saminda announced yesterday that all of it models by 2020 will offer only in AWD in the hopes that it gives the brand some kind of identity.

This decision is made due to Auxuras as a luxury brand is lacking of RWD with the public often criticism for it FWD layout.

Eiji Akira, Auxuras’s managing director for Auxuras Business Plan (ABP), said “The idea here will create more interest for buyers who are looking at the luxury segment, AWD only will provide a overall better brand identity’’


Oh boy, how the marketing and research departments have failed.


Throwing shit at a teflon wall


Acura’s identity crisis boiled over and they decided to go full Audi… or was that Subaru wait what?


The all new Auxuras ELX will ditch away the V6 for a more economical 4 cylinder turbo , new hybrid version confirmed