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Auxuras Motor Co - Next Step, The Comeback






#Saminda actually onces consider to shut down Auxuras.

Apparently not , Auxuras hasn’t been doing what CEO of Saminda , Shibuya Kuge (From 2006 to 2014) wanted it to do, so he told the Vice President of American Saminda , Josh Bryan he could get rid of Auxuras if he wanted.

Josh Bryan which resign last year due to quality scandal told the media last night "On 2012 , when i went to Saminda HQ in Japan for some work , Shibuya Kuge asked me to sit down with him and have a coffee , so he told me this

To be honest Bryan , we don’t need Auxuras , we just don’t need that brand , so i am considering whether to shut down Auxuras but it’s up to you , if you want you can do so.[/quote]

Well we are grateful it didn’t happen right?


Not trying to add fire but Auxuras should just shut down , bring back the legacy of Saminda instead.


You could buy out DSD and get a hold on the aussie market…please buy my employees need food


Shutdown of Auxuras? Actually they’ve been only rebadging Samindas (like Pontiac did with Chevys to 2009), so the brand actually lost it’s exclusivity in my opinion

And I know that was asked a month earlier, but let’s clear up things:
Airborne Automotive hired new 18 yo Japanese car designer, and part of his requirement job on trial job deal was to design a supercar. Too bad he is a hardcore Saminda CZ6 fan, designed the CZ7 and even forced company to make four concept cars :stuck_out_tongue: They at least serve as new tech’s playground for production cars.

Oh, and speaking about it: Saminda CZ7 doesn’t exist, the car is called Airborne CZ7, because we have no rights to use Saminda name… @Starfish94 I guess nothing changed here, yeah?

Sorry for late reply to this but I felt need to explain this


@Oskiinus Can’t agree with you more , Auxuras is too much rebadged a Saminda and the fact that Auxuras still survive today is probably because the Americans are still buying it.

They got no totally unique chassis but it re-use from Saminda. Well at least the new ITL does have it own maybe because of their Aluminium thingy but still FWD.

I just really like to see something new from this “premium” brand.


Yeah. Saminda and Auxuras are like Toyota and Lexus, but in this case practically all Lexus models are completely different cars to Toyotas


I have to agree, there is no real reason to maintain a seperate design studio and dealer network if there is a lack of clear distinction between the supposed luxury brand and the high-value offerings.


It’s all in the prestige. Prestige is king these days. Lexus naturally has a significantly higher brand prestige than Toyota, so Toyota is free to expand into more premium markets without the stigma of being “just a Toyota”

You people horribly underestimate how much decisions to buy cars are based on brand image. It’s why BMW and Mercedes are making a killing and Audi was trying very very very hard to be premium in the 80s-90s.


Ford vs holden…need i say more about brand image.
and i remember in the early 90’s they had to give audis away on wheel of fortune in aus

#YEAR 2016

Introducing the all new re-engineered ITL , Making German go back to school - 8 Trims

#VR Trim

Engine : RB Series , RB15F1C

#VR-X Trim

Engine : RB Series , RB15F1C

Engine : KA Series , KA20F2

Engine : REB Series , REB2000 ( 105 Horsepower ) with Electric Motor ( 46 Horsepower )

#SpectaL Trim

Engine : RB Series , RB15F1C

Engine : KA Series , KA20F2

Engine : REB Series , REB2000 ( 105 Horsepower ) with Electric Motor ( 46 Horsepower )

#Sport Trim

Engine : KA Series , KA20F2

[quote] The Auxuras ITL is a compact executive car for Saminda’s luxury brand Auxuras , the 2016 ITL has plenty of first in this segment , including the first lightweight aluminum body and full LEDs without a single lightbulb

Saminda’s luxury brand has succeeded in building a reputation for supreme comfort and quality but struggled to add aggressive styling and driving passion to the mix. The new ITL and ITL Sport are the latest effort to shed that bland image. This new ITL is a true player in the cutthroat sport sedan segment.

For 2016 , the 2.4-liter engine have be ditched to a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine while retaining the 2.0-liter turbocharged engine and hybrid.

For buyers who are more concerned about practicality, the ITL got you covered. Seating space, front and rear, are aplenty for a compact sedan. In fact, the space you get is comparable to cars a size larger, like the Saminda C5

Trunk capacity has claim to be the largest in this segment with a rating of 16.8 cu.

Best Luxury Compact Sedan money can buy
There are no ifs, ands or buts about it, the Auxuras ITL has matured handsomely and cleverly, recovering its pole position in its segment. The ITL doesn’t just resolve to be the best car in its segment. Instead, by going above and beyond, targeting models a size and price bracket up, makes the ITL a car, which can easily be better then the Germans.[/quote]

##Sales figure 2016 : 50,754
##Availability :
North America , Hong Kong , China , Russia

##Assembly :
Tokyo , Japan (Assembly and Export to Hong Kong , China)
Greensburg, Indiana, United States (Assembly and sold in North America and export to Russia)

ITL VR 1.5T : $28,350
ITL VR-X 1.5T : $30,500
ITL VR-X 2.0T : $32,500
ITL VR-X Hybrid : $32,500
ITL SpectaL 1.5T : $35,000
ITL SpectaL 2.0T : $36,500
ITL SpectaL Hybrid : $36,500
ITL Sport : $38,000


ITL Sport !!! manual tranmission !!! in my wishlist now

anyway goodbye auxuras crying indicator , i guess it’s gone right since the ITL doesn’t have .


yeap , in the exhange of sweeping indicator


#The new ETL will be a technological marvel.

Auxuras new ETL is one of the more important model in this brand , boasting a design, interior and onboard technology that make it a serious challenger against Cervus , Erin and Maesima new luxury brand.

Here are all the details :

The new car has a much smoother design than its predecessor, which looks boxy when compared to the sleek bends and curves of the latest model.

With a curvy rear end and fastback roofline. At the front is the trademark ARROW grille and Auxuras badge.

One of the new Auxuras most impressive aspects is the cabin. It has given the ETL cabin the feel of the luxury STL. Overall, it resembles the cabin you’ll find in the company’s flagship saloon.

Satellite navigation comes as standard on even the entry level ETL. While it’s certainly a pull factor, it’s displayed through the standard 9.2ins screen in the middle of the dashboard. With sat nav already thrown in as part of the car’s overall price tag, it makes upgrading to the bigger 13.3ins display even more tempting.

That larger display already comes on SpectaL trim, as well as the upgraded infotainment package featuring Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration to link your smartphone. These models also get touch-sensitive pads on the steering wheel thrown in as standard.

The SpectaLUX trim doll up the ETL with even more tech. Such as a panoramic sunroof, adjustable electric seats with memory functions and a self-closing boot, as well as get a seriously high-end Burmester surround sound system.

Auxuras Drives is the ETL headline act when it comes to technology, a $3,696 optional extra that introduces autonomous driving features.

The 2.0-liter turbocharged engine will be offered on the base model. The 4-cylinder petrol engine (coded KA20F1C) was developed by Saminda in-house and has a twin-scroll turbocharger which, together with an intercooler, delivers 245 hp and a maximum 330 Nm of torque from 1,650 rpm to 4,400 rpm.

The KA20F1C engine achieves its impressive output with features such as a water-cooled cylinder head, integrated exhaust manifold, and Intelligent Variable Intake Control (i-VIC) which allows the engine to switch between cycles according to driving conditions.

There is also a more powerful 3.5-liter V6 engine continue with improvement to improve fuel efficiency. The JA35 engine in the ETL, with direct injector that inject fuel directly into the cylinder together with port injectors, offers a class-top level of engine performance while the intake and exhaust have been tuned for realizing enhanced output.

As for the Auxuras Blue Drive used in the ETL Hybrid, the 2.4-liter KA24 4-cylinder engine gets the next generation electronic fuel injection system which operates at a higher pressure. This new system, together with other improvements, give the ETL Hybrid top level dynamic performance, excellent fuel efficiency, and quietness in its class.


#Auxuras is looking to enter into Korean market.

Saminda Motor Co. today announced plans to introduce Auxuras brand in South Korea. “Saminda sales in Korea has become stronger with our new product that satisfy the customers , the strong sales is thanks to our overwhelming CR3. And bringing Auxuras brand in can strenghten our brand image” said a Saminda spokeperson.

Saminda saw a increased sales by 3% last year with 13,519 units sold.

Saminda will import Auxuras products and market them through a dedicated Auxuras dealer network which Saminda Korea will establish. Sales of the Auxuras brand in South Korea is planned to begin in spring 2016 with the STL luxury sedan. The first year sales goal is set at 2,000 units. The Auxuras brand will differentiate itself in the luxury car market by offering high performance products that further highlight the underlying concept of all Saminda products - the joy of driving.


Auxuras doesn’t want to die, it seems :wink:


Auxuras is too confused , they say they are a luxury brand but what they offers are rebadged Saminda’s.

Maybe people who bought Auxuras is to show that " Hey yo , my Saminda is better than your Saminda yo "

The Top Magazine i reviewed the ITL is just as good as the C3 or better , just that they have too many similarities and why pay more for the ITL right?

#Next generation Auxuras Arrow will be based on Maesima Dynamic Racing Vision Concept , making it the first RWD ever Auxuras.

(Photo by Maesima)

Saminda and Maesima recently annouce it collaboration in making a new halo sport car which has been confirmed by a Saminda spokeperson that it will be the next generation Auxuras Arrow .

Konichi Harasaki which joined Saminda since 1992 had travel to U.S to develop the all new engine said that " It will be next evolution of Auxuras engine ".

"The Arrow will be on a new architecture for us from Maesima with a front engine and rear-wheel drived” Auxuras vice president and general manager , Eric Ballman said.

Saminda also will introduce the new Arrow in it home country for the first time , but whether will it be named as Arrow still unknown

The new car will be bulit in Maesima U.S plant at Alabama


As the first rear-drive Auxuras, this new Arrow should deliver on its promises; if it does, the brand’s reputation is sure to improve. Given that every previous front-engined Auxuras has been built on a FWD platform, that’s saying something.