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Auxuras Motor Co - Next Step, The Comeback


Airborne approved


#Auxuras may go all-wheel drive only.

Auxuras trying to reinvent itself yet again, the luxury brand that is still struggling till today.

Saminda Motor Co.'s premium brand wants to position all-wheel drive at the center of its revival bid.

AWD, already on half the vehicles Auxuras has sold in the U.S. this year, could be offered as a standard technology on all vehicles.

“I think that’s the way we should go,” said Eric Ballman , Auxuras’s Vice President.

Much of the game plan is in flux, he said. But elements are emerging. Auxuras plans more powerful engines, but it won’t be tempted into big V8 or V10 powerplants, Ballman said.

Auxuras had planned to roll out an RWD V8 but scrapped the idea when the global financial crisis hit. Since then, it has been casting about for a niche to claim as its own.


With this about-face it seems likely that the dynamic shortfalls of past products could be consigned to the history books. But how do you plan to make an all-AWD lineup work (in the sense that a car so equipped will be more competitive than a purely FWD or RWD one)?


By clicking on AWD every time? I don’t recall any other way to make a car AWD…


Auxuras can never be a luxury brand , just saying.

Overpriced Saminda.



if it’s RWD , yeah i am impress .


Now that is one classy looking car.

What sort of car is the ETL? Compact, executive, limousine etc?


It’s a executive car , a mid-size luxury!


ETL - executive - E segment. Easy to remember :smiley:


Good looking that ETL! :wink:


Aha! Makes sense now. I wonder how it’ll compare to the Erin Berlose… :wink:


Would take the AWD to complete with Berlose , forget about the FWD version


Why are we taking the fight to every other Saminda model nowadays :laughing:


@ramthecowy It’s a good question, but I think it’s because they are emerging as one of the defining parts of the Automation world. I remember Jeremy Clakrson talking about the VW Golf in Top Gear Magazine and calling it something like “Duller than James explaining torque, but you’d always recommend one to anyone who asks”.

I think Saminda are in a similar position (perhaps not quite with boring bit :wink: ) but they are a strong and (mostly) reliable brand. They set a standard for everyone else to compete on, and whenever they make a new car, we get this explosion of rivals appearing, showing they have some serious significance within the Automation community.

I’m very happy to see Saminda as the Toyota/VW of the Automation world, not just because they make a million different cars, but because they’re very good at what they do. And when people start trying to beat them, we get competition, and competition is always good.

At least those are my thoughts :blush:


I certainly don’t mind competing as it makes me better and I hope Starfish doesn’t mind it :smile: it will force Saminda to keep up with the community


It is the manufacturers like saminda and maesima that keep the automation world sane


But Saminda doesn’t have any halo car , facepalm


Not yet…


Careful now. If they make a halo car, you can bet that:

a) The Automation world as we know it will go insane and collapse
b) I’ll be one of the competitors making sure that happens