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Auxuras Motor Co - Next Step, The Comeback


Just hope the CZ6 make a return with over 600bhp , pray


Doesnt the c2kr count as one?
Like what do you actually expect from a halo car?

It doesnt have to have supercar performance right? Just something that lifts their image.

Like mazda did with their rx 7 and rx 8. Although currently mazda dont have one afaik


Well consider Honda’s position in making the successor to the NSX, with its overblown development time. It was supposed to be a Halo car. It hasn’t really had a Halo effect as yet. Though Alonso lusting after one was a pretty strong recommendation.

Certainly Saminda had a great Halo car which was discontinued, so naturally there will be your typical fan (perfectly played by Yamahafazer :wink: ) who will insist they must have one. Is it worth the investment? I don’t know!

What I can say is that even a Saminda/Auxaras Halo car will be slower than the new “entry level hypercar” line of GG :wink: but that’s why I don’t ever consider myself even relevant to their sphere of consideration.


I am certainly a hardcore Saminda fan but not Auxuras , i just feel Auxuras should not follow the path they currently going now.


With all the competition going to Saminda, people will undoubtedly flock to challenge GG, KHT and Dimension etc whenever they make fast cars, so unless Saminda decides on a 2000HP halo car, most of us will be faster


and thats why I just sit back and watch I can make fast cars but I cant make super fast cars for me it is about the whole package… Although I am happy DSD has come of age and integrated into Automation lore


I’d of though the new Arrow with an RWD sports car platform from Maesima would be something of halo car :wink:


He can build a million HP supercar for 50K and it would still be out of reach for bench racers who keep demanding them.


@Darkshine5 We’re reaching a stage where such a thing as Automation lore properly exists.

Also I don’t know about anyone else, but if Saminda are going to have a halo car, it should not be a hypercar, mostly because (and I’m sorry to say this) other comapnies will do it better - you guys know who you are - and it doesn’t reflect too well on the company.

Their halo car should be the like the Arrow as @Rk38 points out: powerful and bold enough to be classed as a high end sports/supercar, but not overly bonkers that it strays from Saminda’s core values.


Yep totally agree i would love to see a modern mr2/mrS from saminda. It doesnt need to have 1000hp or do sub 7min gh laps. But something that embraces light cheap fun that every teenager wants as a first car. Think 180sx or lancer style. To me a halo car is something that shows what the company is marketing to.


Light cheap and fun is the past in Saminda , i am glad the C2000R is back after axing CZ6 but what we see here is a 45k hatchback that probably nobody would buy it , we can admit that the C2KR is impressive and i am pretty excited for that reveal but i am totally disappointed when pricing is announced recently .

You won’t see light , fun , cheap and high revving Saminda anymore , but what we see now is bunch of electric shit.

ARROW may be a pretty hardcore car , but it’s still a Maesima rebadged Saminda.


Not seeing a problem here :joy:



Definitely not an Audi :slight_smile:


Does not look like an Audi to me , but Genesis maybe :smile:


#Auxuras leaked China only BTL Sedan , to join along the CLX Crossover

Just Some Facts

  1. The new Auxuras BTL, the Japanese automaker’s first luxury sedan to be developed in China for the Chinese market, after the success of the CLX

  2. The BTL is bigger than ITL but smaller than ETL , will start at $30,800 compared to ITL $28,350

  3. Saminda said in a statement that the car was created for younger buyers.

  4. It will use the same 1.5 and 2.0-liter inline 4 turbocharged engine found in the Saminda C5.

  5. The BTL will be released on Q2 of 2016.


Dear Saminda , you are giving the Chinese to much good stuff , show us some love.

Your Sincerely , around the world


Released Q2 of 2016? Mate, we’re nearly done with the year…


In Saminda , we always believe if there is demand there will be supply .

@ramthecowy Everything here doesn’t link to current RL timeline :smile:


We demand CZ6.