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Auxuras Motor Co - Next Step, The Comeback


Very cool taillights. Average economy. Not enough SUV. Realistic :ok_hand:


The CLX will have hybrid version by end of this year with even better fuel economy.


Seems more like a Compact Crossover, but nice design!


Auxuras will be moving it headquarters to it new Kansas Plant in U.S from Japan

DETRIOT, U.S - Saminda Motor Co has announced it luxury division Auxuras will be moving out of Japan to it new Kansas plant in the United States, the move will affect around 7,000 employees in Tokyo.

Saminda said the reason behind is to do with manufacturing, cost and productivity, Eric Ballman, Vice President for Auxuras said “Auxuras is born in the U.S while 90% of Auxuras are also bulit here, moving it headquarters into U.S means it will be cheaper and easier to manufacture cars and it’s more logical”

The Kansas HQ will be completed in late 2019


YEAR 2018 (2019 Model Year)

Introducing the all new ITL Spec-V, Conquer the road, Conquer the track, Conquer your fear.

Auxuras ITL Spec-V

Engine : CER Series , CER350FK

The new Spec-V marque represents the high-performance division of cars produced by Auxuras.

This ITL Spec-V is the Japanese marque’s most un-Auxuras-like car ever created, it was their first high-performance sedan since it were founded in 1992

Powered by a 3.5-liter V6 twin-turbo engine founded in the CZ6, the ITL Spec-V is targeting the likes of Sachiuri.

Although there are some resemblances to the normal ITL, the ITL Spec-V is visually distinguished by its ‘Spec-V’ logos, large carbon fibre grille, sporting flared fenders, 19-inch wheels and the quad exhaust outlets that look aggressive.

Spec-V is only available in North America, for now
Auxuras plan to further expand it Spec-V marque to countries like China, but it will focus the marque in North America first.

The Auxuras ITL Spec-V allows drivers to have the best of both worlds. It is the perfect car for the driver who wants to take his family of four out to a simple dinner but yet wishes to set the roads on fire when he’s driving alone.

Designed by : Walt Johnson (Saminda California Design Studio)

North America Only

Greensburg, Indiana, United States

ITL Spec-V : $58,880


Not an M4 rival - it weighs too much and isn’t powerful enough to be a direct competitor - but it might make a compelling alternative to a Kia Stinger GT.


Awesome! Curious, but am I allowed to give a little constructive criticism? :slight_smile:


Yeah! so we can improve our products

@abg7 It’s heavy because it got plenty of safety features you ever need, and to have better stability during high speed, but i have to admit it’s little underpower, we will improve


So I love the design language, I really do; that back end is awesome! I think that the front is a little strange though, too much grille and not enough headlights.

Maybe a little more like this :wink:


Auxuras design language is suppose to make it cars look sleek and “muscular”, hence the big grille and small headlights! but will take note of the feedback :smile:


Saminda admit that they get their first Spec-V “wrong”, to have emergency improvement

The ITL Spec-V, enthusiast had such high hopes for it as it’s suppose to return the sporty image of Auxuras of the past. Saminda has admit they get their first Spec-V model “wrong”

Power to weight issue
Criticism of the car from various of magazine mainly is it power to weight ratio with 375hp and nearly 2ton, the car just doesn’t “deliver”.

Motortrend said “The ITL S-V is a disgrace to the CZ6 which it had the same CER series 3.5-liter twin turbo engine, the CZ6 makes 550bhp while the R version makes an impressive 600bhp, almost double of it figure”

Autoguide criticise the car is too heavy for this segment, “The ITL S-V weighs at 1.9ton, with just 375bhp and cost nearly 60grand, a Sachuiri sL200 Sports which is faster and 20grand cheaper would be much better off”

Redline reviews wrote that “We have to admit Auxuras make one of the best AWD system in the market to date, but the ITL S-V just doesn’t corner as fast as you would expect due to it weigh and the body roll is too much consider the fact this is a sports car” they also added that this car doesn’t have the “Saminda Spirit” on it.

Saminda admits the problem
American Saminda Motor Co. have admitted the ITL Spec-V was not a product they should have launched so early, “We have released the ITL Spec-V in a rush and we shouldn’t have done that” said Matthew Roy the managing director

But Saminda denies the engine of being weak like most car journalist said “The power is alright, what we are looking at would be the weigh and suspension tuning issue, the ITL Spec-V should be a balance car instead of a power hungry car” said Matthew

ITL Spec-V Sports Pckg on the works

The bad criticism lead Saminda to have a “emergency improvement” by introducing the “Sport Pckg”, it will have dramatic improvements then the current ITL Spec-V and will be release on 2019 as a 2020 model


Auxuras reveal China only BTL sedan, to go on sales this November.

The BTL is the second model from Auxuras to be sold only in China.

The BTL sedan will be manufactured by Saminda in collaboration with its Chinese partner, Wuhan Motors, together with the CLX Crossover, Saminda says that it hopes to strengthen its presence within compact luxury sedan category in China.

The BTL will be powered by a choice of two petrol engines, a 2.0-liter unit which produces 150bhp and 193Nm of torque, and a 1.5-liter turbocharged with 180bhp and 230Nm of torque. Both engine options only available in automatic transmissions.


ETL-L and BTL poster

ETL-L is only available in Chinese market as a long wheelbase version of the ETL

BTL will also only be available for Chinese buyers, it’s shorter in wheelbase than the ITL

(The ETL has been redesigned because i have lost a few of my cars for some reason)


Does the ET-L have a wheelbase of 3.1 metres? And how much does it cost?


I still uses the 2.8 wheelbase body but stretched it up a little with morphing, by lore it will gain around 4.5inches more (115mm more) making it around 2.9 in wheelbase, 3.1 would be the upcoming STL instead.

The price have not been announced yet until it’s released :smile:


YEAR 2018

Introducing the all new BTL sedan,

Auxuras BTL 2.0

Engine : KA Series , KA20K1

Auxuras BTL 1.5T

Engine : RE Series , RE15F3

The BTL sedan is for China only, it is manufactured by the Saminda-Wuhan Motors joint venture while based on the Saminda HJ platform (Sames as the Saminda C1,CR1 and Auxuras CLX)

Auxuras says the market for compact premium cars is booming in China, which the BTL can help the company to strengthen its presence here.

The BTL sedan measures 4,448 mm long, 1,801 mm wide and 1,442 mm tall. The wheelbase is stated to be 2,610 mm in length, making it 150 mm shorter compared to the ITL Sedan

Engine and Drivetrain
The BTL will have 2 engine choices, the 2.0 liter four-cylinder engine or the 1.5 liter RE15F3 turbocharged four-cylinder engine. The naturally aspirated 2.0 will be equipped with a 6 speed automatic while the turbocharged version will have a 7 speed dual clutch automatic. It will only be available in front-wheel drive.

The BTL is designed by : Wuhan Saminda Motors

China Only

Related : Saminda C1, CR1 and CLX, HJ platform

Wuhan, China (Wuhan Saminda)

BTL 2.0 : $28,500 (195,000元)
BTL 1.5T : $32,800 (265,000元)


Our N/A engine are usually more rev happy, and i kinda done it on purpose because of our lore (due to i-VIC tech).

The 1.5T is more performance orientate, the dual clutch helps the car perform better.


It’s what the game does. Modern engines ingame tend to produce their peak power later than RL equivalents. It also depends on how the engine was built. Simply changing the exhaust manifold can move peak power by 1000rpm.

Regarding No.2: It is not uncommon among manufacturers to offer older drivetrain combinations alongside newer ones as budget options.


In general I do think the cam ratio and exhaust sizes used in Automation are larger than what is used in real life - correct me if I’m wrong. If you limit those, you tend to get closer to real life peak rpms I have found. The issue you run into then is that the peak power is significantly different than in reality.


I’ve also noticed this. It’s hard to get an equivalent 3.6L DOHC V6 to the real life Pentastar for example, without using careful quality sliders and -10 cam quality.

The Pentastar makes peak 305 hp at 6400 rpm for example, but to do that in Automation you either negatively abuse quality, or you make it rev to 7,000 RPM.