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Auxuras Motor Co - Next Step, The Comeback


Oh you’d be surprised how much difference those extra revs can make. As you probably know I used to drive a 1995 Nissan Maxima QX with the 2.0L VQ20DE engine, 1995cc V6 with 24 valves and 140hp. Earlier this year before I fucked everything up I test drove a 1998 Lancia Kappa sedan with the 5.20 VIS engine, a 1998cc Inline 5, 20 Valves and 155hp. The power difference is negligible due to the 100 additional kg the Lancia has. But the Nissan engine hits peak power at 6400rpm and will let you rev to a maximum of 6900rpm, it also becomes increasingly unwilling to rev after about 5800rpm. The Lancia engine meanwhile produces peak power at 6500rpm, yet that engine is much more willing to rev all the way up to 7500rpm, which results in a far different character and more enjoyable drive despite both being theoretically identical in many ways. Both cars also have very similar short gear ratios in their 5-speed manual gearboxes, yet the Nissans unwillingness to rev results in a meager 201kph top speed. The taller Lancia can hit 218kph on flat ground (Note that I once got the Nissan up to fuel cutoff in 5th, at precisely 225kph).

I know this has quickly turned into an advertisement for a 20 year old Fiat but this was a perfect opporunity to explain my point why 500 unnecessary revs sometimes do make an important difference. After all most of us would prefer to buy a car on subjective terms.


Auxuras NGSC concept hints revival of ZXE?

Auxuras announced a daring new sports coupe concept, the NGSC which stand for ''NewGenSportCar - hinting at the possibility of a ZXE revival.

Is this the revival of the ZXE which Auxuras cancelled last year? Its proportions looks like it will be a front-engined, RWD configuration, a unique layout for Auxuras since they doesn’t have cars that are RWD.

‘‘The NGSC concept express the Auxuras brand on how it can also be sporty and we are very excited on how future Auxuras vehicle will look like’’ said Michael Jones, President of Saminda California Design Studio

Auxuras however has not said whether a production version of the this coupe will be built, nor whether it would be called the “ZXE”.


A mean looking front end, but definitely… polarizing taillights! I like it!


“No plans for Spec-V SUV’s and Crossover” said Eric Ballman, Vice President for Auxuras Motor Co.

(2019 Auxuras NLX teased)

DETRIOT, US - Auxuras has confirmed that it SUV’s and Crossover will not recieve the Spec-V treatment, it will be exclusively for Sedans only.

Ballman explained that the Spec-V marque is a performance and track focus marque and SUV’s demand for it isn’t there.

The 2019 Auxuras NLX will be debut in this upcoming LA Auto Show.


2020 ITL Spec-V “Sport Pckg” details leaked.

(2018 ITL Spec-V shown)

The just released ITL Spec-V were supposed to be the “America C2000R”. Since the release it had been criticised so badly that it forced Auxuras to give an emergency improvement in less then a year.

A Better Car
Auxuras said the 2020 ITL Spec-V “Sport Pckg” will have it suspension overhual for a much engaging drive, power will be increased from 376HP to 400HP and will go atleast a 100kg diet.

Exterior will have a slight changes but do not expect major differences. However, interior will have no changes

The 2020 ITL Spec-V “Sport Pckg” will be debut in the up-coming North America Auto Show.


2020 STL will be the first vehicle to have no physical button

DETROIT, US - Auxuras Motor Co. has confirmed a concept version of the STL will be coming to NAIAS, and it doesn’t have any physical button in and outside.

How does it work
Auxuras says the car will have as much as 100 sensors which uses OneTouch Technology developed by Auxuras, a tech which is similiar to cellphone that you can scroll up and down and click using our fingertips

Even the window switches uses the OneTouch Tech sensor which you can wind down or up the window by scrolling up or down with your fingertips from a small touch screen display on your door armrest.


Fun times ahead.
It would even probably be possible to create touch sensitive areas without screens. The digitizer could work as a standalone tech.
However. I remember McLaren MP4-12C having touch controls to open doors and they did not work well. Theres surely a way aroun these problems.
My bigger concern is that it is a car. That means eyes on the road. Touch screens have zero physical feel of what you’re doing. So you have to look down. And that’s a problem.

ITL Spec-V Sport Pckg and STL revealed in NAIAS

Auxuras in NAIAS


YEAR 2019

Introducing the all new NLX, Be tough, be rough.

Auxuras NLX Standard AWD

Engine : JA Series , JA35AZ (Direct injection introduced in 2016 with 4th generation i-VIC)

Auxuras NLX Premium AWD

Engine : JA Series , JA35AZ (Direct injection introduced in 2016 with 4th generation i-VIC)

Auxuras NLX SpectaL AWD

Engine : JA Series , JA35AZ (Direct injection introduced in 2016 with 4th generation i-VIC)

The Auxuras NLX is a mid-size 7-seater crossover SUV manufactured by Auxuras, the luxury division of Saminda.

Auxuras NLX has long been the sales star of Auxuras lineup, it’s the best selling model for Auxuras.

Plenty of standard features
The car comes standard with the AuxSense safety features and driver-assist technology. It’s got all the goodies we’ve come to expect from a Auxuras like lane keeping assist, adaptive cruise control and forward collision warning.

Auxuras is still using touchscreen-oriented, with a single volume knob. Whether it’s going between setting climate controls or picking a radio station, press a finger to the 8.5-inch display and one expects to feel a little vibration. The system is super responsive.

It also has easy access to the third-row seats. A single push of a button moves the second-row seats forward and out of the way in order for the poor souls stuck in third row to climb back there.

Engine and Drivetrain
The NLX comes without a choice of engines. It is powered by a 3.5-liter V6 engine producing 300 horsepower. It offers plenty of pep, and the gas mileage rating is a respectable 19 miles a gallon in the city, 26 mpg on the highway and 23 combined in AWD.

AWD is standard across all trim as Auxuras stated in 2017 that the brand will go full AWD by 2020. To save gas, NLX has a stop-start system to shut off the engine at stop lights. It worked quite well and we barely noticed it, but if some find it annoying, there’s a button on the center console to keep the engine continuously running.

An eight-speed automatic is also standard in all trim. In a bid to save more gas, the automatic is constantly shifting through the gears even at speeds below 40 miles per hour

A Smart Choice
All this means that the NLX remains a solid, smart luxury SUV, certainly upscale enough to make an impression when you’re dropping your kids off at school without being ostentatious.

Designed by : Walt Johnson (Saminda California Design Studio )

United States, China, South Korea and Saudi Arabia

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Georgetown, Kentucky, USA

NLX Standard V6 : $44,800
NLX Premium V6 : $48,910
NLX SpectaL V6 : $55,660


For a company founded 27 years ago. It’s doing pretty fine.


Saminda released Auxuras sales report for full year of 2018

Auxuras sluggish in sales lead Saminda to shift it Auxuras headquarters to Kansas, U.S, total sales were down by 8% compared to 2017.

However, Auxuras see rise in China market thanks to it CLX crossover.

Total Sales Figure : 173,427

North America
Auxuras U.S. sales have fallen 4 years straight as most luxury brands rose.

Auxuras hopes it Spec-V marque will increase it sales and exclusiveness but the failure of Spec-V launch was a disaster for Auxuras.

Sales Reported : 147,666

United Kingdom
Auxuras have exited the UK market in 2015, but it plans to continue selling it cars in Saminda dealership till the existing stocks have been cleared.

Sales Reported : 82

China/Hong Kong
Eventhough Saminda sold millions of car in China, Auxuras presence in China still is tiny, But thanks to it new CLX crossover, Auxuras see rise in it sales by 3%

Auxuras had withdraw from Hong Kong on Q3 of 2018.

Sales Reported : 17,006 (China) - 2,560 (Hong Kong)

Russia is a small market for Auxuras and it has starting to import it newer product into the market.

Sales Reported : 4,795

Saudi Arabia
Entered in 2017, Auxuras started to grow in Saudi Arabia after introducing more models

Sales Reported : 735

South Korea
Auxuras had been selling in South Korea for a full year, sales figure have not met expectation by Auxuras.

Sales Reported : 373

Latest entry by Auxuras, Saminda is India 4th largest market and hope to increase it brand value by introducing Auxuras

Sales Reported : 210


YEAR 2019

Introducing the new CLX (North America Version), It’s a hell lot of a car

(S-V Sport Pckg Shown)

Auxuras CLX Premium 1.5T AWD

Engine : RE Series , RE15F3 (with 4th Generation i-VIC and i-VIC TURBO ProAIR)

Auxuras CLX SpectaL 1.5T AWD

Engine : RE Series , RE15F3 (with 4th Generation i-VIC and i-VIC TURBO ProAIR)

Auxuras CLX S-V Sport Pckg

Engine : RE Series , RE15F3 (with 4th Generation i-VIC and i-VIC TURBO ProAIR)

The CLX is a small premium SUV which is only sold in China has arrived to North America market, it’s bulit in Wuhan Saminda plant in China making it the first Auxuras sold in North America that is bulit in China, it share the same platform as the Saminda CR1.

Engine Changes
The CLX in China is powered by a 1.1-liter inline 3 turbocharged or a 2.0-liter naturally aspirated inline-4 engine, instead, the North America CLX has a more powerful 1.5-liter inline-4 turbocharged engine making 180bhp and 230nm of torque, the engine is bulit in Ohio, United States.

Designed by : Matthew Stewart (Wuhan Saminda Chief Designer)

North America

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Wuhan, China (Wuhan Saminda Motors)

CLX Premium 1.5T AWD : $29,800
CLX SpectaL 1.5T AWD : $33,910
CLX S-V Sport Pckg : $35,910


For it having a sport package it has 14 sportiness. That’s a big oof


Except, what matters in an automation “sporty” car is the total demographic score.


The S-V Sport Pckg only differences is it has a much more aggressive kit, bigger wheels and dual exhaust




Revised 2020 Auxuras ITL Spec-V Sport Pckg will hit dealership on April 27. Feature new headlight, tailight and grille hinting facelift version of the ITL

The 2020 Auxuras ITL Spec-V Sport Pckg has been revised again, reason? Auxuras says the ITL is due for a facelift soon and wouldn’t want it most expensive and fastest version to look ‘‘outdated’’

Which means what we are seeing now is kind of the ‘‘facelifted’’ version of the ITL that might be impending on it normal version of the ITL

The ITL Spec-V Sport Pckg will start at $58,510 to $61,850.


YEAR 2019

Introducing the all new NTL, Be extraordinary 非凡的汽车

(S-V Sport Pckg Shown)

Auxuras NTL Premium 2.0T

Engine : KA Series , KA20F3 (with 4th Generation i-VIC and TURBO ProAIR)

Auxuras NTL Luxury 2.0T

Engine : KA Series , KA20F3 (with 4th Generation i-VIC and TURBO ProAIR)

Auxuras NTL S-V Sport 3.5 V6

Engine : JA Series , JA35AZ (with 4th Generation i-VIC and Direct Injection)

The Auxuras NTL is a mid-size executive coupe bulit by the Guangzhou-Saminda joint venture, the NTL is aimed at the Chinese market, it’s based on the New Structural (nS) platform

Chinese Market only
The NTL is positioned between the Auxuras ITL and the ETL. It is manufactured in China by the Guangzhou-Saminda joint venture. It stands on the same version of the nS platform as the China-made Saminda Spinetail. The Spinetail is made by Saminda’s other car making joint venture in China, the Wuhan-Saminda.

Engine Choices
The NTL is available with two engines, a 2.0-liter TURBO ProAIR with 240hp and 312nm, and a 3.5 i-VIC V6 (S-V Sport only) with 300hp and 348nm, both mated to a 8-speed automatic transmission.

Designed by : Kaya Ryuzaburo

China Only

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Guangzhou, China (Guangzhou-Saminda Motors)

NTL Premium 2.0T: $42,580
NTL Luxury 2.0T: $48,580
NTL S-V Sport 3.5 V6: $52,780


YEAR 2020

Introducing the all new 2020 ETL and ETL-L (China), The ultimate luxury.

(3.5 V6 AWD Shown)

Auxuras ETL 2.0t (AWD)

Engine : KA Series , KA20F2Z (with 4th Generation i-VIC and TURBO ProAIR)

Auxuras ETL 3.5 V6 (AWD)

Engine : JA Series , JA35A2 (with 4th Generation i-VIC and Direct Injection)

ETL-L (China only)

Auxuras ETL-L 260 (2.4 FWD)

Engine : KA Series , KA24Z2 (with 4th Generation i-VIC and Direct Injection)

Auxuras ETL-L 200t (2.0t AWD)

Engine : KA Series , KA20F3Z (with 4th Generation i-VIC and Direct Injection)

The Auxuras ETL is a mid-size luxury sedan bulit by Saminda and sold under the Auxuras brand, the ETL is designed in North America and is based on the New Structural (nS) platform

Despite the growing popularity of SUVs and crossovers, the ETL has been the best-selling sedan for Auxuras sedan line-up.

No longer is it just another luxurious car with a touch of Japanese sake. Instead, the Auxuras ETL has undergone a change to become a smooth Japanese Rolls-Royce.

With its gaping spider grille, striking headlamps and wide stance, it bears a close resemblance to the up-coming Auxuras STL flagship. As such, you could say that the 2020 ETL beckons a clear intention of broadening the car’s appeal to buyers of younger age, a praise-worthy feat for a brand that’s commonly associated with the older generation.

2 engine option is available for the ETL (not the ETL-L) a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine that produces 248BHP or a 3.5-liter V6 engine that produces 300BHP, AWD is standard across all trim.

ETL-L for Chinese market
As one would expect from it name, it gets just about the same styling tweaks as its North American counterpart, with a longer wheelbase, Saminda says the long wheelbase is 5.3inches more than the regular version.

For some reason, the ETL-L has different engine option than it regular version, either a 180BHP 2.4-liter naturally aspirated or 265BHP 2.0-liter turbocharged engine.

Designed by : David Cooper (Saminda California Design Studio)

United States, China, South Korea, India and Saudi Arabia

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Georgetown, United States
Wuhan, China (Wuhan-Saminda Motors)

ETL 2.0T : $46,580
ETL 3.5 V6 : $51,650
ETL-L 260 : ¥400,180
ETL-L 200t : ¥470,180


Upcoming Spec-V Sport caught testing with production headlights and quad exhaust.

It will be the most powerful Auxuras sedan ever

The upcoming Auxuras Spec-V Sport had been caught undergoing testing in Germany.

Rumors about the Spec-V Sport powertrain have been swirling, but it’s believed that a turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 engine used in the CZ6 will be under the hood, possible making around 500bhp, since the CZ6 makes around 550bhp.

Expect the Spec-V to begin production in 2020 and arrive as a 2021 model priced around $90,000 USD