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Auxuras Motor Co - The all-new BTL is available in North America


YEAR 2019 (2020 Model Year)

The revamped ITL SPEC-V, Fearless, that’s what you get.

Auxuras ITL SPEC-V (Facelift)

Engine : CER Series , CER420FK

The 2018 ITL Spec-V has been heavily criticized for its poor performance and handling after it had just launch for just a month. Saminda has admit that they get their first Spec-V ‘‘wrong’’ and promise to have an emergency facelift with suspension and engine upgrades.

Now called the ITL SPEC-V (Sport Pckg), Saminda says it will be 20% faster and much more responsive to drive.

It’s still uses the same 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 engine that puts out 44bhp and 20nm of torque more, from 370bhp to 414bhp.

There are minor changes from the outside too, The headlights have been reworked with new Auxuras ‘‘SmartEYE’’ technology that it can adjust it light based on the road condition/weather, the grille have also been redesigned, with stripe pattern.

‘‘Saminda was born in the racing world, the ‘‘Saminda Spirit’’ will always be here and the 2019 ITL SPEC-V proves it’’ said Eric Ballman, Vice-President of Auxuras Motor Co.

Designed by : Walt Johnson (Saminda California Design Studio)

North America Only

Greensburg, Indiana, United States

ITL Spec-V (Sport Pckg) : $64,880

Saminda admit that they get their first Spec-V “wrong”, to have emergency improvement

The ITL Spec-V, enthusiast had such high hopes for it as it’s suppose to return the sporty image of Auxuras of the past. Saminda has admit they get their first Spec-V model “wrong”

Power to weight issue
Criticism of the car from various of magazine mainly is it power to weight ratio with 375hp and nearly 2ton, the car just doesn’t “deliver”.

Motortrend said “The ITL S-V is a disgrace to the CZ6 which it had the same CER series 3.5-liter twin turbo engine, the CZ6 makes 550bhp while the R version makes an impressive 600bhp, almost double of it figure”

Autoguide criticise the car is too heavy for this segment, “The ITL S-V weighs at 1.9ton, with just 375bhp and cost nearly 60grand, a Sachuiri sL200 Sports which is faster and 20grand cheaper would be much better off”

Redline reviews wrote that “We have to admit Auxuras make one of the best AWD system in the market to date, but the ITL S-V just doesn’t corner as fast as you would expect due to it weigh and the body roll is too much consider the fact this is a sports car” they also added that this car doesn’t have the “Saminda Spirit” on it.

Saminda admits the problem
American Saminda Motor Co. have admitted the ITL Spec-V was not a product they should have launched so early, “We have released the ITL Spec-V in a rush and we shouldn’t have done that” said Matthew Roy the managing director

But Saminda denies the engine of being weak like most car journalist said “The power is alright, what we are looking at would be the weigh and suspension tuning issue, the ITL Spec-V should be a balance car instead of a power hungry car” said Matthew

ITL Spec-V Sports Pckg on the works

The bad criticism lead Saminda to have a “emergency improvement” by introducing the “Sport Pckg”, it will have dramatic improvements then the current ITL Spec-V and will be release on 2019 as a 2020 model


2020 BTL will come to the US with new face

It will be the cheapest Auxuras offered in US, starting at $25,000

BTL S trim shown

It’s a long time since Auxuras expand it lineup in the US, but now we finally see a new entry level Auxuras coming to the States which called the BTL.

However, it also comes with a history. Designed and built for the Chinese market, it debuted in 2018 and has been a runaway success. Industry watchers have long speculated about whether it would come to the United States, and how it would fare here if it did.

And we finally get it now which Auxuras has confirmed about it. "We want our lineup to go global instead of differentiate it on certain market” said Eric Ballman, VP of Auxuras Motor Co.

The BTL will come with a 2.0-liter naturally aspirated engine or a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine, producing 155bhp and 200bhp respectively.

It will go on sales early Q1 of 2020.


The 2020 ETL Spec-V, Prepare yourself.

Auxuras ETL Spec-V

Engine : CER Series , CER500CS

The 2020 ETL is the second model by Auxuras to offer it Spec-V marque and is a combination of incredible performance and surprising efficiency.

The most powerful Auxuras sedan, yet
The ETL Spec-V twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 is basically a de-tuned CZ6 engine, it produces 525bhp and 450lb-ft of torque and all that monstrous engine routes power to all four wheels through an 8-speed automatic transmission. Auxuras says the transmission shift as fast as 0.1s

Still Practical
The ETL Spec-V continues to offer decent seating for five adults, and a large 540-liter boot that’ll manage family holidays and beyond with a 40/20/40 split fold. For those needing to tow things real fast, it’s rated to pull an impressive 1900kg.

The new ETL Spec-V is another masterpiece from the brilliant minds of Auxuras.

Designed by : David Cooper (ETL), Thomas Schenker (Spec-V) @ Saminda California Design Studio

North America Only

Georgetown, United States

ETL Spec-V : $83,580


The all-new BTL is available in North America, No doubt a sport sedan

Auxuras BTL 2.0 CVT

Engine : KA Series, KA20V (Introduced in 2004 with 4th generation i-VIC)

Auxuras BTL S 1.5t

Engine : RJ Series , RJ15F1 (Introduced in 2020, with 4th generation i-VIC, sucessor of the RE turbocharged series)

The 2020 BTL is the latest entry level sedan offered in North America market, it’s the cheapest Auxuras starting at $25,000

The BTL was introduced in China on 2018, however, the 2020 facelifted BTL is designed in North America so the China market has not yet recieve the facelifted BTL.

Cheapest Auxuras
The BTL holds the value of owning a luxury sedan and yet without burning your pocket, but if you go up to the S trim with the 1.5t engine, it goes to just over $30,000.

Engine choice
Either a 2.0-liter naturally aspirated or a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine will be powering the BTL, with 152bhp and 200bhp perspectively, the 1.5-liter turbocharged engine is newly developed by Saminda engineers which codenamed RJ series, it’s a replacement of the problematic RE series (turbocharged only).

Designed by : James Lemanski @ Saminda California Design Studio

North America and China

Georgetown, United States
Wuhan, China (Wuhan Saminda) not a coronavirus pun, it’s really the lore of my company

BTL 2.0 CVT : $25,000
BTL S 1.5t : $31,500