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Average Person Driveability Test (APDT -- BeamNG testing)


Thank you Bridgell Motor Company for letting us toy around with the Flatt Eco Wagon!

We’re driving the Flatt Eco wagon. An economical wagon. Is it an actual economic, easy to drive family wagon, or did we get rick rolled by Bridgell Motor Company and this thing is in fact a sleeper that can reach light speed faster then sugar free gummy bears can move through my intestinal tract? Only one way to find out…

Lap #1 (03:05.043)
Off we go and there’s a tiny tiny bit of wheelspin off the start. Just enough to make you feel alive, and for your wife to ask you if you’ve taken your anti psychotic drugs today. Just enough to once again feel like a young wannabe racer in his ricer Honda Civic. Oh and Bridgell wasn’t joking. This is an eco wagon. It’s super tame and easy to corner. There’s less sign of rear end slippage then there is Eskimos in Nicaragua. Basically none! Also must compliment the auto gearbox. It seems quite reactive to my right foot.

Lap #2 (02:58.933)
Now, me and the car aren’t the best of friends. The car’s automatic gearbox is quite the smartass. I want you to hold this gear, I tell it. “And I want to screw Pamela Anderson in a private jet while high on coke but I can’t have that now, can I?”, the gearbox tells me. It doesn’t let me have the revs, since it can’t have Pamela and a private jet. But that’s perfectly okay since this is an eco car. But I actually wish Bridgell had sent us a manual version to mess about with. Now that I more or less got a feel for the car, I can do better lap times.

Lap #3 (02:58.843)
I would say the oversteer is very easy to control but it’s a bit too much here and there. The car tried to pick a fight with the racing circuit fence and lost so back to the start line, kiss the car’s ouchies and retry. Now, I dare to say that literally anyone, yes, even you that’s reading this, can toss this car around a racing circuit and not crash. A hamster with no legs could drive this thing. It’s so freaking tame and easy to drive. A lobotomized opossum can with zero problems race this thing.

Best lap: 02:58.843 (Lap #3)


  • Extremely easy to drive.
  • Extremely easy to learn.
  • Stays stable in corners and high speed.
  • Has rather decent cornering. 50mp/h+ in medium bends.
  • You can violate the accelerator as much as you’d like and you won’t die.


  • I wish it had a manual gearbox.

Final verdict: This thing is incredibly easy to drive and learn. Anyone can toss this around a racetrack. Even your unborn child while it’s still a developing fetus. An extremely driveable car. APDT Approved!


Since you’ve liked the car, we recomend to play around with our GTT Coupe, to prove that a wild ride can be archived on the same platform. Only when you have time, since I’m sure you have other companie’s cars to test.

Bridgell Flatt - GTT Coupe.car (37.2 KB)



Please send us the BeamNG ready file and the test driver will gladly play with that machine.

falukorven, head of APDT Testing Co.

P.S, our test driver is having a wet weekend so yeah… No test drives during this weekend. Don’t drink and drive kids (if you’re a kid, you shouldn’t be driving anyways, hah!)


Aaaand we’re back! After a beer infused Friday, our test driver can get back behind the wheel. First up is the Panther Prestige+ by ELECTI. A luxury barge with a powerful V8 by @GROOV3ST3R . It’s supposed to be both comfy and sporty and they told us to watch out for enthusiastic steering input while braking. Question is, is this car a well dressed gentleman that takes bull testosterone by night and throws bricks at people, or is it a land based luxury barge that behaves like a the captain of the ship has downed two bottles of vodka? Only one way to find out…

Lap 1 (02:16.541)

And full steam ahead. Since this is a supercomputer on wheels, there’s no wheelspin. And it has a freaking magic DCT so obviously I set it to sport mode and let the computer shift for me. Why? Because I’m a human and the car is a machine. I do not take orders from a machine. You need to shift now, sir, the car says. Hell no, b#¤%h, you’re a computer, I don’t take commands from robots. This is not RoboCop. THIS IS REAL LIFE!!! SHIFT FOR ME AND SHIFT REAL GOOD. SHIFT LIKE YOU F#%¤ING MEAN IT!!, I say. And the car obeys and shifts lighting fast with no funny business between shifts. Attaboy…

Lap 2 (02:11.512)

This thing is lightning fast. Faster then me climaxing while with a rent-a-girlfriend in a sleazy cockroach infested motel in a shady part of town. Faster then a fat guy can devour a tripple whopper at Burger King. Faster then the time it takes for a SJW to get triggered. And this car really licks the corners. It licks them real good. It has a cornering fetish. Oh damn, this car has a slick tongue. This car is a real player and has licked many corners to unimaginable amounts of pleasure. It licks them going 55-70 mp/h. And the traction. The wheels are glued to the road and dispense power like a champ. The wheels are more glued to the ground then aunt Anna is glued to her pack of Marlboro lights and Spanish soap operas. Keep in mind that this car is morbidly obese at 2.4 ton. This car is morbidly obese but is more fit then skinny me that feels his heart breaking his ribs after going up some stairs. This car is skinny-shaming people!

Lap 3 (02:10.854)

All the electronic crap in this thing makes it so accessible. It’s more accessible then smuggled, tax free tobacco and booze. This car is in fact more fun then smuggled tax free tobacco and booze. Because unlike smuggled tobacco and booze, this car isn’t laced with methanol or human excrement, this car isn’t a knockoff, it is safe and easy to drive for anyone. It hasn’t spun out once, it hasn’t behaved funnily. There was nothing fishy with going fast. Beyond stable over 140mp/h.

Best lap: 02:10.854 (Lap 3)


  • The car has a cornering fetish.
  • Traction is like glued to the ground.
  • Amazing DCT gearbox.
  • No slippery rear end when flooring it out of corners.
  • Electronic magic keeps it stable.
  • Extremely easy to drive and learn.


  • The car is a pervert.
  • The car is a fit fatass that skinny-shames people.

Final verdict: Superb traction, stable in corners, no funny business with braking and accelerating out of corners. An extremely driveable car that’s extremely easy to learn. APDT Approved!


As Chair of ELECTI Group, I would like to extend our warmest thanks to Mr Falukorven and the team at APDT. We have thoroughly enjoyed the tremendous write up and review of our car and are extremely satisfied with the outcome. Our design and production teams can breathe a sigh of relief and validation now.

GROOV3ST3R, Chairman of ELECTI Group


Hoping that a little Import Retro action is fun today…

The 1969 Suzume Hosho GS. Successor to the original Suzume Kaikyu San, and the first Suzume performance vehicle to have 6 cylinders. Using the lessons from the 1952 Corso di Fruinia, Suzume engineers came home and redeveloped their first production boxer motor, 1400ccs in size. They were not satisfied to sit on their laurels, and developed the 2.9 “Kagoshima” H6 motor found in the Hosho 29G and GS models.



Thank you @th3maldonado for letting us test this vehicle. Today we have the Virage VIII VSi 2017 by company Bramhall. The European take on a luxury car, featuring a fat sedan with a turbo’d 4 cylinder producing 257 horsies. Question is, is this an actual sporty luxury sedan with a hyperactive yet efficient little engine? Or are we in fact witnessing how environment awareness is destroying automobiles like Cassandra, 16 years of age, destroyed her life by going YOLO and not using contraceptives? Only one way to find out…

Lap 1 (02:29.342)
And off we go! It’s a four cylinder and it’s marketed as a sports & luxury saloon. Now it doesn’t really feel all that cheery and energetic as I was lead to believe. It’s like Timmy, 5 years of age, when he found out Santa was in fact the local alcoholic with a fake beard. Timmy was happy and energetic but his childhood world was obliterated so now Timmy is sad, depressed and just doesn’t care anymore. This car is Timmy. The car doesn’t care. It gets going but it’s just meh. But this is about driveability mainly anyways. The car is incredibly predictable and easy to drive and has all the bells and whistles you expect from a supercomputer on wheels. Electro-magic and also a DCT gearbox.

Lap 2 (02:23.768)
Little timmy The car is really fun to toss around the race track. And the brakes. The brakes are really strong on this thing. Holy wasp nests, they are strong. They are like that roid junkie of a bouncer you see at the local stripclub. You just want to get in there and look at scandally clad ladies. But the bouncer is holding you back with just one hand. No dice, boy, he says. You just keep doing burnouts with your shoes until the bouncer throws you into a garbage bin. These brakes will stop you, no matter how much you want to keep going. Though I think I was a tad over enthusiastic and beat the brakes and had a little fender bender. No issues though.

Lap 3 (02:23.616)
This thing corners so well. If I do it well, 70mp/h medium corners are no issue and high speed driving is more robust then uncle Brian’s alcohol tolerance. And the lap times speak for themselves. The learning curve is very small since I appear to be driving it at the peak of my driving skills after just one lap.

Best lap: 02:23.616 (Lap 3).


  • Easy to drive.
  • Easy to handle and predictable handling.
  • Roid junkie brakes.
  • Stable at high speeds.
  • Can do medium corners at 70mp/h.


  • Meh performance.
  • It’s not easy to make fun of this thing.

Final verdict: A very stable and easy to use car. Very small learning curve. Ultra stronk brakes. An extremely driveable car. APDT Approved!


Ouch XD
I guess the recycling of the Viva’s 4 cylinder shows through a lot. I guess dev-ing that new V6 would’ve been the better option. nvm. XD Atleast it handles how I wanted it too. Should probably have de-spec’d it to the Si model. then ran the 2.6 V6 dev engine. Kicks out around 350bhp.


Lagau would like to send you a demo car of the all-new Lagau APG II that will be unveiled later in the year to the public.
We would like someone to test the easiness of the car because we want our customers to know that they will be able to handle the sheer power of the V12 inside.


  • Even though it has All-wheel drive, It’s power delivery is mostly rear-biased. So dont go too cocky about having AWD.
  • The V12 we sourced is a detuned Hillclimb engines with street legal parts. So the power delivery maybe rough and it shows in upshifts. Be warned.

edit: I will send the files soon within the day.


The review of the Super Strato 3 left me in stitches. Whoever tries that bubblegum-colored… abomination is on a one-way road to hell!

As for the Bridgell Flatt you also tested, if the Eco Wagon is the Dr. Jekyll of the range, I’m expecting the GTT Coupe to be more like Mr. Hyde.


It has a name you know.


Thank you @Marcus_gt500 for lending us this car. Today we’re trying out the Bridgell Flatt GTT Rally Coupe. Bridgell says it’s a wilder version on the Flatt platform. Question is, is the GTT Rally Coupe a rally beast that would make WRC champion Sébastien Ogier cream his pants due to excitement, or is this GTT Rally Coupe in fact a big fat phony? Only way to find out…

Check out Bridgell Motor Company and also their design studio MV Design.

Lap 1 (02:32.248)
This is a rally car. It’s marketed as one. So I expect to feel like Sébastien Ogier even though I’m a random yokel. And I’m not entirely sure. It is extremely under steery and has rather meh cornering. Medium corners are possible only at 45-ish mp/h. Also need to downshift a lot to get power out of the turbo engine. Driving this is a workout. And the handling is more disappointing then modern pop music. I ask the car, hey, are you a big fat phony?. The car gets triggered and in fact it ends in a crash due to the understeer. My mistake this one for underestimating it but also, this car needs anger management lessons. After we fix the car, it’s time for lap number 2… Ha, you didn’t kill me, car. Rekt

Lap 2 (02:27.272)
There’s one more issue. The brakes. The brakes are shadier then the suburbs of Paris. They in fact lock up when you steer and brake hard. Makes me question even more if this car is a big fat blue phony or no. Is the blinking ABS light a mockup? Did Bridgell swipe brakes from an A380 for this thing so that there’s more brake force then there’s shemales in Thailand? And there’s less ABS action then there’s common sense amongst social liberals. Awful brakes.

Lap 3 (02:25.645)
The brakes and having to downshift all the time make this not so easy to drive. And the brakes ended with drifting out in the grass in a corner. I don’t know what to make of this. It’s like a one night stand from Tinder. It was fun but you feel so empty afterwards. It lacked that special something. It was just an in and out experience.

Best lap: 02:25.645 (Lap 3).


  • Quite a fast car.
  • Stable at high speeds.
  • Decent cornering once you get the hang of it.


  • Dodgy brakes and ABS.
  • Need to shift to 1st a lot in sharp corners.
  • Very understeery.

Final verdict: This car might not be a big fat phony but it is like a one night stand. You was excited about it. You went in and out and you’re left feeling empty, missing that special something. It has a learning curve and the dodgy handling and brakes make it not so driveable. Not APDT Approved.


Thank you @VicVictory for letting us drive the 1969 Suzume Hosho GS. A retro import with a 2.9L boxer6 engine. Question is, will this be a well refined Japanese (?) sports coupe, or will it be less controllable then a fat lady in the chocolates section in the supermarket? Only one way to find out…

Lap 1 (02:53.741)
Instantly, I can tell that this is a classic car. The rear end is really slippery. More slippery then the slippery slope that Uncle Tom is on with his alcohol habits. And this car is like a Japanese emperor. It demands respect. God forbid that you disrespect it…You’ll get publicly executed. Being too liberal with the accelerator can end in disaster, unless you know what you’re doing, which I don’t.

Lap 2 (02:53.703)
Me attempting to be the Allies by trying to defeat this Japanese emperor, it ends in disaster. I loose the battle despite my greatest efforts. The rear end of this thing spins out bad. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, THOU SHALL NOT CONQUER MY EMPIRE. REAR END SLIPPAGE, I SUMMON YOU. Thinking that I can handle this, the emperor proves to me that no one, ABSOLUTELY NO ONE, can touch his empire. So rear end slippage uses loss of control against test driver and it’s super effective. Hence the non-existent lap time improvement.

Lap 3 (02:41.608)
The learning curve is steep. All that could be done is regroup and try again. Try again with more respect towards the car. The brakes like to lock up, like any other car of this era, so one needs to be careful. Also, the handling when going out of corners is really unpredictable. This is when this Japanese emperor turns into Godzilla on PCP. It doesn’t want to be driven by a yokel. The car is too good for trash like me.

Best lap: 02:41.608 (Lap 3).


  • Has quite a lot of power, rarely need to shift to 1st.
  • Can corner well if you know what you’re doing.
  • Is decently fast.
  • Stable at high speed.


  • Hard to control.
  • Steep learning curve.
  • Drifty rear end.
  • Thinks it’s a Japanese emperor.

Final verdict: It’s a Japanese emperor. It doesn’t want to be conquered or tamed by trash like me. Only those who know what they’re doing are welcome. The spastic rear end makes it a not very driveable experience. Not APDT Approved.


Blackbirds recently released DM64T is ready to be tested.

The Blackbird Asaha DM64T is the supercar version of the Meijer Asaha DM64T, the engine has been upgraded from 403Hp to 518Hp but weight has slightly increased.


OMG, I am laughing my ass off at this whole review… Thanks!


Thank you @Tyhikastija at for lettung us toy with this automobile. The Ökul S93 has been given to us by Ökul Motorcars Inc. For those who want to see, more pics can be found here.

This is a prototype of an upcoming sports car featuring a high revving boxer 6 and a DCT 7 speed tranny. The manufacturer was kind enough to tell us about a slippy rear end and to top it all off, they told us this is one out of seven existing prototypes of the car.

With such immense pressure on our test driver’s shoulders, it’s time to answer questions. Is this car like a roid using hunk dressed in a tailored suit that works as a CEO, or is this car trailer trash that wears a wife beater and smokes crack all day? Only one way to find out…

Lap 1 (02:15.681)
With the slippery rear end in mind, and the fact that this is one of seven existing prototypes, I put the gearbox in sport and floor it like there’s no tomorrow. And to my surprise, the rear end stays put. What? Is this a sitcom? Or is the car a sociopath that will strike back when I least expect it? This thing slices corners like social media slices people’s personalities in pieces and turns them into trend zombies. This is good stuff, m’kay? There rear end doesn’t have psychopathic tendencies.

Lap 2 (02:11.060)
This thing flies. Not literally, but it goes fast. Over 140mp/h on the straightaways and it’s extremely stable and easy to drive. It’s so easy, even a crippled elephant with Parkinson’s could drive this like the Stig. Fast corners can be done over 65mp/h and medium corners can be done in 55ish mp/h. We can probably thank the anti gravity drive electronic stuff for this.

Lap 3 (02:12.698)
I knew the car was a sociopath. Lap number three, it happened. The rear end behaved like a three legged emu dancing jitterbug and I got a nice, adrenaline inducing powerslide out of it. With traction control on! And you know what? There was no care in the world about trashing an expensive prototype car. Felt like it was Fast & Furious. Tokyo Drift baby. This car is just so fun, yet it’s polite enough to not cause you a crash. However, the powerslide cost me a second on the lap time.

Best lap: 02:11.060 (Lap 2)


  • Very fast.
  • Amazing traction.
  • Has an anti gravity drive electronic stuff to keep it stable.
  • Extremely good cornering.
  • Stable at high speeds.
  • Extremely easy to drive.


  • Uhh…I can haz cheeseburger?

Final verdict: Amazing, stable, easy to drive car. It’s glued to the road, there’s no weird behavior, corners great. An extremely driveable car. APDT Approved!


Following investigation of the Beam aero model vs Automation I’ve rectified the high speed handling issue in the Ultima (spoilers don’t register any downforce in Beam). Would you be interested in trying it out again, or would you prefer to test just once? I’m not fussed but I promise you now you’ll find the car easy to drive even with the ESC completely off


Fun stuff.
Actually the car tested was Ökul S93 NH. We have plans to release it along regular and softer S93 and a track-day special S93 NHR.
About the ‘slippy’ rear end… Once you turn electronic nannies off, it becomes really hard to catch high speed slides. I know it from my own experience with the car.


More about the 1973 Velkolepy Popular RSI


lol like that gt impression