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B-SPEC Bob Competition – 80s Hatch/city car [Finished]


Just as I was expecting. I deserved it, too, considering that I needed all of my tuning skills to win that particular category - and I needed the right kind of car for that as well. The absence of some of my closest rivals from the last race also played a part.

But this challenge turned out to be more fun to enter and to watch than I thought it would be - the limited budget and power outputs brought out the best in every entrant. Some did better than others, but I will happily take my first-ever win in any forum competition.


2nd position out of the Bob’s? I’ll take that as a win for the car :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks @Private_Miros for hosting this. Wish I had more time to get involved.


Thanks for seeing it through Miros. Even if more people had sent in tunes for this last round it looks like my tune was able to perform well compared to the strongest cars, plus I had better luck with maintenance. Seeing the points distribution I don’t think favours from RNGesus would have put me any higher on the podium, so I’ll take it!


when is the next one of these Competition things like this?
i might Make something to compete if i can