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B-SPEC Bob Competition – 80s Hatch/city car [Finished]


Ah, so i’ve likely set a maximum price with my car then xD


A great chance for taking SBA’s Gracelet Mk.III (facelift) for a spin


Introducing the 1982 Centauri Commune DX
A sporty subcompact coupe for the urban jungle, it’s fuel injected 1.6L 8V 4 cylinder gives a EPA combined 31 MPG and 60mph in 12.1 seconds.



It is small, fast and frisky.
The interior is nice with power windows and good seats and the cassette radio isn’t the cheapest.
The 1.3 turbo delivers punchy 98 horsepower.

This car was really good at what it should be, but the beginning of Renoir’s end as it didn’t sell as planned. The Japanese were cheaper and more reliable although the XR was definitely not the most likely to break down considering the high level of technology.


Gosh darnit, just realized I forgot wipers… RIP


How about a Nikata Kitty NXi 1.5


Would a small wagon suffice as a hatch, or does it need to be a labeled as a hatch in-game to participate?


Maybe. Maybe not. I cannot select all.


I love this thing


@Private_Miros I know you answered earlier about increasing redlines but I’m just wondering if that means we can’t increase them at all, or we can but they aren’t considered a mod of some sort.(I think making it part of a cam/ecu upgrade would be a good idea for possible future upgrades if you do this again)


Yes, that is certainly something I keep in mind, for future B-Specs if this works out well, or to add some balance should things be skewed by race 3.

So far though, the entries that I keep on my shortlist seem to work out with the upgrades I have listed.


@Private_Miros My car already has a turbo… Is this a no-go? Renoir is a Renault parody and you know… they were turbo pioneers in formula 1 so the Renoir road cars reflect this…


Not necessarily.


This looks like a Micra how it should have been. Excellent design.


Updated a number of rules for part 2.



This is the 1984 Umakicho Ninja DL.

It is not really a hatchback, it is a small FWD coupe. The DL is the base model with an 1.8 inline four and nothing special otherwise, so it’s not expensive.
Would this have a chance to go through? It is great for souping up as it’s definitely a nice ricer car.


Quite big in terms of engine and car. That looks very much a segment above what I’m looking for.


Maybe someone could explain to me how to solve a small but annoying problem with my car: the fact it’s that suspension keeps bottoming out and to fix that I’m supposed to stiffen the springs a little too much for a city hatchback(or make it a suv). So any advice would be appreciated :grin:


Have you tried adjusting your ride height?


Less sway bars (or just a frontal sway bar), lighter car, more ride height, less negative camber, less downforce