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B-SPEC Bob Competition – 80s Hatch/city car [Finished]


You registered exactly 5 minutes before your post…

Also, the explanation is exactly 4 posts above yours.


TreadKillers at B-Spec

Today the Treadkillers Crew will showcase the two cars we will be racing at this B-Spec event!

Dragotec Via

The first car is the Dragotec Via, drivin by the boss himself.

Visually nothing much changed Because we were expectiong Aero Carbon parts to arive but Hermes lost them in the post but underneath the rear hatch we feed it better fuel and gave it a complete in-house made exhaust system.

As our second car we got a Reduit! And we found a 2004 body kit for it! Timm, our Turbo Man, didnt knew he was going to drive in this… or that he got this car… which doesnt have a turbo. We think he will hate it, and we are not Sorry.

We went with the only right thing to do, spend all the money on Fiberglass Bumpers and AutoZone stickers. Oh and some wheels. We also did upgrade the brakes. We still need Timm cant get him killed. At least not in a 70hp shitbox. Lets hope this engine can hold 3 bar of boost.

More Pictures


Just a reminder:

Registering as team interested in joining the competition (buyer):

Sending me a PM with:

team name
your three preferred racing numbers (00-99) in order of preference

Deadline by 21 August


Just a few hours left.

Currently entered:

User Team Name Number
@mikonp7 Treadkillers 01
@sillyworld Sphinx Racing Team (SRT) 02
@Repti Rhisuki Racing Development (RRD) 08
@CMT Team Rocket 11
@Caligo Iriguchi Performance Racing (IPR) 13
@schultzie Club O.K.! 14
@jameseydude MaPower 21
@Der_Bayer Bavarian Racing Crew 24
@TheTechnoVampire Halton Racing 26
@kobacrashi Reduit Autosport 27
@abg7 GEC Motorsports Division 33
@mart1n2005 Courageux Motorsport 34
@LinkLuke Prior Time Racing 36
@Elizipeazie RK Series Racing 51
@Dragawn Drunk Dragon Driving (DDD) 57
@conan Chod Spot Racing 69
@Crash77 Budget Racing Team (BRT) 71
@TheAlmightyTwingo TAT racing 86

These users can buy cars for the AT and/or BeamNG part of the competition if they have not yet done so already. Cars not sold to anyone will be tuned and driven by Bob.



Unless I missed something, I did not yet receive any car choice from you.
The deadline is tomorrow.

This is just the base car. You still have time to choose updates and modify the car after you received the .car file.


I’m just disappointed nobody tried to get 53. I know there’s no beetle, but still.


When does the racing start? If it’s not until mid next week, and if I’m allowed to export and drive my own tuned car and send in a laptime myself I’d be happy to pick up any one car that wasn’t bought yet.


Deadline is 1st September for getting times in - and yes you are allowed to do that.


Does this mean no part of the car may cross the curb or more like FIA rules where at least part of the car must be within track limits?


No driving past the curbs, so no wheels in the grass or on the other side of the curb.


With regards to the tuned cars, must we submit the tuned trims back to you for them to count?

Also, does the tire upgrade cover changing wheel rim material (e.g. from steel to alloy?)


Yes, of course you need to submit the tuned car back to me.

Tires update allows you to change anything on the wheel tab, bar quality, and as long as the tires are sports.



Unless there’s a mistake on my side, I have not yet received any tunes from you for Race 1. Please send them asap. You still have until the 29th to fine tune and to personalize the exterior of the car should you wish to do so.


in answer to this, i’ll sadly have to retire RK series Racing from this series.

reason being major upcoming changes IRL

sorry for any inconvinience caused


RK Series Racing will be driven by Bob for Race 1. You can choose to pick up at Race 2 or 3.

Good luck or courage with RL!


must’ve been slightly misunderstood then

because of said changes coming up IRL i will not be able to further partake in this challenge
-> RK Series Racing will not be able to provide a modded version of either car bought


You forgot me, but I’ll send you my tunes soon.


I didn’t, you bought your tunes 5 days ago.

You only have to send the .car files by the 29th.


Shall have my tune for you on Tuesday, had work over the weekend as it is a Bank holiday in the UK


Last call for times/tunes/personalised cars for race 1.