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B-SPEC Bob Competition – 80s Hatch/city car [Race 3 - Tunes due 16/10]


Can I get a breakdown on the engine issues? First the injectors issue in the Trek despite having some of the lowest service costs, now this. Am I going to be to Miros races what NormanVauxhall was to the BRC races? :joy:


Just relatively low reliability and fuel consumption compared to the other times in the top 10, which lead to you losing time over the laps despite a better base than than all but one.

You had a bit of bad luck this time with the randomization. I ran it again and this time you would have come out 6th.


Ah thanks for that reminder, now this explains a lot. I must have been quite lucky in the race.


In your case, fuel consumption played a huge role, although the base tune was decent as well.


Well guess we can chalk that one up to whacking an ebay special onto an engine patently not suited for it :joy: did everyone else in the top ten put on a turbo too?

And what’s the regs for the last race?


I did not go for a turbo as my car was already one of the more powerful ones, and it is definitely senseless to have a rocket engine and massive overpowering wheelspin in corners because the remaining budget did not allow for a proper tire and suspension tuning.


Give me some time. I want to allow turbo-tuning and ignition timing, fuel mixture compression, etc… fine tuning.

But I want to keep balance. Will probably be a round without Bobs then.


Race 3

Automation Test Track

West Coast Short Race Circuit

Slight deviation of the initial rules because of repeated requests to tune more of the engine.

Ever user registered, regardless of actually competiting in Race 1 or 2, can still join in Race 3.

  • All budget (30.000 credits) can be used for updates that haven’t been bought yet if you still have left.
  • A turbo charger can be installed for free. If you already have a turbo, you can spend 5000 credits more.
  • Carburated engines can be switched SPI.
  • The engine can be tuned at will (no quality slider changes).
  • power output is limited to maximum 200 horsepower / 1000 kg. Lower is allowed if fuel economy and reliability are your focus.
  • the rest of the car can be tuned according to updates bought.

Deadline for tunes and times for Race 3: 11 October.


When you say “tuned at will” I assume you mean “but no further parts changes” aside from what you’ve mentioned?

because if that’s not what you meant I’m definitely upgrading the injectors, geez


I like your will to follow the wishes of the community, but considering some spent almost all their budget on a turbo, it’s now a hard slap in the face for all those as it’s for free now.
What about giving those guys that installed a turbo for race 2 some cashback, like 50%?


Tuned, but not upgraded.

I do want to keep the unique quirks of each car. You assume well.

Under review.
And rule slightly adapted.


I’m guessing tuned at will also means you can change RPM and cam profile as I know one of my cars has peak power at redline.




Aside from max RPM and cam profile, does this cover any ignition timing, compression ratio and/or AFR changes? I am certain that any and all quality slider settings must be left as they are, though. Also how much will it cost to tune the engine (excluding the turbo, if that part is already installed)? And does turbo tuning include a larger or smaller intercooler?



No extra cost to tune parts that are installed. Intercooler can be changed as well.


Cripes I almost forgot about this!

Remind me how long a pitstop takes again?


Around 1:30, depending on your fuel use (no one needs to stop more than once per 30min).


So in short assuming the difference between my best tune and worst tune is one pitstop extra, I would need to be approximately 2 seconds a lap faster, closer to 4 if it’s 2 pit stops, got it.


Reminder for those who have not yet send their car for race 3. Deadline is extended until 16/10.