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B1414+ Bug Reporting Thread


Please post the issues you find in this thread. If possible include:

  1. How to recreate this bug.
  2. A screenshot and / or the error message you are getting. (You can copy paste the error message!)
  3. The expected behavior if something doesn’t seem to work as intended.

Happy bug-hunting :slight_smile:


The first bug:

Automation minimize to tray, and freeze the game when you are lowing the years since 2014 to 1988 (crash in 1988).

Another problem: you need to click two or more with the mouse to the year selector to change the year, and the bodys (for example, the compact 00) can be used in 2014, and doesn’t appears.


New error (minimizing to tray when the game is loading):

And another error: when you are making the sportscar (the long version), and you try to attach the Maserati like headlights, the game crash.


Wrong engine year in car creator at sandbox, used the standard 2014 instead of the 1988 of the platform, with no option to change.


Is only in the second option: select frame options and body, without changing any other value.

A new bug: the buttons to change the size of the elements and all buttons are offset (for example, clicking in the X to close the engine designer, don’t work, no close, and I need to click slightly above to close, or make anything.

I can’t change the engine designer year.


Not sure if it’s a bug, but the wheels sometimes don’t line up with the rest of the car (when you increase their diameter):


[quote=“Discovolante”]Not sure if it’s a bug, but the wheels sometimes don’t line up with the rest of the car (when you increase their diameter):


Yep, I have the same bug: the wheels are not center with the brakes.


Its more of a minor UI annoyance than a bug, but when making a mid engined car the front suspension is listed in the order 'MacPherson Strut, Double wishbone" and the rear suspension is listed in the order ‘Double wishbone, MacPherson Strut’


Attempting to exit the car designer results in the game minimizing and then closing itself.

I have tried multiple times, same result every time. Couldn’t take a photo because it doesn’t give an error or anything, just closes.


How do you change the year of the engine now?


Got this while browsing through my old engines in the engine designer. Just clicked on one of the engines to look at its stats and the game chrashed with the following error message:

Lua Error:
tolua++ dbcall failed!: [string “–shared\functional\SANDBOX_DATA\CEngineCal…”]:264: attempt to index field ‘ExhaustBypassValves’ (a nil value)

Edit: Seems like it happens after i have clicked on a few engines.


That is probably because you loaded an engine that has bypass valves but was built in a year where there no longer are bypass valves in the new version. :slight_smile:


Try loading in a previously made engine on the right year, that did the trick for me.


Not sure if its a bug, but when a song stops there is a long wait until the next one (sometimes up to a couple of minutes). During that wait there is what sounds like a large ball bearing rolling around inside a large pipe. This is in sandbox mode designing a platform

Is it correct that a corrosion resistant steel ladder chassis should have a low tooling cost while corrosion resistant steel body panels have a high tooling cost? I guess i is to do with the difficulty of shaping it into body panels rather than a ladder chassis, but just wanted to check


Right, that makes sense :slight_smile:
I have another issue, I can´t seem to get the in game window to align up properly with the screen, I tried all the resolutions available in the game options but some parts of the designer is always missing or is too small.
This was not an issue before the open beta, perhaps it´s a known fault because of the new UI?

Edit: I didn´t actually load the engine, just clicked once on it in the list to look at the stats.



Try loading in a previously made engine on the right year, that did the trick for me.[/quote]

but there’s no way to make a new engine in any year but 2014?


Of course there is, you can make in the engine designer, set up the year you want, then load it onto you car.


Oh yeah, that is right! zeussy mentioned that everyone NOT using a 16:9 resolution would get really bad problems playing the game. We’re working on a fix, but in the meantime a simple work-around is to play the game windowed in a 16:9 resolution like 1280x720 or higher.


Great, thanks! :slight_smile:


Moving tail lights causes the body to become transparent.
This is the larger super car body.
Cant change engine year as others have stated, running 16:9 resolution
Pressing the tild key makes the game make a anoying repeated noise.