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B1414+ Bug Reporting Thread


Got this message and a few others when trying to put a crazy inline 6 into that new Le Mans body

Lua Error:

tolua++ dbcall failed!: [string “–client\functional\EngineCombustion_Aspirati…”]:350: attempt to index field ‘ExhaustPoints’ (a nil value)

You can CTRL+C on this to report it.



Do you have that engine and car saved? Could you upload the files? (found in Documents\My Games\Automation)


I have same problem with inline 6 into Le Mans body as smokyburnout
3,2l LeMans.lua (6.85 KB)
Falcon LMS.lua (23.1 KB)


Inline turbos(4 and 6) have had that problem with that body since it was released as a mod.


so it’s appropriate time to fix this bug


Yes, we’ll look into it!