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B1414+ Bug Reporting Thread


I am running 1412.

When I try to launch the game in full-screen, I get the opening graphic, then a CTD with no error message.
When I press “Multiplayer” in the menu, the game hanges for 3-5 seconds then CTD with no error message.
I can not find a Error Log, so it is a little bothersome because I do not know what the issue or cause is.

Any help would be great! :slight_smile:



[quote=“Spock”]It looks like there is an Problem with the Engine Size Calculation
I made nice looking car. But if i made the Engine it was too big.
But it was only an 500ccm 4 cylinder Engine… Still to big :frowning:[/quote]

Which car body, which drive type and which engine layout?[/quote]

I’ve had this issue with the 80s mid engine car if you wanted a longitudinal layout. But speaking of this I think the models are WAY To small in scale to the body of the cars as well. Might just be me though.


Nah, they are not really small, it’s just that there is no stuff around them as you’d have in a real engine bay as all the other parts are not modeled. So it looks small, yes.
Complaining about the engine bay size for small car mid-longitudinal layouts is like complaining that the baguette doesn’t fit in your mouth transversely. Try using mid-transverse for that car instead, that’s the only reasonable way around. :slight_smile:


Nice simile, ñam! :laughing:


There’s a small bug near the mirror and it extends along with the fender(or at least that’s what google translate says it is called)
Also i managed to bug the command console:I wasnt sure if you need the " in screenshot command and at first i used the command without it.when i opened the command console again it said something with"a nil value" at the end.When i tried to write it again with " it thought that 9 is 0,8 is 9 and " is a h


A few more bugs


ctrl+enter after typing allows text to be offset in namefields.

can’t save cars no matter what combination of parts and quality.


I’ve got one bug report and one suggestion here.
The bug is that engine name is back to default one when you close the engine editor and goes into it again and try to revise the engine you’ve created.
and the suggestion one is that in the test track mode, engine and exhaust sounds are too small even though I removed all the exhausts (which means all “none” setting for exhausts).


“So, if nothing is game-breakingly broken anymore, we’ll probably go public with this build tomorrow.”

happened after I finished my transverse mid AWD chassis and went to select a shell


[quote=“Dragawn”]“So, if nothing is game-breakingly broken anymore, we’ll probably go public with this build tomorrow.”

happened after I finished my transverse mid AWD chassis and went to select a shell[/quote]

Happened to me too, but I couldnt recreate the bug…


Another bug again: Mid-Transverse V8 turbo intake and all-wheel drive axle (in yellow circle).


Ok, the update is really awesome! now engine name is fixed to the name given by authors, and I understand the game is getting better and better steadly, keep up the good work, devs! :wink:
On the other hand, the game is still glitching sadlly.
Here are 2 bugs still remains from the earlier versions.

1.Almost any kind of turbocharged engine can’t revise without popping up lua error dialogue like the picture below (this time I made pretty much ordinary 2000cc I4 turbo engine which outputs 310hps ).

2.Like I posted before, the driver assists doesn’t make any difference on car performance or weight etc…

I attach my car file and engine file for your examinations.
OXC1 - Rev0.lua (104 KB)
OX20ARev0.lua (76 KB)


I’m on newest Update (1413) and still got one bug that brings me back on my Desktop when I try to click a Tab at the bottom of the engine designer. So it minimizes Automation window. After that I’m not able to return to the game because the content of the Automation window is invisible. I can hear the sound of button’s when I click inside of the invisible window.


A broken indicator :unamused:

  1. The game does not see some of the cars from previos game versions (1412 or older)

Steps to reproduce:

  • Install version 1412
  • Create several cars
  • Update to version 1413
  • Check sandbox directory


  • Some of the cars will be missing
  • Cars still missing even if only missing car lua file is present in “Models” folder

Attaching one of these “unlucky” cars


  1. After the update tolua++ dbcall failed exception still occurs.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Open Sandbox
  • Load some engine
  • Return to engine directory
  • Repeat steps 2-3


  • After 2-3 tries exception will occur (see screen below)
  1. Car photo and stats still remain in sandbox directory after model deletion

Steps to reproduce:

  • Open Sandbox
  • Select one of the cars
  • Close sandbox
  • Erase “Models” folder
  • Open Sandbox


  • Sandbox folder is empty
  • Previous selected car is still displayed at the bottom (photo and stats)
  1. The game replaces custom engine name with default one when user editing it

Steps to reproduce:

  • Create a new engine
  • Give it a custom name
  • Open engine for editing


  • Custom name is displayed with default name (see screens attached)


  • Custom name should be persisted


Sorry for posting this sepearately, but my previous post is getting really big.

  1. Car stats are distorted after user reopens car for edit

Steps to reproduce:



  • Car stats are persisted.

My comment:
All kind of cars are “suffer” from such bug, but it’s easier to reproduce it on “top” cars.
Engines are suffering from such bug as well: some engines drop power after user reopens them for edit.

Here is my car from example:
Here is my “top” engine:


Sorry for another extra post.

Rather strange and funny bug :slight_smile:

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open car builder
  2. Select 2nd car from the bottom (large car with 900 liter engine bay and “wings” at the back (see screen below)
  3. Make it’s trunk maximal size
  4. Make it’s “Wings” maximal size (see screen below)
  5. Select 3rd car from the bottom (next after this one)


“Wings” and trunk alone don’t affect.
And only 3rd car is affected


More Bugs again (sorry, no pictures).

Rear Double Wishbone/Multilink Suspension with Ladder Chassis (black stripes).
Rear-Wheel Drive Torsion Beam axle bug (when changed from Longitudinal Front to Transverse Front, designed a car but not tested).
Rear Tire Glitch with Torsion Beam Suspension (with large wheel diameter).
70s 2-Door Coupe (not Muscle Body) Exhaust bug (Sedan Body not affected).


[quote=“Dragawn”]“So, if nothing is game-breakingly broken anymore, we’ll probably go public with this build tomorrow.”

happened after I finished my transverse mid AWD chassis and went to select a shell[/quote]

Wasn’t that supposed to have been fixed in 1410/1412?


Viewport is distorted when minimizing the game during initial load phase

Steps to reproudce:

  1. Start game in windowed mode
  2. While game is loading, minimize the game window (minimize, not send in background)
  3. Wait till game is loaded
  4. Open the game window