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BaE's YouTube Challenges


So I run challenges on YouTube, putting them here to share them.

The current challenge I’m running is a 1988 Supercar Challenge. Watch the video if you want a more detailed overview, but I also have a list of the rules and scoring points here.

The deadline is Sunday 25th of August, 17:00 BST. The plan is to go through 5 cars a week but to be brutally honest I’m not the most reliable at getting out videos, so sorry in advance if/when that falls through.

Send cars to me either here or through Discord (Discord username BoostandEthanol#5298) and I’ll let you know if your car breaks any rules.



Short version: Deadline is extended to the 30th of August because I set the deadline at a dumb time. Have fun!


Gotta ask, will the cars in beam have the default tyre pressures or will they be set to a lower pressure?


They’ll be totally standard, I won’t make any adjustments to any of the cars beyond changing the fuel level.


Part 1 of this challenge is out just within the week deadline I set myself. Five cars in this part, three of which are unique and have a very different way of doing this challenge, and two of which are red NSX bodies.


too bad I forgot to submit my entry :sweat_smile:


too bad I didn’t know this challenge :frowning:


Gasp! An upload in a decent amount of time. This time with the BeamNG segment I’ll be recording it with my test driver, so that’s fun I guess? It’s less serious, but I think we got the point across with each car so maybe this format will be more enjoyable? https://youtu.be/MS3-SYqSWD8


More judging cars in Automation!

Are these getting annoying yet?


These cars wouldn’t look out of place in Turbo OutRun or Chase HQ… or the very first Test Drive game, to be honest.


Indeed, sort of the goal of the challenge so I’m glad of that


oh no a double post

And already I’m slowly failing at meeting the deadlines I set for myself. Should in theory get the next part out on Sunday as expected though. In theory.


Some very weird variety today. (Also late upload oh no)


It is pronounced as Mach (Mock) as in when jets reach the speed of sound. Eh my car could be a lot better, I just kind of just put it together quickly without testing everything :stuck_out_tongue:
some fixtures were a pain in the ass to fit to the body like the taillights, other fixtures that would fit were too modern for the time period. The wing is suppose to be like that, to kind of streamline the body between the gap for air to go through, though that wing is not the greatest on the eyes, and getting it in position to make it align to the body was also a challenge.
I will take the criticism though as pointers for my next build as I am learning more and more per challenge. If I can make it through the binning stages :roll_eyes:
looking forward to what the test driver will have to say.
Until then


We’re slightly behind on the driving segment, so sorry about that. More cars at least…