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Balance with pickups and vans


The balance changes might make this all pointless, but I’d figure I’d say this anyway:

-Pickup bodies don’t seem to do much overall. Would “pickup” as a category unto itself with similar flags as the current convertible one help, or would that just get in the way?

-Second, I’ve noticed that pickups/utes or panel van bodies based on smaller cars, as opposed to bigger SUVs, seem to be currently not worth the trouble. I may just be unable to balance them, but find that when I shift from a car body to a pickup or van version of the same (smaller) car, it knocks down the “car-related” categories considerably and doesn’t raise the “cargo-carrying” ones enough to compensate.

Is there any merit to what I’m saying or am I just playing the game badly?


The balance between pickups and vans sure is wonky at the moment and that is something we need to look into for the upcoming rebalance!


Smaller trucks and Utes don’t fare well in the market? Man, your guys’ simulations are eerily accurate to real life.


Small trucks being unpopular in 'murica is mainly a recent problem, but I’d blame the lack of decent options for that.

If you want 4x4 and a V6 you have to pay 30+K, at which point the 4x4 V6 full size pickups seem like a better deal.


Or when you spend an extra $10,000 get the same or better fuel economy 4x the capability, and a more comfortable ride with a full size and a v8. Which is why our last purchase was an F150 with the 5.0. It gets darn near the same fuel economy as my mid sized with a 4 cyl and the new ones don’t do any better and are less capable.