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BeamNG.drive Test Case


Hey guys,

Recently got BeamNG and it’s taken this game to a whole new level for me. I absolutely love it, cheers.

Ive got a test case car I’d like you guys to take a look at. I’ve managed to make a car that feels like it belongs in a racing sim like Project Cars or Asetto Corsa, and actually does behave the way I know a car should. I still get a lot of errors on it, but It drives almost perfectly.

  1. Does the “good” car looks the way it should from your perspective, and
  2. Do you have any suggestions on how to fix the “problem” car.

The Painkiller ‘Apex’ is the good car.
The ‘Apex 2’ is the bad one.

The Apex was hastily thrown together after mothballing another project, and it was immediately promising. I tweaked it a little bit and got it to be a car that’s extremely satisfying to drive, in spite of the errors it throws.

The Apex 2 has much more power, but is essentially the same car I (lazily) tweaked to handle the extra power/downforce. It’s a pile of sh*t in it’s current form, with the main issue being a lack of turn-in (plow). Any suggestions?

I’ll attach the Harlequin Copperhead as well - this is the best driving car Ive made and I think it could be useful as a datapoint.

Cheers fellasPainkiller - Apex.car (24.8 KB)
Harlequin - Copperhead.car (22.3 KB)
Painkiller - Apex 2.car (24.8 KB)


Should probably mention I’m using a Logitech G27, 900 degrees of steering lock.

I also have experience with performance driving in a professional context - I tuned these cars according to traditional wisdom, which often lead to error messages (terminal oversteer, high braking force, downforce too high, tire profile low/wide etc.).

Usually the simulator does a good job of accurately describing the cars behavior, but the Ride Height always seems high - I cant make the springs soft enough to balance the ride height with the amount of downforce I need, and the car usually gives up grip mid-turn cause the suspension cant stay in contact with the ground; unless I set the ride height really high. I suspect something like this is what’s causing the Apex 2 to plow.