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Beanos Comapny Thread - I Don't Know, I'm Bored


Look at these ugly cars

2019 Beanos 400
A comfort oriented sports car with quite the bit of horsies always on stand-by.
current trims avalible: BS Coupe, BS Convertible.
BS Coupe

BS Convertible


Looking at your first car you posted here…honestly it’s still better than mine.


I did a big oopsies here, the cars I’m going to post here are all made quite a while back and also will be some more recent ones and I wanted to put them on the thread sorted by the date they were made, but I forgot a car that was made earlier than that, the Beanos 300. Oops :stuck_out_tongue:

2017 Beanos 300
Supposed to be a fun hatchback, but turned out to be a fish.
current trim available: BS
300 BS


you should make this the logo


The 300 and 400 aren’t ugly at all, and in fact are some of your better-looking cars to date. If only they were as good to drive as their looks suggested.


Perfect marketing for making an invisible brand.


you found the picture of the mascot

2018 Beanos OCD
It's in the name, this car will trigger your OCD.
current trim available: BS

2019 Beanos HST
It's something.
current trim available: BS

2019 Beanos Beans
current trims available: BS, GT, S
Beans BS

Beans GT

Beans S

2020 Beanos Fishe
It's a fish.
current trim available: BS
Fishe BS

2020 Beanos UwU
current trims available: BS, SE


2018 Beanos Penise
Wasting money has never been easier.
current trim available: BS
Penise BS


i like the mismatched plates lmao
on a real note, nice job

2018 Beanos Son
Even though it's named the Son, your son will hate this car.
current trim available: BS
Son BS