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Beautiful cars forum


This forum is the exact opposite of my ugly cars forum. Please post all your motoring angels in here!!! You also have my permission to put them up for download here if you’d like!!!

Ugly cars forum

Kamata Angelus (a car that would definitely belong in here)


It’s based on the version featured in Ridge Racer V if I’m not mistaken. It’s a shame that Automation does not support that car’s three-bank W18 engine configuration yet, and most likely never will.


Ok, the ugly cars thread made sense, since it’s unusual to post cars that the author considers to be ugly. But everyone posts their best looking cars in their own threads, challenges, both Social Media Coverage threads and Discord. Unless there’s some specific idea for this differentiating it from all mentioned ways it’s just redundant and will die as soon as you lose interest.


There is in fact a way I plan to differ This Thread from other threads like it. What I wanted to see is if we could make super cars from history that were previously listed as beautiful by the viewers and owners. This could include things like the TreZor or the Aventador J. That’s just me.

Also, @abg7 is correct in assuming the Angelus is from Ridge Racer V, and I hope @abg7 is pleased with my work.


Hoping this’ll count…


My personal favorites that I made way back in December and January


Another of mine… this was described as beautiful by someone else when I entered it into a challenge.


this is imo


All are awesome! Y’all are in!!!


Danver Quasar Vision-E

Released today on BeamNG, absolutely amazing.




Perhaps this doesn’t suit everyones tastes what beautiful is, but i at least love this sad little box i made :stuck_out_tongue:


Not sad, dude. It looks like something I would make for a YouTube video, and because I design for a whole program and not just myself, that’s saying something. Be proud of yourself. You did a good job.


I love this colorblind’s nightmare.


I love it, too! So expressive! Like like like!!!


I love making interiors. adds so much more style to an otherwise decent/modest design.





The fave cars I’ve made. Soz for the slight spam