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Beautiful cars forum


The favorite of my cars the F.S.A. Aetna 1600 sedan version


This is for me one the very first serious Automation projects, which I still consider as the best effort ever done by me. Also an homage for a very special car for me.



Nice cars y’all!


Does an fire engine count?


Yes it does @Fletchyboy100. You may submit anything you like as long as it’s not ugly, I have a separate forum for those.




Woah. That’s all I can say is woah. Pretty!!!


Some stuff that I hope should be decent:
This old-styled car with modern tech

A modern carburetted car

My idea of a modern Saab 9-3

This Lotus Elise rival

The Italian answer to the Nissan Skyline R34


Personally I wouldn’t call this beautiful, but it did well in a 90s Japanese design challenge here…


@Fletchyboy100 I would!

@ZoomZoomer32 Your designs are nice too!


Built an Australian sports sedan, a Frankenstein of Holden (looks/design) and Ford (powerplant)

Naturally, its RWD, and the engine under the hood is a 465 hp 4 litre DOHC turbo I6


That’s no sedan, dude.

That’s a luxury saloon assuming people would generally call it that. I have no freaking idea.

Anyway great job on the car, I like it.


But it is a sedan though


Yeah you’re right. I call stuff like that “saloon” sometimes and pretend to be proud of it. Here I am once again making zero sense whatsoever. Albeit I can call the car a saloon, it has some saloon features, I will bet.


Since the thread seems to be living and this car is very unlikely to get posted anywhere aside from the challenge for which it was made…

My vision of a 2020 Saab 900, built for some relatively recent CSC round being about fictional Saab revival. No pics of the rear since a) I haven’t taken any, b) I didn’t really like this hurried part and c) the rear design doesn’t exist after the update :smile: Fortunately the front, being the most work-intensive, survived. 2.0 I4, ~250hp, FWD and DCT. It’s a middle trim.


@Hshan! Welcome back! We’re delighted to have you! And also, I love the car! Can you redesign the rearend so I can see more of this beauty?


Highly unlikely :stuck_out_tongue: I have around 7 more important Automation projects in my mind, so this one might take some time (especially since it could be hard to get the look I want without some old mods). Like, a few months even.


20 years of Japanese luxury.


Nice ones. So pretty!


Knockoff Beetle time!