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Best Automation Quotes


@CadillacDave no context needed


Baidu Translate strikes again.


@EnryGT5 solved the greatest puzzle of our time.




You bastard.

I would like to make it clear that I don’t actually have a foot fetish and was just joking please believe me


It’s okay you can be like me and just let it all hang out anyway :stuck_out_tongue:


I didn’t know you had a foot fetish Strop!


What!? I don’t have a foot fetish, I-

Don’t get me started on what fetishes I do have, these are the Automation forums :joy:


Well if I gonna see one thing a day, this was certainly worth it.

We have plenty of odd kinks here, plenty


I know, right

(1.9 being the VW diesel)


@Sillyducky now that’s just weird. A diesel? Really???

can you imagine the particulate matter you’d be getting all over your particulars…


Diesel fetish can’t be much worse than furry stuff or @deusexmackia collection of god knows what

This is now pure cancer, I love it


Don’t tempt me, or I’ll end up like potto after he posted [spoiler]badly drawn NSFW Sonic fan smut[/spoiler]



Anyone in the #nsfw_weebmeet also needs to be dragged into this

In all seriousness, I wouldn’t fuck a 1.9, I’d threesome a 1.9 and an PS1 :wink:


You don’t want to know what’s in the collection.

You aren’t ready for what’s in the collection.

It’s a fuck ton of shitposting material none of that sexual shit I know you’re all thinking it is
god who do you think I am? I have STANDARDS.


You fap to shitposting? What is wrong with you :joy:




no context


There was once a truck stop in Stawell, where I pulled in en route to Horsham. From the names alone you can guess we were in the middle of buttfuck nowhere in the Australian outback.

Anyway, I discovered that the truck stop stocked, on their shelves, lemon party porn. With titles like Randy Grannies and-

-oh god I’m in the middle of lunch, why did I do that to myself :anguished:


This sounds like a beginning of a pretty bad joke